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Three Evils-Omochao City Chaos

Last time we left our evils off with another stronger and older Cream the Rabbit. She fought with Rouge since the bat didn't like Cream's attitude. After some struggling and reasoning, Rouge finally managed to break the wall between Cream's violent logic, causing her to come to her senses. The Three Evils and Cream finally got along and now depart from the rabbit bounty hunter to continue on their journey.

Rouge: Wow! How lame!

Bandit: I would expect better jokes from you Shadow.

Shadow: Sorry, seems my sense of dirty humor has gone dry.

Bandit: (spots something) Wait a minute! There! A city!

Shadow: Ahead? (grabs Bandit and Rouge by the wrists) Let's go! They should have food! (speeds off)


Bandit: ...shut up.

::In the City::

Shadow: (looking around, mesmerized) Wow, cool. They still have sushi in the future. (grabs one from sushi stand table and takes a bite) Blech! O.o

It tastes like motor oil!

Bandit: (takes "sushi" from Shadow and sniffs it) You got that right. T.T

Shadow: Who the hell puts motor oil in sushi?!

A random robot walks up to the sushi stand to buy sushi. It devours it and runs off.

Random Dog Person: Sushi has been banned from the people of Mobius and remade for Emporer Robotnick's robots.

Shadow: (cries) What has he done to the sushi? Why? Why?!

Bandit: (slaps Shadow's butt) Quit whining.

Shadow: (stops crying and touches the sore spot on his behind) Y-you slapped my ass.

Rouge: (giggles)

Bandit: (flicks Rouge off)

Rouge: (growls)

Bandit: (sighs) Can we just go in this restaurant now?

Rouge: We don't have any money. I'm not cleaning toilets again!

Shadow: Simple. We just bail before they give us the bill. No one can catch me. (smiles)

Bandit & Rouge: (freaked out from Shadow's smile) Please don't do that. O.O

They finally enter the café.

Shadow: (looks around) Hey this looks like a nice atmosphere.

The café looked peaceful. It was dark inside, the karaoke played nice jazz music. People took up seats around the small round tables, chatting and sipping at coffee (since Eggman didn't like coffee he gave it all to the people of Earth/Mobius). The Three Evils took a seat at a small round table. Immediately, a waitress approached.

Waitress: Can I help you with anything?

Bandit: Got anything to eat?

Waitress: Sure. Want me to get the menus?

Bandit: That might be a nice idea...

Waitress: (oblivious to Bandit's sarcasm) I'll get them then! You just wait here! (Merrily goes on her way to get the menus)

Rouge: She sounds rather...preppy.

Shadow: (laughs)

Bandit: Yeah, makes me wanna hurl.

Waitress: (returns with menus) Pick what you want!

Shadow: I want a juicy steak!

Rouge: Do you have any fruit salad?

Bandit: I'll have the same thing he's having. (points to Shadow)

Waitress: Is that all?

Shadow, Bandit, and Rouge: Uh, yeah.

Waitress: Okay! I'll get you your stuff ASAP! (leaves)

Rouge: Thank GOD! (listens to karaoke music) I feel the beat. I'm going to go up there and sing.

Bandit: (bored) Whatever satisfies you. T.T

Rouge: (goes to karaoke machine and glances at the song list. She eventually finds one she likes and starts the song)

(The song begins with a jazzy tune)

Tap the rhythm against the floor

To look for another door

I am slipping to the mystery of the night

The café suddenly got out of its solemn attitude and brightened up. People liked the beat of the music and Rouge's singing.

Yet somewhere else, in Emporer Robotnick's headquarters the recording of Rouge's theme reached his satellite.

Eggman: I would recognize that voice anywhere. Looks like they are in Nano City. E-127! Send the Omogiant.

E-127: Yessir!

I know there is an easier way

But it is my choice anyway

Don't let me waste my time in futile thinking anymore

Fated not to be tamed

Watch me, I never will lean upon you

I can go by myself

-Fly in the Freedom-

Time never stop and wait for me

-Show the way-

Looking for answers and looking for the clue

Fly in the freedom

Shadow smiled, enjoying Rouge's song. Bandit just pouted.

Nobody taught me to hint

Win a happy life of a dream

I'm not waiting for a fortuneteller

I feel that my wish will come true

I've never thought ahead to that luck

Is it my treasure?

Tell me what I've really looked for

Fancy came to my mind

It leads me to somewhere far away

Distant place, distant time

-Fly in the Freedom-

Time never stop and wait for me

-Show the way-

Looking for answers and looking for the clue

-Fly in the Freedom-

There is a lot of things to do

Come on, I'm ready to gamble

It's time to play the game

-Fly in the Freedom-

Tell me, what is this feeling?

-Show the way-

I'm in paradise, I'll keep it forever

-Fly in the Freedom-

I'll never stop my steps

I believe in myself, I know that I can

Sure I know

Some people walked up to the dance floor to dance. No one has ever been happy enough to sing a song on karaoke. If Emperor Robotnick saw them having fun, they would be in trouble. Fortunately, no robot droids were around at the moment.

-Fly in the Freedom-

Time never stop and wait for me

-Show the way-

Looking for answers and looking for the clue

-Fly in the Freedom-

There is a lot of things to see

Come on, I'm ready to gamble

It's time to play the game

-Fly in the Freedom-

Tell me, what is this feeling?

-Show the way-

I'm in paradise, I'll keep it forever

-Fly in the Freedom-

Dreams are always around me

Oh it comes to my hands, it's really clear to me

Sure I know

Looking for answers and looking for the clue

I'm in paradise, I'll keep it forever

Looking for answers and looking for the clue

I'm in paradise, I'll keep it forever

As the song concluded, the people happily walked back to their seat and clapped for the fruit bat.

Rouge: (amazed) Thank you! (bows) It was a pleasure!

Shadow: (clapping too) She has such an amazing voice.

Bandit: (growls) She has a fiancée!

Random Person: Please! Can you sing another?

Rouge: (ponders) Sure, why not.

Just as Rouge is about to sing another song, the ground begins to shake.

Waitress: (carrying the evils' food) W-what's that?! (food slips and falls all over Bandit)

Bandit: (with steam pouring out of her ears) ...Shit!

The evils' look towards the entrance to see hordes of people running for their lives.

Shadow: (eyes narrow) Something's wrong! Let's go!

Bandit: Geez, fine!

Rouge: Wait for me! (follows)

Outside is a giant Omochao tearing up innocent buildings in order to find the Three Evils.

Bandit: (shouting over all the loud noise) Wonder how that happened!

Shadow: (punches fists together) Don't know, don't care! There's only one way to stop him!

Rouge: Yeah, and what's that?

Shadow: (clenches fists) Take him down! (charges up into a ball and shoots for the head)

Omogiant: (roars as Shadow rips through its head)

Bandit: Now there's the Shadow we all know and love! (smiles joyously)

Rouge: Did you just smile?

Bandit: (smile fades as she gives a sharp glare to Rouge) If you wanna keep your wings...

Rouge: Watch out!! (pushes Bandit out of the way)

Shadow crash lands where Bandit used to be.

Shadow: (dizzy) I told her not to slap so hard but she don't listen, ma...

Bandit: He's out of it.

Rouge: Yeah, sucks.

Omogiant: (roars and punches at Rouge, Bandit, and a dazed Shadow)

The Evils successfully dodge out of the way. The place Shadow down in a safe place.

Bandit: My turn! (charges up a ball of electricity) Bandit ball!!

The Bandit ball shoots at the omogiant, hitting its right eye.

Omogiant: Charley always said he liked butter and cheese!

Rouge: Oh no! He's attacking us with randomness!

Bandit: Then I'll just have to hit him harder. (charges up another Bandit ball and shoots it in the center)

Omogiant: The fat man walks alone! I like gravy! Yankee Doodle went to town riding on a pony!

Rouge: It's no good. He won't shut up!

Bandit: Then why don't you help me out!?

Rouge: (sweatdrop) Oh, that might help. Black wave!

Bandit: Bandit Ball!

They keep shooting at the giant Omochao as it bangs into other buildings and shouts out more continuous random phrases.

Omochao: (sparking and falling apart) You're...the nasty...egg people...who...stole...all...m...y...w...a...f...f...l...e...s...(Omogiant falls)

Rouge: He's going to crush everything! Take Shadow and run!

Bandit: What about you?

Rouge: I'll try to stop him from crushing all these people. (grim expression)

Bandit rushes to grab Shadow and some random people yelling for help. Omogiant falls and Rouge tries to hold it up for as long as she can so some extra people can escape.

Rouge: Hurry! Can't hold it...any...longer!

Bandit makes sure all the population has cleared the fall.

Bandit: Okay!

Rouge gives way to the weight of Omogiant and everything is crushed.

Bandit: ROUGE!

All the people look at the collapsed Omochao as the smoke clears. Bandit runs up to the scene.

Bandit: Rouge, you stupid bat! Can you hear me? ROUGE! (waits for an answer...none comes. Bandit falls to her knees and clenches her fists) How could you die? Stupid bitch...

Bandit's ears twitch and there is a rummaging sound. Suddenly something explodes and shoots up from the robotic corpse of Omogiant. A figure lands on their feet holding up a peace sign.

Rouge: Yeah, who's the best?! (gets punched in the stomach)

Bandit: You ignorant punk!!

Rouge: (sweatdrop) You're back to normal...

Bandit: Damn straight!

Shadow: (revived) Hey, It's down?

Rouge: Yup! Down and out!

Shadow: Great. I'm...so hungry. (cries) The restaurant's destroyed.

Bandit: (sigh) At least we're still alive. What if we find another city?

Shadow: (stops weeping and snaps fingers together) That's an exquisite idea! To the next city!! (grabs Bandit and Rouge by the wrists and speeds off)


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Shadow: I kick arse too!