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Chapter 1: From troubled beginnings

"I don't know about you guys, but this isn't looking too good," Yun and Yang trembled in unison as they looked over the window two stories below them.

A group of World Warriors were all inside a building in the slums of Metro City. They stand on the top floor of the three-story apartment. It was one of the nicer buildings you could find, with somewhat clean walls and only one broken window. A horde of gang members surrounded it, there were about fifty of them. They were mostly members of the former Mad Gear Gang, who most likely wanted to steal the money that Poison and Hugo had acquired.

The building was owned by Poison and Hugo, who were the founders of the Huge Wrestling Army. There were ten members, all of which tried to defeat Hugo but failed in doing so. One of the warriors was Ryu, who began to look back on his battle with Hugo.

It was a clear summer night in New Orleans, and Hugo had just won The World Heavyweight Championship in the Superdome. "We are number one!", Hugo exclaimed holding the belt over his head. Reporters took pictures from all angles as Hugo and Poison walked out of the door.

Poison and Hugo walked back to their hotel back in the city, when they saw a man leaning up against a wall with his head down by their hotel. He had a white and partially ripped gi with a red headband. He was very bulk and muscular with rough black hair. He also had a white duffel bag, and putting everything together, he certainly looked homeless.

The man looked up at the two and began to approach them. They stood eye to eye about ten feet apart as the man began to speak, "Hugo, I've been looking for you.". Hugo looked surprised, especially considering who was standing right in front of him, "Ryu? Is that you?", he questioned. Ryu flashed a slight grin and rhetorically asked, "Of course, who else did you think it was?". Hugo began to think before Poison whispered to him, "You don't need to answer that Hugo.". Hugo nodded at Poison as she began to speak. "So what brings you here Ryu? If I were to guess, you want to fight the Great Hugo Andore. Everyone knows you want to fight the biggest, baddest warriors.". Ryu quietly chuckled before answering, "That's exactly why I'm here. To challenge your Hugo in a fight.". "I don't see why not.", Poison shrugged. She paused for a brief moment and followed up with, "After all, Hugo also loves a good fight, isn't that right buddy?". "I love fighting a strong opponent!", Hugo happily exclaimed. "Excellent, I will be waiting right out here tomorrow; I've found a special place for us.", Ryu happily answered as he walked away.

The next day, Ryu met Poison and Hugo at the same spot and the two went to Ryu's "special place". It was in the middle of the forest in a small area clear of trees. The sun shined bright in the blue sky as it reflected off of the bright green trees. Ryu and Hugo stood face to face about ten feet apart from each other. In the midst of all the tension, Poison had one last thing to get out. "Ryu, I have one more request if you don't mind.". "Go ahead, I'm listening.".

"I've always wanted to start a wrestling organization, but it's a shame there are no good wrestlers that wish to join. They all say they have 'better things to do'. Why don't you join us if you lose, we could use your help.". Ryu looked up and began to think. After a few seconds, he gave his answer, "Wrestling huh? Seems like it would be a fun experience. I could find and fight stronger opponents and get one step closer to being the ultimate warrior. I will join you regardless if I win or not but make no mistake, I will still fight with all my strength". Ryu got into his fighting stance and so did Hugo. Poison squealed in happiness when Ryu accepted the offer. They had been looking for several months, and they had finally found a worthy warrior. "Alright then, let the fight begin!", Poison yelled.

Hugo and Ryu began their fight. Ryu began to charge up blue energy in his hands and Hugo began to run at him at full speed. Ryu had no fear of the 7'10" 440 lb. giant charging at him and yelled, "Hadoken!", as the blue ball of energy blasted from his hands. Hugo absorbed the Hadoken as he ran towards Ryu. 'He absorbed it? No wonder he is such a formidable fighter.', Ryu thought. As soon as Ryu recovered, he prepared a Shoryuken. As the Shoryuken hit Hugo, Hugo's own strike hit Ryu, and the two were blown back by the sheer impact. Ryu began to rush the beast with a jumping kick. Hugo wasn't ready to intercept and instead blocked the impact. Ryu continued his offense and attacked Hugo carefully, not trying to get too close. Hugo had trouble finding gaps in Ryu's attack patterns and he struggled to land any hits. This went on for a good fifteen seconds until Hugo was knocked back by a Donkey Kick.

When Hugo recovered from the blow, he once again ran at Ryu, but in a different way. 'I'm ready for it this time.', Ryu thought to himself. When Hugo got close, Ryu clenched his fist behind him as power surged through him. When Hugo was in range, Ryu unleashed his Shoryuken; however, it wasn't an ordinary Shoryuken, it was a Shin Shoryuken. Hugo wasn't able to absorb the initial hit, and Ryu continued the move. "Shin!", Ryu yelled as he uppercut Hugo's chin. "SHORYUKEN!", Ryu jumped into the air with the finishing Shoryuken as Hugo was launched nearly fifteen feet in the air. Hugo lays on the ground nearly defeated, trying his best to stand back up. Poison continues to encourage him from the sidelines while Ryu stands only a few feet away. 'That must've surely finished him, right?', Ryu doubted in his head. When Ryu didn't expect it, Hugo got up and did a flying dropkick towards Ryu while yelling, "I am number one!". Ryu, being caught off guard, blocked the kick only to have his guard broken by the impact. Ryu couldn't move from the sheer impact, he was wide open to anything Hugo wanted to do. 'How is he nearly unfazed from that Shin Shoryuken? This must be why Hugo has been regarded as such as prestigious warrior. It was a good fight, I look forward to the future.', Ryu accepted. Hugo used his golden opportunity to run up and grab Ryu. He ran at full speed towards a tree and exclaimed, "Meat Squasher!". Ryu was slammed against the tree and bounced off it. Hugo then went into a crouching stance and leaped at the airborne Ryu. He grabbed Ryu and spun into the air while yelling, "Megaton!". Ryu was slammed into the ground and bounced up and down. Hugo then began to fall belly first onto the bouncing Ryu and finished his move name and screamed, "PRESS!".

Hugo stands by the defeated Ryu exhausted and beat up, "Hugo is tired.". Poison ran over to Hugo in both worry and excitement, "Hugo, are you ok?". Hugo didn't say a word, he simply groaned. "You did it, buddy, you won!". Hugo flashed a smile and lazily, slowly roared, "I am number one.". Shortly after, Ryu stood up, just as exhausted and beat up as Hugo was. He limped towards Hugo and when he got close he stuck out his hand. "Hugo, that was a great fight. I'm looking forward to being your partner.", Ryu smiled. Hugo took Ryu's hand and shook it. Ryu was visibly holding the pain of Hugo's grip, despite his grip being quite strong as well. Ryu let go of Hugo's hand and made a request. "You know, there's someone else who I think would want to join. He has blond hair, is rich, and can imbue his Shoryukens with fire. Ring a bell?". Poison immediately understood, "Of course, Ken Masters!". "So, how about it?", Ryu asked. Poison nodded her head followed by Hugo. "Great, then we're going to California!", Ryu excitedly exclaimed.

To be continued in Chapter 2: Making a Mark