Willow paced up and down in Buffy's livingroom stopping occasionally to look at her watch. Where was Buffy? Was she ok? Willow was going frantic. it was already after 9 and Buffy hadn't come home. Secretly Willow dreaded waiting for Buffy to return every time she left on patrol, as deep down she knew it was just a matter of time. One of these days Buffy wasn't going to come back and the world and her life would be much worse for it. 9.15, Willow snapped herself out of her thoughts they were just making it worse, where could Buffy be? She grabbed up the phone and punched in a familiar number. A tired but extremely British voice answered almost immediately, if they situation hadn't been so serious Willow would have found this extremely funny, just how bored had the old watcher really become? "Giles its Willow, has Buffy called you?" Willow burst before Giles had even finished his greeting. Giles voice changed immediately, he now sounded far more awake and an edge of concern had crept into his voice,

" Buffy? No Willow, not since yesterday. What is wrong? Has something happened?"

"She hasn't come home Giles. She was meant to be meeting me at her house over an hour ago."

"Have you phoned that...that beeping thing?"

Again Willow smiled despite herself,Giles was just so...British. "Yeah, no response. Giles we have to do something, this isn't like her."

"Ok Willow, try and calm down I will there in a minute."

"Ok bye Giles" Willow hung up and started to pace again. After three minutes had passed she decided she couldn't wait anymore. She grabbed done of Buffy's stakes and two crosses and left the house. Something wasn't right she could sense it. She had to find Buffy.