For Bella tough and important decisions are about to be flung at her from every direction. But she never anticipated the most difficult one - Edward Cullen. The star jock of the school who she doubts wants to cause anything but trouble. Only she doesn't realise it's the kind she might need. Beside her best friends Bella is about to learn lessons from the most surprising tutor. Rated M, canon couples, lemons.



"Find your seats, please. I don't have all day," the professor says to the hall of students.

It's day one of my second last year here. UFoxbury was an ivy school and much to not just my shock, but my parents too, I'd managed to get in with a scholarship and make it this far. Without failing, without too much partying.

My application for med school had been sent off and I was awaiting my next step. My mother is keen to see me taken on emergency wards across the country like a Grey's Anatomy episode. But this class was far from surgical.

"Welcome to class one of psychology with friends," the professor slams his whiteboard marker into the surface as he writes his name, "I am Doctor Frank. I don't like nicknames. Don't call me Frankie. I'll fail you."

A nervous laughter ripples through the rows of students.

"Now. I'm busy. I hate marking. I hate it," he throws his marker onto the podium before stepping around it, to pace as he speaks, "to make my life easier I'm grouping you. That cuts my marking in half. Genius right?"

Anxiously I peer around the room. I really can't afford to be paired with someone who doesn't care.

"There's packages at the front of the room. In them you will find the materials you need for the three assignments I have created for you. Course material I teach here will be what you will need for your exams. Do the readings, don't complain and I will give you your grade that can go on mum's fridge," he shrugs.

Suddenly the door at the back of the auditorium bursts open.


I roll my eyes as he jogs down the stairs, smiling as if he's not late to class.

"Oh, jocks. My favourite type of student," Doctor Frank mutters, "while you're handsome, tardiness makes you unattractive."

"I'm sorry, doctor," he sits in a seat a few rows before me, "practice ran slightly over. Big game on the weekend."

"I couldn't give less of a shit," Frank muses, "just focus now."

The class giggles, even Edward gives up a crooked smirk. The kind that could make any woman in this room, heck world, wet. Given he probably has done exactly that to most of the females in the class. Edward is literally king shit of this school. He's captain of the hockey team, which was formulated by god himself. It's at the centre of this school and for most of my time here I'd managed to ignore his existence. Minus his sister being my best friend, his knowledge of my existence was fairly limited. I'd met him - he just didn't deem me important enough to remember.

I actively aimed to keep it that way. Alice had invited me to family summer trips and parties, but I'd found a way to weasel out of them with easy excuses. Although this semester I agreed to move in with her after on campus living truly becoming unbearable for me. We'd found a small place and she had roped her friend Rose into joining us to ease rent costs. Dodging him may be harder now.

"As I was saying, you'll be partnered up. I don't believe in swapping too. Bug me about it and I'll fail you," Frank grabs his class list and commences reading from the list.

As he goes through the names I grip my seat cushion, praying to whatever entity that might be listening.

Please. Please not him.

"Please," I mutter.

"Cullen and Swan. Raise your hands," Frank says.


Cullen's hand casually darts up before he begins to look around the room, searching for his unfortunate partner. Reluctantly I raise mine sighing. He grins at me, tossing me a signature wink reserved for the population of skanks at UFoxbury.

"Jesus," I mutter.

"You're so lucky," a girl behind me leans forward in her seat to whisper at me.

"Am I?" I shake my head, burying my face in my hands.

It's going to be a really long twelve weeks.

He collects our envelope at the end of class. The entire time I watch him I contemplate running home and hiding under my bed covers. Instead I settled for waiting for him outside.

Lazily I lean against the waist high cement wall outside of the classroom, enjoying the feel of the Seattle sun on my back. Wishing it would burn me to a crisp before he returns. Twirling my brown locks I wait anxiously for him to appear and make my academic sprint a crawl.

"There you are," He adjusts the strap of his backpack on his shoulder, smiling down at me.

How can someone have a face so beautiful? But make me so irritated at the same fucking time. He was a jock. He lives for glory. As if he'd take this class seriously? I need to pass this semester. I need more than that. I need amazing grades. Med school wasn't an option. It was a must. I'm not calling Mum to say I flunked because of some hockey idiot.

"Here I am," I shrug.

"I'm Edward," he holds his hand out to me politely, "Isabella right?"

"That's it," I try my best at a smile taking up his offered handshake.

How does he not remember me? Our meetings had always been brief, but still!

His hands are calloused, strong. The perfect hands to guide a puck into a net, his team to victory. He was predicted to be the next best hockey thing. I knew little about the sport but my roommate was the coach's daughter. In the few weeks of moving in with her before classes started, Rosalie rarely shut up about sport, especially hockey. I'd heard her gush over Edward's skills before.

"Well I'm excited to work with you," he motions to the envelope.

"Me too," I lie.

"Edward," a passing guy smacks my partner on the back laughing, "Keen to see the game this weekend. I heard the news from Em. I'm sad you won't be out there but. How's the off season been?"

"Seth, Dude! Hopefully as strong as the football team has been," Edward's smile takes up his entire face.

It's sensational. Without being able to stop myself I study each crease and dent the expression on his face causes.

No wonder why the entire female, and some male, found him so desirable.

As he talks I begin to grow impatient.

It's like I'm immediately not there. Edward smiles at his fellow jock rattling off points about his stupid team.

"I heard about your grades," Seth suddenly says.

My ears spike up at that.

"Yep. Well you see the bench won't stay that warm. I plan to be back out there fairly quickly. I just need to pass this dumb class' first assignment really," Edward motions to the envelope in his hand, "The coach managed to get the dean to agree to lower the posts I guess."

"Having a father like you do certainly helps," Seth smiles, "Just study up and you'll be back out on that ice in no time."

Interesting. He'll only take this seriously cause it serves his goals. I guess he'll slack off the whole thing so he can get a free ride. I'll practically place him back on the ice.

"Well. I have to um go," I say interrupting them, "I have to start my shift in twenty minutes."

"Oh," he remembers I'm there, "Isabella. Let me give you my number."

"I have it," I shake my head just wanting to leave.

"Huh?" Seth raises his eyebrow at me, as if noticing me for the first time.

I don't miss him checking me out. Pig.

"Your sister is my best friend," I explain.

"How have I never met you before," he raises an eyebrow.

God. One free slap please? Give me one free slap. I won't even aim for that incredible face.

"I've avoided you like the plague," I shrug, snatching the yellow envelope from his hands.

He wasn't going to need it anyway.

"Wait. You're Bells," he points at me, something clicking into place, "she never shuts up about you."

"Really? Cause she never mentions you," I begin to depart, leaving my assignment partner to what he knows best - popularity.

Seth scoffs, enjoying our exchange now like a film. Edward crosses his arms, smiling at me wickedly. God, I hope I didn't just turn myself into something worse than his partner. A challenge.

"Text me tonight. We can meet up tomorrow afternoon," he offers.

"I'll check my busy hockey schedule," I wink at him.

"Can't be worse than mine," he counters.

"I'm bound to see more ice than you," I take out my phone answering a call, abruptly ending his next remark, "Oh Alice. I have so much to tell you when I get home."

Edward watches me retreat. I can feel his eyes on my back.

"Babe. We're having a Harry Potter night. I invited Jasper. That guy I had a date with the other night. He's inviting some friends too," she says, "I said Harry Potter but I meant take a shot each time Ron says bloody hell. So when I hump him on the couch you're all too drunk to care, and I'm too drunk to seem desperate."

"It's the first day of school and you're already planning to get drunk?" I laugh.

"Yep," she laughs, "you're not? It won't get that rowdy. I promise."

I knew she was lying. Alice sucks at promises.

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