So another little scene thrown together in a couple hours with help from Grey and Tempest, hope you all enjoy! As an aside, from someone who had to grow up surrounded by people expressing casual racism and homophobia, it get's distressingly easy to not only tune it out, but adapt to it for conversation purposes so as not to single yourself out as not being a bigoted douche bag. All I can say to anyone else caught in similar upbringings? Go to college as far away from all that shit as physically possible, it's a helluva eyeopener.


Tammi would honestly admit that she was feeling pretty good about how things were going for her so far … Or at least, as well as they could be going while attending Winslow Highschool.

Find the silver linings, and take 'em where you could steal 'em afterall.

Her weekend with Taylor had been enjoyable, and somewhat memorable, when Taylor had followed Idiocracy with The Princess Bride and ice cream.

Princess Bride had sounded lame as all hell, but Tammi had been pleasantly surprised and ended up quite enjoying it in fact; all while Taylor somehow segued it into enjoying a frozen treat that George would never let in the house, because according to him it was a black guy that invented peanut butter. Screw George, moose track ice cream was awesome.

George Washington Carver actually hadn't invented it either, just perfected it, though leave it to a card carrying Nazi to not allow little things like 'facts' to change their opinion. The name affiliation, and the melanin saturation of someone more intelligent than him succeeding at life probably drove her cousin-in-law into petulant levels of rage regardless.

Good for him - the fucking asshole.

Regardless, in the end, she decided having a friend was...nice. Tammi liked the feeling of having someone to relate to that she could likely count on and, in turn, felt a sense of loyalty to. While she hadn't quite anticipated the latter, she wasn't going to shirk it just yet. Having someone other than Marie to back her up was a good thing to have after all...

Mulling those strange thoughts over, she was momentarily stalled into a standstill by a blockade of nervous looking teenage girls who blocked her path into the shitty school looming before her.

"Oh look, it's the loser's girlfriend. God I can barely even look at her, what white trash!"

Ah, the treacherous ginger, lovely, and she was talking as if she were actually people.


The other girls surrounding the redhead tittered nervously, then went silent as Tammi stepped forward and very nearly pressed her nose to Emma's as she replied in kind.

"Ah, my friends' personal Judas. A question if I may?"

Emma visibly suppressed an autonomic shiver as she stared into the uncaring blue eyes focused on her, taking a step back as she managed to rasp out, "Who the hell do you think you are!?"

Leaning back while taking a cigarette out of her pocket, Tammi stuck it between her lips as she lit it with a flick of her Zippo, blowing a puff of smoke out she grinned maliciously at the petty little dolt before her.

"Listen, your house nigger isn't here to protect you right now, that much is obvious. So I am quite curious, what the fuck do you think you're going to accomplish with this, other than getting the beat down of your life if you continue to press on without your...shall we say, much needed protection? I mean really, what is the net gain for yourself at this point? Have you seen who I hang out with around here, besides your ex-pal? You realize you're just painting an even larger target on your back right now, don't ya?"

Normally Tammi tried to avoid using racial slurs, they were, after all, beneath her intellect and thus a waste of air on the opposition. However, sometimes, you just really wanted to piss someone off and the best way to do that was to, quite frankly, be as vulgar as possible and revel in it a bit..

As it stood, she hung out with Brad, Melody, and Adam enough to successfully pull off casual gratuitous vulgarity quite well, thank you very much.

Then suddenly Taylor was at her side, which had Tammi blinking in surprise, shit… Had she heard all that?

Taylor was silent for a moment as she shot Emma a venomous glare, then after a tense pause she took Tammi's hand while dragging her along; all while throwing on a faux smile. "Heyya Tammi! Did you study for our algebra exam like I insisted?"

Ugh, did she ever hate math, "Err...sort of…"

Taylor raised a brow, and Tammi could only let out a tired huff as she muttered, "Ok no…"

Completely ignoring the gaggle of girls and their gasping, twitching, ginger leader Taylor pulled Tammi towards the school while smiling lightly, "Well I owe you one, so want a last minute review?"

Glancing back at the seething redhead behind her, Tammi smirked, then nodded, "Yeah, sounds good."

As they walked down the hall Taylor's brow scrunched slightly as she eventually muttered out, "What was the last bit you said to Emma supposed to mean by the way? The football guys are big, but the track guys Sophia hangs out with are pretty strong too."

Tammi rolled her eyes, patting Taylor on the back. "How about we talk about it later? We have, ugh, math to review."

Taylor scoffed at that, rolling her eyes in return, "It isn't that difficult you know, you just need to work on your trigonometry is all. Remember: Sex On Hard Concrete Always Hurts, Try Other Alternatives."

"Uh huh, and when you can say that mnemonic without blushing I may actually remember it," Tammi muttered in reply, completely ignoring Emma and her confused sycophants left in their wake.

It was because of this casual dismissal that Tammi hadn't seen Emma's clenched fists and building rage, though to be honest, she wouldn't have cared even if she had seen it.

That would be a problem at a later date.