Intro of characters

Welcome to Mobius year 2984. All is well for the one and only Sonic Team. Today everyone is just sitting back and relaxing.

Sonic: Great leader of the "Sonic Team". Gets to order everyone around.

Tails: Gotten a little more mature and goes out on some adventures of his own.

Knuckles: Finally has found a way to protect the Master Emerald and spend some time with his friends. He found out it would be smart to shrink the M.E. and put it in his "pocket". Knux is also now engaged to his use-to-be rival, Rouge.

Amy: Pretty much the same as before but gives Sonic his space sometimes.

Rouge: Gotten to be much more frendlier with everyone.including Knuckles^_^ She's gotten more of a funny personality and mostly likes to act silly.

Shadow: Guess who's back! Back again! Shadow's back! Tell a friend! Shadow was found lying weakly on the ground after burning up in the atmosphere. He has gotten a little soft hearted. Shadow also now has a scar shaped like a saber on his left cheek.

Eggman: Still in the world taking over business.

Bandit: A gargoyle from the planet Goya and Rouge's new rival. Bandit wears a black spandex suit. She is extreamly aggressive.

Jewel: A purple hedgehog. She's kind of a mixture between Sonic & Amy.

Lei: A black android wolf. Extremely talented in almost anything.

Starlight: A blue hedgehog with a star pattern that looks like Amy. She is Jewel's sister. She has a crush on Shadow.

Tikal: Has been released from the Master Emerald along with her boyfriend, Anklo.

Anklo: One of the ancient echidnas of time's past. He was trapped in the Master Emerald along with Tikal. He is Knuckle's new rival.

Sonar: A white bat who is obsessed over Rouge. Isn't around anymore because Rouge went super and almost killed him. Used to be her boyfriend before he betrayed her.

Tai-Lee: An echidna who likes to chill with her friends. She's almost like Julie-Su from Archie.