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As Jonathan and Amber walked down the large, stone, hallway, Amber just looked up to him, shocked. Jonathan had felt her eyes on him enough.

"What the bloody hell is it?!"

He yelled out, getting red faced. She was taken back and a wee bit scared.

"Um, I was just wondering what you are."

She said as she swallowed hard and looked like she was waiting to be hit. Jonathan's look softened some. He stopped walking and soon pulled her into an embrace.

"I'm sorry, luv. I've got a bad temper sometimes, I didn't mean to yell at you."

He said as she still hugged her and put her head on his shoulder. She just cooed some as he did so.

"I understand, I'm sorry."

She said as she swallowed again, soon a shiver went up her spine. He noticed that and looked around as he pulled her in closer.

"What is it?"

He whispered as he still looked around.

"I thought I heard some foot steps. They weren't normal. Would you mind turning into, whatever you turn into?"

She asked, blushing some as she looked up to him. He just smiled some more as she said that. He caressed her cheek then let her go. Soon Jonathan saw him. 'Him' was Scott. Scott grabbed Amber and ran off with her. He started to run after her, then a sudden burst of rage he grew his wings and fangs. Amber could hear his yell of anger and smiled to herself.

"Ha! Ha! Did you hear that?! That was my boyfriend! He's a god you know."

She said with a stuck-up attitude.

"And he's going to kick your --"

Before she could finish, she was thrown away into a corner as Jonathan grabbed Scott and threw him far away from them. Amber was sitting up and rubbing her head as she looked up to him. He was standing in front of her, breathing heavy as he picked her up and pulled her close to his chest.

"Are you ok?"

He asked softly in his slightly deeper voice. As he started to carry her, she looked back to where Scott was. He wasn't there…