My Everything


Erin Giles

Set after 'The Gift' from Giles POV

The only reason I wake up
Is to see your smiling face,
To know that I can help you
Through the worst of the day.
You're the reason I exist,
The only meaning to my life,
And if I'm here without you
How will I ever survive?

What will idle hands do
With no books to leaf through?
What will watchful eyes watch
When there is no one to talk?
What will my knowledge train
When there is no one there to fight?
And then what becomes of me
Now you are all at sea in the night?

My once open door
Does not open anymore.
My once cheery flat
No longer has a welcoming mat.
My once busy life
Seems now all but lies.
My once joy and pride
Is now, no longer alive.