It is December 31st. I didn't want to touch this after everything I went through, and I ended up forgetting about this. I found this today when I was going through my supplies so I think I should write in this one last time. I ended up staying at the dollar store until a few days ago when I was found and had to move. I slept in the back office of the dollar store since I wouldn't be seen, and also since it could actually keep the winter air out. I found Max's journal on the ground outside, so I think he got out of Wonderland and went his own way before we woke up. All of things have happened to the world of the last couple of months. Canada and a lot of other countries have fallen to he mamano, America is about to fall, and mamano have been double checking buildings and towns for survivors.

The Demon Lord won, and she is getting this world ready to be populated by mamano women, and incubus men. There will be some groups of survivors that wont be found, but the majority will be monsters. I feel like she wouldnt have gotten this far so fast without her switching to lethal. The soldiers were allowed to use lethal weaponry on people who were deemed too much of a threat, and that warranted bring out tanks and planes which werent non lethal, which helped with almost immediately making military bases fall.

I spent most of my time staying at the dollar store exploring the nearby town until some mamano soldiers showed up and set up camp around town. It was interesting seeing remnants of what happened to people. There were crashed cars, bullets and tranqs on the ground, and some homes looked like they were searched by the mamano. There was this one house that the mamano searched which looked like someone made this makeshift armour at one point. There was an unopened gun vault so I searched everywhere room in the house until I found a key for it. There was a 12 gauge, .22, and a .7mm-08. I found some ammo for them, so having new guns was pretty good. During my search, I found some rings and necklaces which I contemplated taking but decided against it, and left them on a table.

I miss my friends. Hearts probably went insane from some sort of head trauma from that shrapnel that hit him, and also from being in a new, confusing, unknown world probably messed with his mind. Shooting him was a good thing for everyone in our group. I saved Clubs, Diamonds got avenged, Hearts was finally at rest, and killing someone for the first time gave me the strength I needed to survive on my own. Diamonds is stuck in Wonderland and is most likely married to that Cheshire that was obsessed with him. I hope he's enjoying his new life there. Maybe he would've preferred that over actually escaping and running around from town to town. And Clubs, or Jesse Folger, I don't know what happened to him. He walked away never to be seen again. Maybe he got killed, captured, maybe he's with a group of survivors, maybe he's surviving on his own like me, I will never know. At the very least, I hope he's doing alright with himself.

When some mamano soldiers set up camp in town I felt like something was gonna go down sometime later. I actually would go down to their camp and steal some supplies from them without them knowing, best I made some sort of use out of them. Anyways, I ended up having to go to a new town because I stepped out of line and broke cover for a good reason. I think it was the 21st of December when something happened at the school in town. I was sitting around when I heard a bunch of gunshots happening nearby. I got up to go see what happened and after a few minutes, of walking I reached the outskirts of the school. I couldn't really see much but I think I saw some mamano soldiers moving some people into a medical tent. I also saw this car drive away from the area without its headlights on, so that was probably some survivors escaping. After things seemed to have calmed down I snuck around the area and found another journal. I picked it up and brought it back with me. I haven't read it yet because I feel like if I do, it'll make me depressed. So now I have 3 journals with me, one being my own.

Ok, so here's what caused me to move. A couple of days ago I was stealing from the mamanos camp and ended up having to hide behind something because a few elves sat down nearby and started talking to each other. I was gonna wait till they left, so I listened to their conversation. It was mostly uninteresting stuff about their home life, all the way up until one of the elves, one which had an ear that looked like it was partly chopped off, started going on about how there was this one teenager that she absolutely despised. She said that they were caught inside their camp a few days after they invaded our world, and she ended up getting her ear bitten off by one of them. They kept on trying to capture these teens because there was this Hellhound that took a liking to one of them. They spent a month going after them until they finally captured the one who the Hellhound wanted, which was also the one who bit off her ear.

She absolutely hated him because he messed up her looks, and he made them go through this song and dance just to get him into their custody. He ended up escaping and killing a soldier in the process. The next couple of months after that they weren't heard from until they found him and his friends at the nearby high school. One of them ended up shooting at them and only ended up wounding a few soldiers. She then said something that pissed me off. She said that she had the chance to harm this kid because he would've been counted as too much of a threat, so she shot him with a real bullet that wasn't demon silver.

I don't even know if the kid died or not because I got so pissed off I ended up shooting her bfore I could hear the rest of what happened. I shot a few bullets at her and one got her in her side before I ran off. I went back to the dollar store, grabbed my bag, and ran off to another town before they could get me. After searching for a new place to stay I came across this town which thankfully had no mamano soldiers staying at it. I am currently staying at this abandoned pool which looks like was made into a little fort before it got raided. There were tear gas canisters and shotgun shells on the ground, so someone definitely got into a fight. Who it was and when, I don't know, but something happened. I know for a fact that it's only a matter of time now before some mamano soldiers show up and search this town I'm in. And when that happens I will either be caught or sneak away to some other place.

To be honest, I kinda feel like I should give up on surviving all together. The mamano are searching abandoned towns recently as mentioned before, and I won't be able to hide and run forever. I only think I have 2 options. I could either keep on changing where I am and hope I don't get caught, or I give myself up and be given back to Willow in Wonderland. At the very least I will have a set place to stay without worrying about myself. I don't really know what to do. I'm done writing in this because it makes me remember when I had friends and things were good. If you find my journal along the other journals I found, read them if you want. I don't know what's in the other ones, it could be depressing or happy, I don't know. To whoever's reading this, whether a survivor, a soldier, or something else, I hope that things end up better for you than they did for me. Well, I don't know how to end writing in this, so later.

Authors Note: So the series is finally over. I don't really know what else I could do in terms of the plot with this universe I created besides explaining it. But I hoped you enjoyed these 3 stories I created. Hopefully this final story will clarify some things. I don't think I will be able to come up with another good story for this trilogy I created, so this is the end. Thanks for reading through all of these, have a good day.