Second Life, First Time as a Twin

It felt as if I was being squeezed through a tube. Kind of like wearing jeans that wouldn't fit. I was feeling that, but through my whole body.

I just closed my eyes and waited for the pain to stop. What that would entail, I didn't know. After a couple of hours (read, minutes) it finally ended. My senses were immediately bombarded with…. well, I don't know what. I just thought what I smelt was very familiar. I couldn't really open my eyes which was weird.

I don't think I had a sudden case of blindness as rather than the usual darkness there was nothing but bright light. There were various noises throughout the room. I felt myself being lifted (picked up?) and someone's lips settle on my forehead.

Regardless of the fact that my sight and hearing were still fucked up I felt warm. Not figuratively, but rather metaphorically. The warmness when in the company of family. When you know that you were safe and the people you are with hold nothing, but unconditional love for you.

Yeah, kinda cheesy.

Anyway, it wasn't like I could do anything against someone who could lift me up via a mere whim. I tried to open my eyes to take a better look at my captors? but failed miserably. I admit, with a lot of shame, that that simple attempt zapped most if not all my energy. I immediately felt my body shutting down and going to sleep ignorant to my desire to stay awake and assess my surroundings.

Time Skip: 3 Months

Staring up at the ceiling I contemplated my existence.

It wasn't every day that a teenager would suddenly be reborn as a newborn baby. Rather than sad or happy, the primary emotion I was currently feeling was confused.

How was I reborn?

I mean didn't one have to be dead to be born again? Hence, the term re-birth. I remembered most of my previous except for one key detail.

My name.

You know the thing given at birth and how people would identify you for the rest of your life. No biggie. Anyway, I wasn't too hung over the fact as I already had a new one.

Fred Weasley

Twin of George Weasley, Pranking extraordinaire, and older brother of one Ronald Weasley. I was in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. How did I know that and not just think that my parents were over enthusiastic Harry Potter fans?

Well as soon as I finally got my eyesight back (bloody baby eyes) a common occurrence that I witnessed were things moving around. Just about everything, from plates to food to toothbrushes levitated. Yup that pretty much cemented the existence of magic.

I wasn't a major fan of the Harry Potter books in my previous life. Sure, I knew what happened and had seen the movies (even if I didn't remember much of them), but I didn't know specific plot points.

For example, I knew Voldemort had 7 horcruxes by the last book. I could name most of them, but some of their locations eluded me. I also didn't know when those were created. Voldemort was an issue that I would eventually have to face, not just for my continually survival, but for the tiny being currently slobbering all over my left shoulder.

George Weasley, currently nothing more than a baby, was always with me. It was weird in a way as I could always tell where he was. Not his specific location, but more of his general direction. Something to ponder later on when I knew more about magic. He was the one I spent the most time with. Afterwards came the rest of my family.

There was Bill (who if my memory was 7), followed by Charlie (5) and my parents. I knew if canon was to be believed Percy had already been born but was 2 years old. Probably didn't really understand the concept of having a younger brother yet.

I honestly couldn't differentiate between my dad and my two older brothers. They all looked like blobs with red hair. My mom on the other hand was with me almost as much as George. Well to be honest she had to be, we were newborn kids, but she never made it seem to be a hassle. Anyway, all of this thinking was making me tired. Time to follow my younger (because I had to be the older one) twin's actions and fall into blissful sleep. Who knew sleeping was so addicting?

Time Skip: 9 Months

I looked (more like stared) at the cake placed in front of me and George. It was a small celebration for our first birthday (April 1st (No wonder Canon Fred and George were such pranksters)) and it honestly brought tears to my eyes.

Maybe it was the whole being a baby (probably) but seeing the huge family before me all happy welled something deep inside me.

With all my senses finally fully functional I could honestly see the effects poverty had on my family. The Burrow was in a word, a shitty place. It wasn't unlivable in anyway, but it had a lot of room for remodeling. I might sound bratty, but it was a couple steps down from how I had lived in my previous life.

I say all this, but if I was given a choice between my current family and my previous one, I would choose the people surrounding me. They had a certain warmth emitting from each of them. Even when surrounded by poverty they all still looked happy.

It was definitely something I lacked in my previous life. Maybe this is what it feels like to actually be a part of a family? Then and there as my parents blew out the candles for me and my brother, I made a decision.

Now, I wasn't a super good person. I still consider myself as a good person, but if asked to sacrifice my life to save some strangers I would instantly say no. That's exactly what I thought when I was first reborn.

Now a year later these people were no longer strangers. They were the people who fed me, picked me up while trying to make me laugh, and in general put my well-being over theirs.

They were no longer strangers and there would be no way in hell Voldemort was going to touch any of them.

Author's Note: Just a new story idea that popped into my head and refused to go away. Let me know what you guys think