Chapter sixteen

As Harry and the band started the second song, a bright red flame flew up towards the roof making everyone scream as they turned.

'Let her go,' Harry called.

'I don't think so Potter and if anyone tries anything, there is another person here who will kill her if I go down.'

'What do you want Dolohov?'

'What do I want, I think that's an obvious answer Potter, I want you.'

Harry saw a few aurors moving, 'Don't move,' Harry shouted, 'If I turn myself over to you, let Hermione go.'

'Harry, no,' Hermione shouted shaking her head.

'Shut it you,' Dolohov snarled. 'Once you're in front of me Potter and of course you don't have a wand, I'll release your girl even if I wish I could have some fun with her, she's feisty this one. I would like to be the first one to take her.'

'Get your hands of my fucking girlfriend,' Ron shouted as he went to move.

'Ron, don't,' Harry called, then put his hands up, 'I'll drop my wand so take it easy,' Harry gently took his wand from his sleeve, dropped it on the stage, then stepped down. Everyone parted for him as he slowly made his way towards Hermione and Dolohov. But as he walked past Hector Clancy, he whispered, 'Parkinson and Zabini are over on the right at the back,' Harry whispered and kept his mouth from showing he spoke, but he kept moving and stared into Hermione's eyes. He thought he saw a look there, but his fear for her was filling him, but again Harry saw Hermione give him a look, so he gave the tiniest nod, but held his hands up, 'Take it easy Dolohov,' Harry looked at Hermione again then blinked three times and she blinked back, 'One, why do you want me, it's over, he's dead?'

'You're going to do what you did before, resurrect the dark lord.'

'Can't do that, sorry. Two, he's been burned where before he had sort of a body, now there's nothing but ash left.'

'We'll work something out Potter and you'll be my prisoner until we do.'

'Well three, you really are a bloody idiot,' Harry quickly waved his hand as Hermione elbowed Dolohov and Harry had him disarmed and in the air in a second, 'You really are as stupid as the rest of his lot, just like he was,' Harry put his arm around Hermione, 'You were brilliant Hermione.'

'I remembered what you taught me Harry,' she panted heavily then she was out of Harry's arms and in Ron's, 'I'm fine Ron.'

'Let him down Harry, we've all got wands on him,' Kingsley said, 'Hector and the rest have Zabini and Parkinson.'

Harry turned as Hector and the aurors walked up with Zabini and Parkinson and before anyone knew what was happening, Ginny belted Parkinson in the face knocking her out cold to loud cheers from the rest of the DA.

'She's definitely Molly Weasley's daughter,' Harry smiled then turned to Zabini, 'One chance Zabini, tell the aurors what you did at Hogwarts or I will finish you, that's a promise and if you know anything about me its that I always keep my promises.'

The Granger's and the Weasley's pushed their way through and hugged Hermione, then Harry.

'Get them into the holding cells Hector,' Kingsley said.

'Yes sir, but it seems I didn't need to protect Harry after all.'

'I kept telling you that Hector. Hermione, Ron and I had a plan worked out just in case this happened, we weren't sure it would happen here but thought they might. See, it shows how stupid they really are to attack this place with all these powerful witches and wizards everywhere.'

'Yep, but they were really desperate to get you Harry, that makes people do some stupid things. But I think after killing Voldemort and taking care of this idiot, I don't think you're going to have any problems anymore. Now since you've done our jobs again, we'll go lock them up while you enjoy yourself.'

'Thanks Hector and I plan to.'

'What's this plan you worked out?' George asked.

'Just what you saw, when I said a third statement or question, Hermione would know to make her move while I made mine. Hermione and Ron knew I could do wandless magic, they didn't, so we knew it would work,' Harry faced the Granger's and the Weasley's, 'Sorry we never told you.'

'So you knew they would take Hermione so you'd go to them?' Mr. Granger asked as he kept his arm around his daughter.

'We thought they would take either Hermione or Ron, they knew they couldn't get to me, not with aurors around me all the time. Hermione was the obvious choice because they knew how far I'd be willing to go to protect my friends, especially my best friends,' Harry smiled at Hermione then Ron.

'Still risky Harry, but it worked,' Kingsley said.

'We knew the risk,' Harry stared at his friends, 'but if this didn't end, they could have died at any time they were alone. We worked it out, practiced as much as we could to be ready to take them on.'

'We also knew they would probably strike tonight. When Harry went back up on stage he gave me the look we'd worked out because he noticed Parkinson. But before I could let Ron and the rest of the DA know, he grabbed me.'

'I wish you would have told us about this plan of yours.'

'Sorry Kingsley, we didn't want to take the chance of anyone overhearing. I might have gotten angry with Dumbledore, but I do get having to keep things to yourself sometimes, no matter how hard it is on your family and friends around you. They were the last, so I think we are all finally safe, not just me, but everyone. He was the last of Voldemort's death eaters, the rest, well I don't think their much to worry about, don't you think Kingsley?'

'You're right Harry, most of those weren't that good anyway, that's why they followed Voldemort.'

'Well Mr. Potter, after seeing what two of you did just then I can understand why the minister praised you so much and of course praised all of your DA. I hope you will accept my apology and finish off the night with one last song with your band,' the elderly ministry official said giving Harry a smile.

'It's Harry, and there's nothing to apologise for,' then he turned, 'What do you say, want to do one more?'

'Lightnings Kiss, let's do it,' Liam said, then all the members of the band headed back up on stage, Liam handing Harry his wand before going to the piano.

'After what happened, I think you will all indulge me in a song I wrote for my friends,' Harry gave all his friends a smile as they all stood with their family around them, then he started to sing. As soon as he finished the last word of the song, Carly had moved to Harry, wrapped her arms around him and kissed with every bit of passion she could and the crowd all stood staring at the couple while they applauded. Every one but Ginny who glared, she was finally realising that she will never get Harry, even if he wasn't in this band, but now that girl was always with him where she was going to be at Hogwarts soon, then hopefully playing quidditch. She always believed that giving Harry her virginity would see how she really felt. He knew but he didn't feel the same way. She sighed, resigned to a life without Harry, a dream of being his wife was now gone.

The crowd realised that this show of affection was the start of all of them beginning new lives, safe lives, for the first time than a lot of them had been alive. They, everyone in the room, whether it was an auror, a DA member, a parent or even the muggles from the band, all realised that tonight was the start of a fresh new life for everyone and no one was ever going to take their freedom for granted anymore. They would go on with their lives but with new hope in their heart all thanks to Harry Potter.

The end: