Kento Fukiyama was alone now. Earlier, he had received a visit from the Mistress of Northern Base, Sophia, who he had previously rescued to try and prevent the future where the Earth was remade using the Great Book, either by the Megiddo leader Storious, or by the traitor who had usurped the position of Master Logos in the present. But that, and the sealing of Suzune and Hayate's powers hadn't done anything to alter that fate. The next thing to be determined was the loss of Mei Suudo as her body was taken by the Megid born from her, while Rintaro would destroy himself in a futile attempt to defeat Zooous. But as bad as this was, and as undesirable as it would be to any of his friends, he had seen how much worse it could be.

The Neko Megid was carrying out her mission apace, using her powers to turn humans into mice and trap them in gift-wrapped boxes. "Such splendid gifts.", she said to herself. "They'll make excellent gifts for Master Zooous to go further."

"That's far enough, Megiddo." The cat creature turned around to see two figures the woman inside her knew all too well. But to her, they were the swordsmen of flame and water.

"This one's a human transformed into a Megiddo, right Touma-kun?", the water swordsman asked his compatriot, who nodded and grunted in confirmation.

"We just need to separate the two and then destroy the Megiddo.", the flame swordsman nodded as he took out a large red book, while his compatriot took out a similar sized blue book. The two pressed hidden buttons, triggering announcements from both books.

Elemental Dragon!

King Lion!

The two then opened their books, triggering a longer speech from both. "And become an all-saving divine beast by joining hands with ancient powers!"

"A blue mane that transcends nature wears armor and roars on the throne..." the water swordsman inserted his book into his belt, while the flame swordsman inserted his into a black book before doing the same. The two then removed their swords.

Rekka/Nagare Battou!

"Henshin!", the two of them stated, as they were clad in their respective armours.

"Baki! Boki! Bone! Mera! Mera! Burn! Shake hands! Elemental Dragon! Element mashi mashi! Kizuna katame!"

"Rhyming! Riding! Rider! Juoh Raiou! Rising! Lifull! King Lion Daisenki! Sore sunawachi hougeki no senshi!"

The Neko Megid tutted at this. "How interesting.", she said as she pulled out her weapon, a claw mounted on a pole arm. "I'll enjoy cutting you to mincemeat." She ran into battle, clashing her weapon with theirs.

From the side, Zooous looked on, in annoyance. "I can't believe Storious told me to stay on the sidelines. Especially when that water swordsman is right there for the kill.", he grumbled internally. But then he developed a sneer on his face. "But on the plus side, I have a front row seat for the upcoming show."

The fight continued with Blades managing to deliver a well placed kick to the Megid, which was lucky, given the speed at which it had been moving. "Now, Touma-kun.", he called out. "Do it."

"Okay.", Saber nodded, before charging his Kaenken Rekka with energy, running towards the target. But before he could make contact, he was tackled down by a new figure… his former friend, the swordsman of darkness, Calibur. "Kento-kun. What are-?"

"I have to seal your Seiken!", Calibur said solemnly. "Or the world will be doomed. We've already been through this in several other versions of events." He raised his sword, the Ankokouken Kurayami, preparing to bring it down on Rekka.

But before he could, Calibur was pushed back by the leaping Neko Megid. "Get out of the way, peasant.", she hissed at Calibur. "You're interfering with my hunt."

"Ah yes, I'd almost forgot about you in my visions.", Calibur said in response. He pulled the Elemental Dragon book out of Saber's belt and scanned it against his own sword. "I'll just have to deal with you."

Hissatsu Read: Giant Monster! He pressed down on his trigger. Kurayami Hissatsu Geki: Kanzen Dokuha Issen! A giant dragon, composed of fire, water, thunder, rocks, wind, sound and light, surrounded by a dark mist, emerged from the swinging sword and flew towards the Neko Megid, causing her to be engulfed by flames.

A book fell free of the smoke, which exploded. "That fool.", Zooous hissed as he left the scene. "He ruined my fun."

"The Book won't be able to rewrite her mind anymore.", Calibur said as he reverted to his human form of Kento Fukiyama. "But as for her body… that will be a different story." He then walked off.

Sure enough, as Touma and Rintaro reverted to their human identities, the smoke cleared revealing that, while the book was indeed shattered, the Neko Megid was still standing there. Only now, it didn't seem to be as threatening as before. And it said one thing, which wasn't shocking for what was said, but for who's voice it was said in. "Help me. Touma-kun. Rintaro-kun."

Both men were shocked by the voice. "That voice.", Touma said with shock. "Could it be…? It can't be…?"

"Mei-san!", Rintaro cried out, finishing both of those sentences for him.