"DAMN IT!!!" Robotnik screamed, furiously bashing objects off counter tops inside his secret base. "Damn it all!!! What does a guy have to DO to take over one measley planet?!"

After a round of throwing things across the room, he finally sighed and slowly sank to his knees, cathing his breath. At least he got it out of his system.

No wait... he was still feeling a bit pissed.


There, that's better...

"It seems that no matter what I do, that damned hedgehog manages to thwart my every single move! I don't know how he does it, but he's been doing it even when I first attempted! And he was just a little CHILD! Unconcievable! Because of him, I couldn't even take over ONE tiny section of Mobius!"

He got back up to his feet, deep in thought. "This was my most well-thought out plan... It took an entire YEAR to sort out EVERY detail, every single thought... Bosses, deadly zones, the entire population of Movius under my captivity, the RoboEggman2, capable of destroying a mere city under 8 seconds... the SpaceRunner, unable to fall under SUPER Sonic's force... How DOES Sonic manage to foil my every attempt, no matter how hard of thought I put into it!!"

He leaned forward, resting his hands on a table. Sonic... if it weren't for him, Robotnik would already have the entire planet under his grasp. If he weren't there...

That's it! Sonic is the root of his downfall! All he'd have to do is pop that weed, and everything would flow right to him! Not even his friends would stop him, without their heroic hedgehog to lead them on.

Although he didn't like to consider himself a cold blooded murdurer, if he WAS going to take over the entire planet, he WAS going to have to make some serious sacrifices... whether that be his dignity, or just one less life on RobotnikLand.

Turning down the lights, and focusing on his new plan, his hatred for Sonic fueling every detail, he studied how Sonic manages to stop him, what he does, and how it will be used against him in only a matter of time...

To Be Continued....


Yup! I'm writing another fanfic set shortly after Sonic Advance 2, going in MY direction! XD I hope you look forward to it, because I plan it to be a LONG one!

Betrayl... Shock... Romance... All the good stuff!

And a certain character's downfall... for good?

All coming up....