Chapter one

A couple of months after the battle of Hogwarts, people that lost loved ones in the fighting were trying to come to terms with their loss. Even with that, people all over the wizarding world were still celebrating that Voldemort was dead. Harry Potter had of course, became a bit of a celebrity, so every time he was seen, he had people wanting to talk to him or shake his hand, some wanted autographs. Normally Harry would never consider doing something like that, but he kept getting asked by young children and he just couldn't turn them down. Ron, Hermione, Neville and a heap of others were also being thanked and asked for autographs, which surprised all of them, but it also pleased them, so they also started to give out autographs or stand to have pictures taken with people.

Harry had spoken to Andromeda Tonks and they worked out for Harry to get to know his godson which Harry wanted to do. He wanted to be there for the young child. After the first few visits, Harry realised how much he cared for the boy and wanted to do anything he could for him.

After all the funerals, which Harry attended every one, along with people like Kingsley Shacklebolt, the newly appointed minister for magic, as well as Minerva McGonagall, the newly appointed headmistress of Hogwarts, all Harry wanted to do was relax. As soon as the last one was over, Harry found himself a house because all he wanted to do now was rest and be able to go out knowing he didn't have Voldemort after him anymore. Ron and Hermione understood why he wanted his own place. Harry had always been a little independent but they realised that since Harry never had a normal home, this would be the first time he would. What surprised Ron and Hermione was that Harry bought a place not far from his parents old home in Godric's Hollow. Then again, they realised he wanted to be close even if his parents weren't there anymore, because everything changed for Harry that fateful night eighteen years ago.

Hermione had asked to see Harry, she needed a favour from him, so Mrs. Weasley asked Harry to come for dinner on Saturday night, which Harry told her he would. Harry finished dressing and was glad he'd gone out to buy some decent clothes now he could and he thought he looked better than he had ever done before. He knew he went overboard with the clothes and shoes, but it was the first time Harry was able to buy for himself, so he ended up with some clothes that he wasn't sure he'd ever wear and couldn't understand why he would buy things like leather jeans or coats, when normally he was comfortable in his jeans and jumpers. Harry was looking in the mirror, staring at himself and realised he actually liked the way he looked in his new clothes. Harry headed downstairs, poured himself a drink of Firewhiskey, which he seemed to have a couple every night, but since he was an adult now, he thought why not. He grabbed another bottle, then stepped outside and apparated away.

Harry opened the door to the Burrow and was hugged instantly by Mrs. Weasley, 'Hi Mrs. Weasley.'

'Hello Harry, it's about time you came to visit. But I must say you look very different in those clothes.'

Harry chuckled, 'Yeah, I do, but it's the first time I have been able to buy things for myself, so I went with something different. How are you and Mr. Weasley doing?'

'You know, coping. Arthur's down in his shed, I'm sure he will be up soon. Why don't you go up and let Ron and Hermione you're here.'

'Thanks, I think I will. Oh I brought over a bottle of Firewhiskey, I like to have a drink with dinner,' Harry sat the bottle on the table and went upstairs, 'Hi,' Harry said from the doorway.

'Hi Harry,' Hermione smiled and hugged him.

'Hey Harry, did you just get here?'

'Yep, you're mum hugged the stuffing out of me, then told me to come let you two know I'm here. So what's this favour you need Hermione?' Harry asked as he sat down on the old camp bed.

'I spoke with people at the ministry, about my parents. They can't spare anyone to check on where they are, so Ron and I are going to Australia to find them. I was hoping you could lend me some money, but I will pay you back.'

'Course you can and you don't have to pay me back. So when are you going?'

'Hopefully early in the week, I've been doing a lot of research on everything. We can get an international portkey, but to bring them back when I find them, they will have to fly.'

'Okay, so how much do you need, because I will have to go to Gringotts?'

'Um, a couple of thousand, if that's alright?'

'Look, let me give you five thousand, if you don't need it, give it back, if you do, then at least you've got extra. You know it's not like I need it and you're my best friends. I want you to find you're parents, restore their memories of you.'

'Thank you, that will help. So what have you been doing the last few days?'

'Not much, resting mainly. I have gone out a couple of times, I'm trying to get everyone used to seeing me so they won't keep staring at me all the time. But I keep getting girls coming up, asking me out and I'm just not interested, no matter how good looking they might be.'

'Well can you blame them for trying mate, they want to be seen with the...' Ron said the look on Harry's face, 'Alright, I won't say it, but they do.' Ron laughed.

'I know they do, doesn't mean I have to like it though.'

'No, but it makes you think what those celebrities go through. Do they like you for you, or who you are,' Hermione shrugged.

'Yeah, but it's not like I'm looking for that anyway. I just want some time to myself for a while. There's something I need to tell you both though, a secret I've had that I never told either of you, never told anyone actually.'

'What, I thought we knew everything. Is it about Voldemort?' Ron asked.

'No, thank god, this is about me, something personal that I learned to do years ago. But you'll have to wait until we're downstairs, since I'm going to show you, I'll show you're parents as well Ron.'

'Well, let's get down there then, I want to know what this secret is you've been hiding from us,' Ron said as he stood up making Harry and Hermione laughed.

'Alright, I'll meet you down there, I'll just use the bathroom,' Harry chuckled and left the room. When Harry finished, he stepped into the hall and saw Ginny, 'Hi Ginny.'

'Harry, can I have a word with you for a minute.'

'Sure, what about?'

Ginny stepped closer to Harry and kissed him, then deepened the kiss until Harry was kissing her back.

'That,' Ginny said sheepishly.

'Well, it was nice, but come downstairs, I'm about to share a secret with everyone,' Harry smiled and they both of them walked downstairs. Harry had his back to everyone, took out his guitar from his pocket, resized it and turned to face everyone.

'Oh, you play Harry,' Hermione smiled.

'Yeah, but there's more,' Harry sat down and started to play, then he shrugged before he started to sing and saw the shocked looks on everyone's faces.

'Oh my god,' Hermione said staring with an open mouth, 'Why didn't you ever tell us?'

'Well,' Harry hesitated, 'there really wasn't anything worth singing about over the last few years. But that song, I actually wrote that, the music too. When I used to get locked up at the Dursley's, that's what I used to do to keep myself from cracking up from being bored.'

'You wrote that, Harry that was great, have you got anymore we can hear?'

Harry chuckled, 'I knew once I told you Hermione, you couldn't resist. Actually I have a lot,' Harry shrugged and starts to sing again.

'You play great Harry, that was brilliant,' Ron grinned.

'Thanks, took a lot of practice, my fingers used to bleed when I first started.'

'Um, that was good, but a bit loud and fast, don't you have something softer?' Ginny asked.

Harry laughed, 'I'm more into the loud and fast, but I do have a couple of softer songs,' Harry started to play again, when he finished he faced Ginny, 'Better.'

'Well it was slower, a little.'

'Oh I see, you like the really slow stuff, love songs, those types don't you Ginny?'

'Well, yeah, their sweet.'

'I actually like what Harry's doing, there great.' Ron said.

'I agree with Ginny, I like the softer songs, but you do sing and play great Harry.'

'Thanks Mrs. Weasley, but most I do are more upbeat. I do know one, not one of mine, it's a ballad, so I'll do it just for you,' Harry smiled at Mrs. Weasley then started to sing again.

'That's nice Harry,' Molly smiled.

'I used to call Ginny my sunshine when she was a baby, that song took me back to remembering that.' Arthur said with a smile.

'It's an old song, I'm not sure how old or even who did it. I heard it once and found the sheet music for it, it's not really my type of song though, to slow.'

'I never knew you liked the more rock type songs Harry,' Hermione said.

'Well, we never really talked about that type of stuff Hermione. It was either work, quidditch, Voldemort or death,' Harry shrugged, 'Not really a lot of time for personal things. Apart from you being really smart, you love to read, want to save house elves and hate flying. I don't really know what you're like, not really.'

'Actually, you make a good point Harry. All we ever did was worry about Voldemort, school work and quidditch. So it looks like now the wars over, we can actually get to know each other properly and not have Voldemort hanging over our heads.'

'Yeah, exactly Ron, that's why I decided to show you.'

'You said you learned when you were at the Dursley's, you never did tell us about that.'

'And I don't intend to Hermione, that part of my life is over, buried and it's staying that way. I never have to see them or have anything to do with them again. But I want a drink, who's going to have one with me,' Harry grabbed the bottle and looked up at Mrs. Weasley who put some glasses on the table.

'I would love to join you Harry, just a small one though,' Arthur said.

'I will mate, I think we all should have a drink to celebrate we survived.'

'That's two, how about you Mrs. Weasley, want a small one.'

'Just a small one Harry,' she smiled.

'Hermione, come on, have one with you're best friend and boyfriend?'

'A very small one Harry,' Hermione shook her head at Harry.

'Um, Ginny's not of age, so I'll leave that to her parents.'

'A very small one as well Harry, but that's all Ginny,' Arthur said smiling at his daughter.

Harry poured Mrs. Weasley, Ginny and Hermione a small glass each, Mr. Weasley one a little bigger then Ron and himself a large one.

'To surviving an evil soulless bastard, sorry Mrs. Weasley,' Harry gave her a cheeky grin.

'I think I will let you get away with it this time Harry.'

'To surviving,' Arthur said lifting his glass and everyone touched all the glasses before having a drink, but Mr. Weasley noticed Harry drunk the whole thing, 'Easy Harry.'

'No it's fine, I've gotten used to this stuff. First time I couldn't talk, now I have a couple a night and one with dinner, helps me relax because I always seem to be tense.'

'You were always tense Harry, I think that's natural after everything you went through.'

'Yeah I was Ron, but it's easing. So what more plans do you need Hermione?'

'Not a lot, I've been studying up on Australia. I know where i have to go to find muggles, now I just have to find them. I'm getting a letter from Kingsley on Monday, in case I need it. Tomorrow Ron and I are going to get some clothes, because Australia's weather is a lot hotter than ours. Why don't you come with us?'

'What time are you going?'

'In the afternoon, probably take a while, why?'

'I'm going out tomorrow, got a date with this muggle girl I met last week. She likes the same type of music as me, so we're heading to an early dinner then to a pub she knows that has great music. At least I know she wants to hang out with me for me and not who I am as she has no idea who I am being a muggle. So we've got a good night planned.'

'What was that kiss about then Harry?' Ginny said angrily and everyone at the Burrow stared between Ginny's fierce angry look to Harry who looked confused.