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I have been toying with this idea for some time now and I finally found somewhere to write it.

Time itself.


As jimmy got to school he met his two friends Carl and sheen.

"Hi jimmy" said Carl. He was wearing his new t-shirt with 'I love lamas' on it in big blue letters.

"Yeah hi jimmy did you miss the bus AGAIN?" Asked sheen.

"Yeah" said jimmy.

"Well if it isn't nerdtron ultra freak and lama boy" said Cindy from behind jimmy.

"Go away vortex" said jimmy.

"You freaks better hurry up or you are going to be late for class" said Libby.


"Ok class settle down" squawked the teacher. "Today we will be talking about."

The teacher suddenly fell unconscious and there was a boy behind her with a ray gun.

"Cool" said the boy. The boy was tall had spiked black hair and was wearing a leather jacket.

"What have you done to our teacher" said jimmy jumping up.

"Chill out jimmy you told me to do it"

"No I didn't"

"You haven't jet but you will in the future"

"No I won't"

"Who are you and where did you come from" asked Cindy.

"I am sheen of the future" said the boy.

"What? Wow I'm cool in the future" said sheen grinning.

The boy pulled a tiny black box out his pocket opened it and pressed a button. Suddenly the wall behind him glowed blue and some people piled in.

"Ok everyone this is Libby" said future sheen pointing to a very pretty woman wearing a denim skirt and a strap top.

"Cool" said little Libby in excitement of being so pretty.

"This is nick" he said pointing to a boy with the same bangs and cute face but with stubble.

"Wicked" said little nick.

"And this is Carl" he said to a really cute well built boy who looked like he might play football.

"That's me" exclaimed Carl falling off his seat.

"Hey where is Cindy and jimmy" asked sheen.

"Cindy took a pair of jimmy's rocket boots and he is chasing her trying to get them back" said Libby giggling and looking at sheen that got a dazed look on his face then shook him self back to reality.

"Oh right, I am sure she likes him chasing her she is always taking his stuff" said older Carl.

"DUCK" said a voice from behind them. Suddenly a girl came shooting trough the blue swirly hole. She was tall thin and very curvy, she had long blond her down her back and was very very pretty. The girl was hovering about a foot above ground on rocket boots. She had blue jogging pants and a satrapy t-shirt on.

"Give them back Cindy" said a male voice as someone else came trough the hole. The boy was tall well built, had brown spiked hair and was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans he was very cute.

"Jimmy Cindy nice of you to join us" said sheen.


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