chapter two

'Hey, you kissed me Ginny, I just responded, what else would a bloke do when you just lay one on me. But you said you wanted to talk, not snog.'

'I thought we'd get back together now Voldemort is dead.'

'Sorry Ginny, but I'm out to have fun for a change, since I never had any before. so I'm not getting involved with anyone and this girl is just a date to enjoy great rock music.'

'What about what we talked about before you left?'

'Merlin Ginny, I thought I was going to die, I never expected to live. So, I figured since I knew you liked me, I'd give you some good memories for when I'm gone. Since I did survive, I'm not wasting my life anymore. I'm going to enjoy myself with the things I haven't been able to before, starting with going out, listening to the music I like.'

'Then why can't we go out sometime?'

'For one, you hate the type of music I like, second, you want serious, I don't. All my life has been one serious thing after another, I'm done with that, all of it. So unless you're out to have fun, no strings attached, then we better not.'

'So you're don't even want to see if we can have fun together. The big hero of the war thinks his too good for us now, is that it? So the time we spent together was just something to fill in you're time and I happen to be you're friends sister, but now you're the damn saviour you can take you're pick of girls.'

'Oh get off your high hippogriff Ginny, I never promised you anything. We used to snog a lot, that's it, we didn't even really talk. Then add the fact that if I did take you out, we couldn't go to where I want as you're too young, you're not even an adult in the wizarding world, let alone the muggle one. And another thing, I wasn't just with you to fill in time, I do like you, but it's more like friends and I have never thought I was better than anyone, so don't go saying things like that to me because I will not put up with that, not from you, not from anyone.'

'Alright, I think everyone needs to calm down,' Arthur said as he stepped over to his daughter, 'Harry's right, he has never acted or thought he was better than anyone Ginny, so don't say something like that again, Harry doesn't deserve that just because you're hurt.'

Ginny glared at Harry then turned and hurried up the stairs with everyone looked either at her or Harry.

'Sorry Mr. Weasley,' Harry said pouring himself another drink, 'I'm eighteen for Merlin's sake and almost died so many times, I just want to be me for a while. I've got plenty of time for a serious relationship.'

'It's fine Harry and you are still young it's just Ginny has always liked you. She told us when we were at Muriel's that you and her will get back together when Voldemort was finished.'

'I don't know where she got that idea from. I never said anything to her about getting back together and no one knew if Voldemort was ever going to be finished, I sure didn't.'

'Don't worry about it Harry, you know Ginny's temper, but you are lucky she didn't hex you though.' Ron chuckled.

'Yeah, lucky,' Harry shook his head, then took another drink, 'I know you won't want me to, but I'll go, let Ginny calm down or we might end up hexing each other.'

'You don't need to Harry,' Mrs. Weasley said but glanced up the stairs.

'I know, but I should before this turns into another war,' Harry hugged Mrs. Weasley, 'I'll see you soon though,' Harry let her go and walked over to Hermione and Ron, 'Come to my place and get the money before you go shopping,' Harry hugged Hermione then Ron.

'We will, sorry about Ginny.'

'It's fine Ron,' Harry picked up his guitar, shrunk it and put it in his pocket, 'Mr. Weasley,' Harry shook his hand, 'I'll see you soon as well.'

'Alright Harry, you know you can come over any time.'

'I know, I'll see you all later,' Harry left the Burrow, apparated to a deserted lane and stepped into a pub in muggle London and decided to eat there before heading home. He ordered something to eat, then listened to the band that was playing. He thought they were really good, but needed a better singer and their own material, they were playing covers of everyone else's. One Harry knew very well, it was one he learned to play when he first started. so after eating, Harry just had a drink while he listened to the band, then saw them sit down to have a break. Then someone else got up on stage.

'Ladies and gentlemen, it's now time for the open mic night, so if any of you wish to come up and play or sing, feel free,' the man smiled at everyone.

Harry decided to give it a go, so he quickly un-shrunk his guitar under the table. He stepped up on stage and started playing, then he started singing. When he finished, he got a loud applause and asked for more, so he decided to do another one. When he finished that one, he jumped off stage and sat back down when a middle aged woman sat down opposite him.

'You're good, were they you're own songs?'

'Yep, I like to sing my own stuff.'

'I'm Madeline Hawkins, a record producer. I think you might have what it takes. You're only one in a long time that's had any decent talent, interested?'

'Um, well thanks, but I never really thought of doing this professionally, I mainly sing for fun. I've had a lot going on in my life for the last few years, so I haven't really had a lot of time.'

'Well looks like you do now and I believe you could be the next big thing in the rock music industry. Have you got a band or do you just play for yourself?'

'For myself, that band before were good, their singer wasn't though. Is that why you're here, looking for the next big thing?'

'Yes, that's what I do. I go around the country, see if someone takes my interest. so How about you tell me you're name and we work something out, because I really would like to work with you.'

'Well my name is Harry Potter and if you're serious, why not. It might be fun to record some of my stuff.'

'That's the spirit Harry. Would you be interested in fronting a band or just having them back you when it's needed?'

'Either way, I'm not fussed as long as they were good.'

'Since I heard you do two different songs, I'm sure I can find a band that would suit you,' Madeline handed Harry a card, 'Why don't you come see me on Tuesday at eleven and we can talk everything over.'

Harry looked at the card, 'Alright, I'll be there Miss Hawkins,' Harry shook her hand then watched as she got up and left, 'Cool,' Harry smiled, then finished his drink before leaving the pub.

The next day, Hermione and Ron went with Harry to get some money from Gringotts, then they spent most of the day with him. That night, Harry went out with the muggle girl and had a great night with her and listening to the music and knew he was going to do this again. The morning after, Harry was sitting at his table when Ron and Hermione stepped out of his fireplace.

'Hey, I thought you two weren't coming until later.'

'We weren't but Ginny was driving us crazy, you don't mind if we hang out here for a while?' Ron asked as he sat down.

'You know I don't. But I forgot to tell you something yesterday, you wouldn't guess what happened after I left the Burrow.'

'What, it must be good as you're smiling Harry,' Hermione said.

'I went to this pub to get something to eat. I listened to the band on stage, then they took a break. A bloke goes up on stage and said if anyone wants to have a go, it was open mic night, so I went up and sung a couple of songs. When I sat down, this woman, Madeline Hawkins sits down and tells me she's a record producer and wants to work with me. I have to go to the studio and see her on Tuesday.'

'What, you could end up being some big recording star like the Weird Sisters?'

'Yeah, but this is in the muggle world, cool hey?'

'So you're going to do it Harry, I didn't think you liked attention?' Hermione asked.

'I don't, but the wizarding world's different to the muggle world. I was called the-boy-who-lived after my parents were killed. Who wants to be called that because his parents died and you happen to live?'

'Well, we can't really understand that as we both have our parents.'

'Yeah, I know Ron, but that's why I always hated those names. Let me change and we can just hung out for a while.'

'We'll be here,' Ron shrugged.

Harry ran up the stairs and got dressed, then headed back downstairs, 'If this works, I'll have to make sure you both apparate then come in through the door so the muggles don't see you if their here.'

'Oh yeah, they can't see us doing that. Let us know when we get back.'

'Come on, let's get out of here for a while, I need to get a few more things.'

Harry, Hermione and Ron went into Diagon alley, had a heap of people following them, asking for autographs and shaking their hands. They spent some time with them, before heading to a couple of shops Harry wanted to go to, before they headed back to Harry's house.

'Do you think it will take long to find you're parents Hermione?'

'It shouldn't take too long to find them. I made them remember they were dentists, so I just need to find them. I know their names are Wilkins, so it shouldn't be too hard to find them.'

'Okay, now if you do need more money, I'm sure we can work something out. You said Ginny was driving you crazy, what was she doing?'

'Just cursing you're name a lot, telling me it was my fault, then she blamed Hermione, thinking you might like her more than a friend. I tried to talk to her, but she just wouldn't listen.'

'Why do people always think something is going on with me and Hermione. Can't blokes have woman friends? Because I think of Hermione as my best friend like you but also a sister.'

'She's just hurt Harry and lashing out at us because we're you're best friends. I ignored her when she started on me,' Hermione squeezed Harry's hand.

'Yeah, I never told her we'd get back together and I only told her I liked her, that was it. Maybe if she doesn't see me for a while, she'll find someone else.'

'But you did kiss her though.'

'Ron, she said she wanted to talk to me and before I knew what was happening, she kissed me. What would you do if a good looking girl kissed you?'

'Alright, I was just making sure. But we need to head to the ministry to get that letter from Kingsley.'

'Okay, well I'll be leaving at five, if you're finished before then, you can come back here for a while.'

'Thanks, but after that is a lot more shopping to make sure we have everything we need,' Hermione hugged Harry, 'Thanks for the money, but I am going to pay you back.'

Harry chuckled, 'I know you will, but as I've said, you don't have to. Now go get you're stuff, just make sure I see you before you leave.'

'We'll drop in Harry, but from now we'll apparate,' Ron hugged Harry then left with Hermione.

Harry sat down with his guitar and started to go over some of his songs in case Madeline wanted to hear anymore. Harry couldn't deny it, but he was looking forward to recording, something he never thought he'd ever do, but he'd been given the chance to do this, so he wasn't going to waste it.