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                                                Chapter 3

            The shady men exited the lab, each with his own devious thoughts forming in his head. They split up without any good-byes and each went off in different directions, each with their precious cargo. Only the DNA-less man remained, following one of the members.

This man did have a name. However, he preferred to keep his real name under wraps; instead, he followed a Team Rocket fad of nicknaming oneself. Thus he went under the nickname "Hammer". He preferred to keep the reasons for the nickname quite; according to him, it kept people confused, making him seem mysterious and deep.

Hammer quietly followed behind his coworker. It was nighttime in the city and most of the lights in the buildings were out, so stealth was pretty easy. Streetlights were no problem. Activity was limited in this part of the town; very few people were seen. It was somewhat quiet, except for the occasional sound of a passing car and the blare of a radio or television from a building window. Judging by the darkness, it was probably very late at night. Hammer and his coworkers had been in the lab since that afternoon. Glaring, he seethed inside at the thought. It was bad enough that he didn't get any of the DNA samples; but the female scientist had completely trashed his dignity with the laser-pointer. However, the man he was trailing quickly turned in to a dark alley, forcing Hammer to jump out of his thoughts and follow him.

Slowly they proceeded down the alley. The soft sounds of the city faded farther down, and Hammer had to step lightly to avoid being heard by his colleague. Fortunately, the other didn't make any sign of hearing him. Hammer grinned; sneaking along like this brought back fond childhood memories, mostly of sneaking along behind friends, surprising them; and usually, when they weren't looking, he pick pocketed things from their bags and pockets.

Then, quite suddenly, the coworker stopped. His stomach jumping, Hammer ducked behind a nearby trashcan and a pile of loose bricks, holding his breath and quietly berating himself for getting wrapped up in his thoughts like that. He heard footsteps. Slowly peeking out from the gap between the can and the brick wall it resided against, he saw his colleague surrounded by five men in black uniforms. Each one had a big red "R" embroidered on the front.

The man in the middle spat at the ground. "Who're you?" he growled at Hammer's coworker.

"Why ain't we never seen ya around?" a second man inquired menacingly.

The coworker trembled slightly. "I… I, eh…"

A third man stepped forward. He was easily the strongest of them all, judging by his muscles bulging under his uniform. "Where's your I.D.?" he grunted.

"I - I… don't… have it with me?" the coworker wheezed.

The first man grabbed him by the collar and lifted him off the ground. "You ain't no Rocket, ain'tcha?"

"He's an imposter!" the fourth man yelled. The others began to close in on the coworker.

"Hmmmm, what's this?" the second man asked, pulling the box from the impostor's grasp.

"Leave that alone!" the impostor gasped, still hanging in the air.

"Oh, somethin' important?" the Rocket sneered, shifting the box from hand to hand. "Well, let's just call it a price to pay for impersonating Team Rocket." He pulled away from the group, pocketing the box.

Now, Hammer knew this coworker well. He was one of the older men, but he was no less incompetent when it came to Pokemon battling. Before any of the Rockets could stop him, the imposter swiftly reached behind him and pulled out a PokéBall, quickly throwing it at the Rocket suspending him. The Rocket yelled and dropped the imposter; at the same time as an Ekans popped out of the PokéBall and wrapped itself around him. The Rockets were equally swift though. In less than six seconds, the alley was crowded with fighting Pokemon. The imposter pulled out his other five Pokemon, a Muk, another Ekans, a Golbat, a Gloom, and, of course, his Ditto. The Rockets countered with three Sneasels, an Arbok, and a Weezing.  

            Within seconds there was chaos. The Rockets' Pokemon were pitted against the imposter's in an insane battle. The alley was quickly filled with Smog, flashing claws, various status-affecting powders, yells, aerial attacks, and orders from the trainers. But what was happening in the battle was not important to Hammer. His gaze, though blocked often by the fiasco, was on the second Rocket, who had secretly pulled out a Raticate. Straining his vision, Hammer noticed a long scar running down the Raticate's left eye, keeping the eye shut. The Rocket hurriedly handed the box to the Pokemon.

"Here! Raticate! Take the box and go!" the man roared. "We'll meet you at the headquarters!"

The Raticate grabbed the box between its teeth and dashed off in Hammer's direction. Hammer panicked. He had to get the DNA! Quickly, he pulled out a PokéBall and threw it at Raticate as it passed. The aim was true and Raticate was knocked off its feet as the box skidded away. Since it was an owned Pokemon, the PokéBall shorted out and bounced uselessly to the ground. But its mission was complete; the box was out of the Raticate's grasp. As quick as possible, Hammer swapped the box for half of a loose brick that was lying on the ground. Raticate got up and shook itself off. But with the darkness and its blindness in one eye, it couldn't tell the difference between the brick and the box; it scooped up the brick and took off again.

Hammer then pulled out another PokéBall. "Murkrow, go!" he hissed, and the Dark bird Pokemon flew out, perching on it's master's outstretched arm.

"Hey, who's that guy over there?" one of the real Rockets called from the fray.

"Another imposter!" the leader cried.

 "Faint Attack, quickly!" Hammer ordered.

"Krow!" Murkrow cawed obediently, and it began to fade. Hammer faded with his Pokemon and before the Rockets could send their own Pokemon after him, Hammer had disappeared.


Mewtwo looked through his icy prison. He knew about Articuno from the Lab where he was born; next to him, the three legendary birds were the laboratory's biggest obsession. Half the laboratory team was on the project searching for the birds, though they were never successful. But right now Mewtwo found himself staring at the first legendary bird Articuno, distorted by the ice. The fierce red eyes glared piercingly down at his own.

"Creature! Name yourself!" Articuno sang, in the same loud voice.

Mewtwo was too startled to answer at first. What should he do? Should he attack? No, he thought to himself. It was too risky. Articuno wasn't a legendary for nothing; he was the master of ice itself. This snow globe was enough proof for Mewtwo that he would be frozen before he could even launch an attack. And the attack itself would be frozen as well. 

"CREATURE!" Articuno sang again, but this time louder. He was clearly getting agitated. "You possess great powers! I know you are no normal Pokemon! So name yourself and you'll be spared for the time, or remain silent and you will be destroyed!"

Mewtwo looked up, ready to answer, but faltered. The sheer size of the bird was overwhelming. He had never seen something like this before. Unfortunately, his hesitation angered Articuno too much.

"CREATURE!" roared Articuno in such a voice that Mewtwo clasped his paws to his ears in pain. "YOU HAVE HAD YOUR CHANCE TO ANSWER! BUT YOUR IGNORANCE HAS INSULTED ME AND NOW YOU WILL PAY THE CONSEQUENCES!!!"

Articuno raised his head and brought it down again with alarming speed. His massive blue beak shattered the ice globe, sending shards of ice everywhere. Mewtwo covered his face with his arms, but wasn't quick enough to bring up a barrier. Several splinters cut into his fur and skin, sending pain shooting through his body. "AARRRGH!!!" he cried as he finally got his barrier up, deflecting the rest of the ice. Raising his eyes slightly, looking past the blood trickling from the wounds on his arms, he saw Articuno's eyes were glowing bright red. He was preparing to attack! Mewtwo knew it was now or never. Quickly shutting down his barrier, he raised his arms in front of him, squeezed his eyes shut in concentration, and released a Confusion attack at the legendary bird. Almost at the same instant, he was hit by what felt like fifty tons of concrete. The force slammed him back into the wall, which sent stars shooting in front of his eyes. Trying to regain his senses, he raised a hand to rub his head, only to feel resistance. Shaking his head, he looked down at his arm and gasped in horror: it was frozen to the wall. He turned to look at his other arm, also frozen. His whole body was encased in a layer of ice as thick as his tail! This time there was no escape. But as Mewtwo looked to Articuno, he was greeted by a surprising sight. Articuno was stumbling about, apparently in a daze; the Confusion attack worked. But Mewtwo knew the confusion would wear off. He had to get the ice off or he would certainly be executed. He focused on a psychic attack, hoping to loosen the ice, but it failed. His concentration was ebbing.

"CUUUuuuUUUuuUuUUU!!!" Mewtwo's stomach lurched unpleasantly. Slowly looking up, he saw the massive form of Articuno towering over him. The bird was no longer confused and the look on his countenance could freeze ice (no pun intended). So this is what it's like to look death in the face, Mewtwo thought cynically. Oh well, all for the better… And he lowered his head, squeezed his eyes shut, and prepared for what was coming to him. Without any warning, a massive blast erupted from somewhere ahead of him, surely his deathblow.

Seconds ticked by and Mewtwo opened his eyes, hit with the realization that he wasn't dead. The ice was still covering him, starting to numb his body. Perhaps Articuno preferred that his enemies die slowly in the merciless grasp of the cold? But then what was that blast? He wondered to himself. Slowly looking up, he saw Articuno with his back to him. The blue bird was staring at another being that had apparently crashed through the frozen lake, creating the blast and a huge hole as well. The being was obviously a Pokemon, a large purple and white one that looked like a cross between a bird and a dragon. It hovered a few feet above and away from Articuno, who lowered his head in a bow. "Master Lugia," he said quietly and respectfully to the other Pokemon, who lowered it's own head.

"Legend Articuno," the bird/dragon Lugia replied, equally respectful. He slowly lowered himself onto the ice and folded his massive white wings to his back. He then surveyed the cavern, still coated with slowly melting ice. "An intruder, Legend?"

Articuno snorted. "Indeed, Lugia, this wretch here." He indicated with one wing to Mewtwo, frozen in a ridiculous position on the wall.

Lugia looked calmly at Articuno. "I see. Tell me, Articuno, do you sense something? Concentrate hard. Do you feel the same foreboding that I feel?"

Articuno looked fairly surprised but closed his eyes, concentrating hard. Mewtwo barely had time to wonder what he was searching for when the bird opened his eyes again. "Yes. Something will happen. Something terrible to both Pokemon and Humans."

"And do you feel who it links to?"

"… Yes. This creature."

"But not in a dangerous way?"

"… No."

Lugia nodded curtly as if to prove his point. "This creature is not an intruder or an enemy. He is linked to the future dangers that will haunt our land." Then he turned to Mewtwo and looked him directly in the eyes. "He is the one."

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