The ground erupted as the disfigured form of Soviet Superman emerged from the ground, setting his eyes on Alicia and targeting her with his Laser eyes. Alicia leaped out of the way as she threw up a force field, his beams being cut short as they burned relentlessly against the barrier.

Brian emerged from the pile of rubble he had been thrown under, He clenched his fist and approached the force field. He set his steely, empty eyes on Alicia and smirked at her. She scrambled back in fear, the man she had once loved turned into a demon. A demon with only one mission.

"Brian please! I didnt- I don't know why-" She stopped as the force field failed and tears started to fall down her face, cutting trails into the dirt and grime of her face. "I didn't mean for you to die" She said quietly, moving back to avoid the wrath of Brian.

Brian cackled and smoothed his black hair back. He looked down and up at Alicia once more, the girl he had once loved and envisioned them together forever. The solemn promise.

He ceased his cackling and frowned, "You didn't mean for me to die?" He stated, his words dripping with malice. "Well, till death do us part right?" He said as he raised his hands and hundreds of undead superheroes emerged from the barren earth.

The wind blew heavily outside the Movie Theatre, a lone plastic bag drifted in the stale air before finding a home on the ground. The door opened as a couple walked out of the theatre hand in hand. Brian and Alicia had just finished a movie and were walking out to Brian's car. It was a Nissan Sentra with an extreme amount of miles on it but he had worked all summer for that vehicle, he loved that vehicle almost as much as he adored Alicia. He escorted her to the passenger door and opened it, "M'lady" He said as she giggled and got into the car. He stood outside the car and admired her for a bit as she checked her phone. He quickly scrambled to his door before it got really weird. He got in and started the car, sputtering to life and roaring.

He looked at her and smiled, "What did you think of the movie honey?" He said as he put his seatbelt on and put the car into reverse, looking away from her to back the car up. She had allowed him to choose what movie they saw, and he saw this as a win already because she typically thought he only picked "nerd" movies. He had kinda proved her right, seeing as he had taken her to see the new Star Wars movie, but he hoped and prayed she enjoyed it.

She shrugged and smiled lightly, "I don't entirely understand much of the movie, but it was cool. The CGI was well done and wasn't entirely cheesy. Although i did think Kylo Ren was extremely attractive" She said jokingly.

Brian made a face of mock shock, "Of course you're simping for the bad guy, he murdered his entire academy of friends and tried murdering his Uncle and Mom. He even killed his dad. But naturally you're obsessed with him" The car lurched as they hit a speed bump and were out on the main road.

She giggled again and slapped his shoulder playfully, "It was a joke bear, but i do know for a fact you find Rey hot" She said, "I don't blame you though, she is extremely hot and badass" She said with a smirk.

"Well shit, you got me there" He said as they cruised down the road. They pulled to a stop in front of Alicia's house. He got out and opened the door for her. She rolled her eyes playfully,

"You don't always have to open the door for me Brian," She said

Brian shrugged, "I don't have too, but I do it because I love you" he stated.

She smiled and leaned up to his face, "I love you too" she planted her lips onto his, and pulled away after a couple of seconds. She hugged him before starting to walk to her house, "I'll call you once i'm done showering" She said

"Sounds like a sweetheart" He said as he shut the passenger door and got back into his car. He picked up his phone and checked his notifications. Nothing new. He plugged his AUX cord and plugged his phone in. hitting shuffle on his playlist and KAMEHAMEHA (KAMIKAZE REMIX) by $uicideboy$ playing first, He put it into drive and started driving. He decided to go to the gas station before heading home.

He arrived at the gas station, parking up front and exiting his vehicle. Walking inside he immediately drifted to the energy drinks, tonight seemed like it was gonna be a sleepless one like the rest, "I should really get my insomnia looked at again" He thought before grabbing three redbulls. Paying for them before getting back into his vehicle.

He arrived at his house about 10 minutes later. Shutting his vehicle off and walking inside with his bag. His mom was on the phone in the kitchen. He waved at her as she held up a finger as a "wait a moment i wanna talk to you". He stood waiting, setting his car keys on the counter and setting his bag down. She finished her conversation and looked at him, "How was the movie?" She asked him.

"It was good, Alicia actually liked it." He said smiling, thinking about her.

"Did you guys get a chance to discuss what college you guys are choosing?" She asked, Brian cringed. His mom was always set on college for the both of them. Alicia and Brian saw it as a touchy subject as neither one of them entirely wanted to leave their hometown.

"Right now it's between Arizona or Penn'' He said. "We didn't really discuss it, seeing as tonight was more for fun, but that's our options so far"

His mom nodded and put her phone on the counter, "I just want the best for you Bri, that's all me and your father want."

Brian sighed inward, "I know mom, i know. I'm gonna go lay down, I love you!" He said as he dashed upstairs, not allowing his mom to even say it back. He got to his door and opened it. Shutting it behind him and sitting on the edge of his bed, taking off his shoes. He laid on his back and picked up his phone, opening snapchat mindlessly looking at peoples stories. He checked the time and worried a bit, Alicia was normally done showering by now. He stood up and shut his light off, changing into more sleep attire and laying in a more comfortable position.

Another hour went by, then two, then even three hours went by. He texted Alicia every hour to see if she was okay with no response, not even a read message tag. Once it hit 1am he sighed and stared at his ceiling. He had a bad feeling in his stomach, but he couldn't quite discern what it was rooted from. He shut his eyes and drifted into a dreamless sleep, scared of what he may awaken too.