Ok chapter 2.

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"Hey girl" said the older Libby giving the older Cindy a hi five while she was hovering in front of her.

"Hey Libby" said Cindy. Suddenly Cindy was tackled to the ground by the older jimmy.

The older jimmy sat on top of her laughing as she struggled.

"Let me go jimmy" she screamed beating his chest with her hands.

"Give me back my boots" he said.

"Fine gets off me then I will give you them I need to stand up to take them off"

Jimmy got off her and she hovers a foot above the ground. She gave him a kiss on the cheek then said "aww you where always the trusting one" before zooming through the porthole thing. Jimmy ran after her.

"I can't believe the older me just kissed the older jimmy that is so disgusting" said the little Cindy frowning.

"Yeah disgusting" said jimmy.

"Oh.oh who do I date in the future" asked the younger nick.

"well I have dated Brittany, Laura, tiffany, Alicia and Cindy but she was on the rebound so it only lasted a week then she got back with her ex who she had been dating almost six years" said the older nick.

"Who's that he must be cool if I dated him for six year" asked Cindy.

"We can't tell you, you have to find out your self" said Libby "but I will tell you this you get his name tattooed on your hip"

"LOOK OUT" came a voice through the porthole.

The older Cindy came zooming through the porthole again followed by the older jimmy who now had a pair of rocket boots.

"You will never catch me I am to good" said Cindy flying out the window and high into the sky.

"Do you want to bet" said jimmy flying after her.

Suddenly there was a blood curling scream and everyone ran to the window.

"JIMMY" screamed Cindy as she plunged to the ground.

Suddenly jimmy plunged down after her and scooped her in his arms. He then flew really high and dropped her again. Then he caught her again. This time she wrapped her arms round his neck and her legs round his waist and he few back through the window.

"Uh excuse me" asked little Cindy.

"Yeah" said big Cindy.

"Do you have a tattoo on your hip of your boyfriends name" she was greeted by a nod "c.can I see it please"

"Oh yeah sure" she said moving her pants away.

The little Cindy nearly screamed when she saw jimmy and his sign on the older girls' hip.

"No.NO, No way I would never ever date that freak" said little Cindy.

"Hey" said jimmy (the older one)

"He changes and I realised how much we have in common" said big Cindy.

The little Cindy screamed and stomped out the room.

"Who is it" asked Carl who had come out of his state of shock.

"Jimmy" said the older Cindy smiling.

"W..w.what no way I would never ever go out with her" screamed jimmy.

"Ha, ha you date Cindy, you date Cindy" said sheen jumping up and down.

"Well we only realised how much we liked each other because Carl had a girlfriend" Cindy paused as she saw little Carl faint again. "Then you got a girlfriend and she just happened to be my best friend Libby"


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