Summary: Loki got played by Thanos and comes to his senses mid-conversation with Black Widow which is going to have galactic consequences. Harry Potter finds himself in another universe where his magic has changed almost as much as the world around him. Potter luck, Loki spite, with a dash of Spidy-tingles -Midgard is never going to be the same.

Dyslexic Author: See, if you are surprised by misspellings, missing words, various spell check failures on free fiction and then feel the need to inform me that I am imperfect, I would just like to inform you that you either didn't read this or you don't know the meaning of Language Disability, and that my friends, would be on you ;)

WHITE TIGER revamp June 21st 2021, you can skip the below, next chapter added the Winter Soldier and expanded on the plot and refined the entire set up.

Comics vs. Media: Basically, if you have seen some of the movies, you'll be good, anything I pull from the comics I will weave into the narrative. Importantly, as Loki comes out and Black Widow is released, I may add more to a character's development, but the plot itself is set and will make sense in this story.

Note: I looked up Loki's powers and they are more interesting than what we've seen in films. Also, Natasha Romanoff will be a lesser super soldier as she was in the comics.


Reference Sheet for Your Convenience

(Not Mandatory to Enjoy the Fic)

Note: These are the dates I'm sticking to.

TimeLine Potterverse-5555

1960 - James Potter and Lily Evans are born

1978 - James and Lily Potter marry

1980 - Harry Potter is born

1981 - Lily Potter unknowingly enters a bargain with Loki Odison*

1981 - James Potter dies

1981 - Lily Potter's soul and magic depart this universe*

1981 - Harry Potter is bond into a bargain with Loki Odison*

1995 - Harry Potter Completes Bargain with the God of Mischief**

1995 - This Universe Buries Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter as Triwizard Champions



TimeLine Midgard-1119

1917 - James Buchanan Barnes (Bucky) is born

1918 - Steve Rodgers (Captain America) is born

1927 - Bucky's parents die

1928 - Natasha Romanoff is born

1935 - Steve's parents die

1945 - Bucky Barnes is lost Austria

1945 - Captain America is lost in the Arctic Ocean

1948 - Loki Odison accepts bargain with Lily Potter and acquires her magical core*

1948 - Lily Potter's soul and memories mergers with Natasha Romanoff*


2010 - Iron Man (movie)

2011 - Bruce Banner becomes the Incredible Hulk

2011 - Thor (movie)

2012 - Avengers (Chapter 1) - Mischief Far From Managed

2013 - Loki and Bucky save Asgard and unmake the Reality Stone*

2012 - Iron Man 3 (movie)

2014 - Guardians of the Galaxy I &II (movies)

2016 - Loki and Bucky return to Midgard

2016 - Harry James Potter Lokison is remade into this universe*

2016 - Spider-Man: Homecoming (Chapter 2) - Mischief Far From Managed

2016 - Doctor Strange begins magical training

2018 - Hella Returns to Asgard

Any movies not listed above, cough, cough, Ultron, Civil War, End Game, don't exist because either this plot made those scenarios impossible or because I don't feel I can do them justice in this story (Wakanda forever!) as this story follows mainly Harry and his family & friends.

Mainest Cast: Harry Potter, Peter Parker, Michele Jones, Bucky Barnes, Loki Odison.

Phase Two additions to Mainest Cast: Natasha Romanoff/Lily Potter, and Steve Rodgers

Main Villains: Black Widow Villains, Kaecilius, and Hella

Main Pairings: [Michele Jones|MJ/Peter Parker|Spiderman], [Bucky Barnes|Winter Soldier/Natasha Romanoff|Black Widow], [Harry Potter/Barbara Morse|Bobbi Morse|the Mockingbird], [Steve Rodgers|Captain America/May Parker|Aunt May]

Secondary Characters (whose romances I will not track): Loki, Doctor Strange, Thor, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Ancient One, Hella, or Gomora, they definitely have partners but it won't be on screen much.


AN: I know that was in depth, but the MCU is complicated especially with alternate universes and some comic-book seasoning. If I go off script from canon it's to further this story, but now you will have this to refer back to between updates or if you just want to check on who are likely main characters or ages and dates. Hope this helps!