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                                                Chapter 1

Deep within a dark cave known as the Unknown Dungeon, off the coast of Cerulean City, stood a Pokemon. Not just any Pokemon, though. This one, standing on a small plateau in the middle of a cavern pond, was the rarest of the rare. The one and only Mewtwo.

But though deep in thought, the cloned Pokemon was not worried about the neighboring town. The one human he trusted was outside, guarding the dungeon door, as promised in their deal.


            At the entrance to the Dungeon though, the man lay bound and gagged at the side of the cavern. Seven shady characters stood at the mouth of the cave, PokéBalls in hand. Two of them snickered at the trussed and helpless young man, but a third elbowed them and told them to get marching. Quietly, the septet entered the dark cave, PokéBalls at ready.


            Mewtwo looked down at his reflection in the water. Humans created him years ago in the Cinnabar Island laboratory, but he escaped by destroying it. Using his psychic powers, the most powerful of all Pokemon, he had flown off across the land of Kanto. Keeping out of sight, he managed to learn about most of the country and it's towns. He began to seek asylum in secretive places where humans could not find him. After mapping the country in his head, he chose to live in the most secretive place he had learned of: the very Unknown Dungeon he currently resided in. He had had it with humans for more reason than one. Aside from the obvious, being their arrogance and greed and constant annoyance to his privacy, the other reason was dead-set in his mind from the day he was born: they must never be able to create another Mewtwo. He knew his powers were too strong for him alone to control. He had already caused so much destruction with his abilities: imagine what several Mewtwos could do!

            Mewtwo sighed. Although he knew any Mewtwo was a problem, loneliness was another thing. The only Pokemon he could even slightly relate to were the Hypnos that occasionally wandered the cavern, and even they were too slow and sleepy to talk to. Most of the other Pokemon weren't interested in the strange clone. They were too busy trying to stay away from the few humans that wandered the cave. Mewtwo sighed again.

            A sudden noise sounded behind him, and Mewtwo turned. The not unfamiliar sight and sound of approaching Golbats startled him out of his thoughts. This time there was a swarm of them, seven all together. Predictably, they surrounded Mewtwo, hovering in preparation for food. Mewtwo grunted in annoyance. It was not uncommon for him to be attacked by hungry Golbats, who sometimes found too little food to remember not to attack Psychic Pokemon. This swarm had a strange look in their eyes though; their eyes were dull, rather than teeming with hunger. Mewtwo prepared his Confusion attack, ready to confuse the bats into attacking and knocking out each other.

            Then suddenly, the Golbats fell and disappeared!

            This shocked Mewtwo so much he lost attack concentration. The spots where the Golbats landed were, instead, occupied by seven Dittos! Like the Golbats, Dittos were not uncommon, but seven at a time was indeed confusing. For a second, Mewtwo faced seven Dittos surrounding him. Then, quickly, the Dittos began to glow and transform, and Mewtwo found himself looking at...

Himself. Times seven.

Quicker than the eye could see, Mewtwo Teleported out of the Dungeon basement to his backup shelter: the Seafoam Islands. Had he stayed a split second longer, he would have noticed the seven syringes that plunged into the arms of the Ditto/Mewtwos. As soon as the real Mewtwo had Teleported, the Dittos lost control of their disguises and morphed back. Without the real Pokemon there in front of them, they could no longer maintain their disguise perfectly and dropped it. But it didn't matter to their seven shady masters: each one quickly pulled out their respective syringe and returned their Dittos to their PokéBalls, slipping both underneath black jackets with big, red, embroidered R's.


            Some hours later, two scientists stood in a lab, observing and noting the blood and DNA samples brought to them by the seven shady Ditto trainers. One of them, who had been the third shady character, questioned the other scientist, "I dun get it. Why couldn't we have just used our other, stronger Pokemon?"

            The second scientist glared at the first. "You idiot, you know why! You were there when Mewtwo was created, remember? Remember Cinnabar Lab?"

            The first stared dully. "Oh YEAH!" he cried at last. "Man, that thing was crazy powerful."

            The second rolled her eyes. "Yes, and remember what happened to the building? Well, that's the reason we're stuck in this janitor's closet of a laboratory."

            The first nodded vaguely. "That doesn't explain why I couldn't use my Houndoom. Or my real Golbat. I mean, my Golby could suck tons more DNA than any fake Ditto can!"

            The second slammed her notebook down on the table. "Because," she said with controlled frustration, "Golbats are weak to Psychic attacks."

            She picked her notebook up again. "Don't you know? That Mewtwo would have destroyed your Golbat with a single swipe of the paw. But with a Ditto? Not only does it copy the DNA perfectly; it also doesn't attack, so the opponent won't feel threatened and run away, OR attack back. Besides," she said more calmly, "we need this DNA."

            She grinned in the directions of two things; her computer, and a cryogenics tube. "Oh yes, this plan will work!"

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