Helsinki leaves Nairobi and goes to Paris.

He tells her they fight with Nairobi. At that time, Nairobi sends a message to Paris:

Nairobi asks Paris if she has seen Helsinki. Paris says they are together. Nairobi asks Helsinki to call him, but Helsinki refuses.

Paris: I don't know what happened but he is crying next to me.

Nairobi feels sad about this. After that Paris asks Milan where she is and asks her to come. Milan tells that she is with Nairobi and there was a fight.

Paris: Look, Helsinki is so sad because of her, you see, she have to come and apologize from him.

Milan: She is really sad. She cried so much. She is not that ready to apologize from him.

Paris: If she feel bad about it, she have to apologize because this is the only way.

Milan: Paris, I understand you but we don't know what happened so calm down. Okay honey?

Paris: Okay but come now.

Milan goes to Paris's room

Paris calls Bogota:

Bogota: Yes?

Paris: You have to go to Nairobi's room.

Bogota: Did something happened?

Paris: Not at all! Just control her because they fought with Helsinki.

Bogota: Okay I understand, I'm going.

Milan sees Helsinki:

Milan: Helsinki, you will be okay, don't worry.

Helsinki hugs Milan.

Helsinki: I really don't know what to do, you both have things to do but you are here because of us.

Milan: Its okay don't worry.

Meanwhile Bogota goes to Nairobi :

Nairobi: What do you want?

Bogota: Just calm down and listen me. I understand you, but calm down a little bit because you both feel bad for each other and it makes the problem bigger.

Nairobi: Yes but Helsinki was my family. So its not easy to calm down. And leave me alone.

Bogota: No.

Nairobi: I said leave me alone!

And she continues to cry.

Bogota goes to Paris:

Bogota: I tried my best but it doesn't work. She is still crying a lot.

Helsinki: Wait, she is crying?

Milan: Yes, because she is so sad too, she told me that she don't want to lose you.

Helsinki: Well, she was my family. Its hard to forget everything that we lived.

Bogota: Helsinki, she also told me that you are her family. And she is really sad for losing you.

Milan: And don't worry, you are so close with her, you will be friends again.

Helsinki: I hope Milan. He hugs Milan.

Bogota whispers to Paris and "Let's go out and leave them alone little bit." he says.

They go out with Paris:

Bogota: How are you doing?

Paris: I am worried for Helsinki and Nairobi.

Bogota: Me too but I'm sure everything gonna be alright.

Paris: I hope.

Bogota: But be sure about Milan can make him a little bit happier. Even if they didn't say it, I think they love each other. Did you see how they looked into each other's eyes? They definitely love each other very much. Just like i love you.

Paris: Yes thats right… Wait what did you just say?

Bogota: I said "Just like I love you."

At the same time Milan and Helsinki is talking:

Milan: Helsinki, please, don't be sad. We both know you will be friends again. She can't be good without you, and you can't be good without her.

Helsinki holds her hand and "Maybe you are right" he said.

Milan: Yes, trust me.

Helsinki: Thank you for everything you do.

Milan: Of course I'm here because I'm your friend.

Helsinki kisses her on the cheek. Milan's face blushes. She hugs him. And then everything happened suddenly and they kissed.

There was a tension between Bogota and Paris:

Paris smiles to him and he also do the same.

Paris: Uhm, I will check what is Nairobi doing.

Bogota holds her hand and stops her.

Paris: Yes?

Bogota hesitates and looks to Paris. Paris smiles and goes.

Meanwhile, Nairobi thinks nobody loves her.

Paris: Nairobi? What are you doing?

Nairobi: What am I doing wrong?

Paris: You are doing nothing wrong my dear. Its okay. Don't be sad. Just you and Helsinki are having a hard time. But don't worry it will end soon.

Nairobi hugs her. Paris hugs her too and smiles.

Milan sees Bogota in the hallway:

Milan: Hey, what are you doing here?

Bogota: I-I'm just…nothing.

Milan: Yeah, you are so bad about keeping secrets, so say whats going on?

Bogota: Nevermind.

Milan was very happy. She felt so happy. Bogota, on the other hand, was confused. Were his feelings with Paris is mutual, or was it just a dream he had dreamed of? But now there was a topic that came before love. Robbery. He should have focuse on the robbery. But he knew he really loves her. Her way of speaking, her smile, her humility. He should have learned about her feelings too. But he always had one thing in his mind: If their feeling are not mutual, what should he do? He must have talked to her. So he went to Nairobi's room.

Bogota "Wow Nairobi, you seem good after talking with Paris." he says and smiles. "I don't want to interrupt your conversation, but Paris, shall we prepare dinner together?"

Paris stays silent. Nairobi smiles. Paris says "Okay, why not?" and she smiles kindly. "Okay then, see you soon." He feels so excited and happy. Because he can talk with her alone and he can spend his time with his love.

Nairobi: Ahahah girl, he loves you.

Paris: Maybe, but it's just a dinner preparation thing. I even don't like him.

Nairobi says: "Okay you are lying but anyway." she laughs. This topic cheered them up a little. But on the other hand Helsinki and Nairobi still didn't talk and they were thinking how to solve it.

At that time something unexpected happened. Helsinki and Milan comes to Nairobi's room. Nairobi and Helsinki were having trouble about looking at each other's faces. Milan signaled to Paris that they should leave them alone. Maybe it was the longest time without seeing each other. Although they didn't want to show it, it was obvious that they missed each other. They were alone now. They tried to look into each other's eyes. Yes, it was hard but they did it. They both felt each other's missing.

Nairobi: I'm really sorry. Please forgive me. I know I broke your heart…

Helsinki: I'm really sorry too because I overreacted.

They smiles and hugs. Suddenly that emptiness was gone and it filled happiness. After spending some time they called out to the girls and they told them that they are friends again. And they started to chat.

Milan: Nairobi and Paris, we want to say something with Helsinki. Both of them are curious.

Helsinki: Today, we were in Paris' room and we were talking. We noticed a bond between us and after a while we kissed. And during this time we understood that we love each other.

Nairobi screamed. "Oh my God Helsinki, I'm so happy for you. And Milan, honey." Paris hugs to Milan and Helsinki. "I am so happy for you." At that time, Bogota comes: "Wow Oh my God you are talking with each other? I am so happy now. Nairobi looks at Paris and smiles. Paris smiles shyly. Helsinki and Milan understand there is something between Bogota and Paris.

Bogota: Paris, come lets prepare dinner for our big family.

Paris says "Okay" and they go to kitchen together.

Paris: Why you trying to spend time with me?

Bogota: For nothing, just for dinner.

Paris laughs "Just for dinner? Ahaha well okay just for dinner"

Bogota stops stirring the soup and comes to Paris:

"So you are a good person, you are strong." said Bogota. And added "You are beautiful." Paris smiles and says "Is it that easy?"

Bogota holds her hand. "No it isn't" he said and smiles. Paris smiles again. They get closer and kissed. But it didn't take long because they feel that something is burning. Its the soup. Bogota forgot the soup on the stove. Flames appeared immediately after, but they extinguished with early intervention. They were scared. A couple of minutes later, everyone saw the smoke and came. At least the main dish was not burned. After that they start eating. Helsinki hugs Milan by the shoulder during dinner. Nairobi is watching them and smiling. Then Bogota called Paris to the kitchen and she goes to kitchen.

Bogota: Miss Paris, can you give the wine from the fridge?

Paris says " Ofcourse Mr Bogota." and she smiles. Kissed him while giving the wine. At that time Milan comes to the kitchen and sees hem. But she walks away so they don't notice. Paris sees her and calls out.

Milan comes again and says "I didn't see anything." Bogota smiles and "Its okay, its not a secret right?" he says. Paris confirms. Realizing that there are no three of them, Helsinki comes to the kitchen: "What are you talking about? Milan didn't see what? " he asks. Paris told him that they don't talk anything and come to take wine. Helsinki "Okay we will see" and he smiles. As usual at night they all drink wine and chat. It was clear from the excitement of Milan and Helsinki that there was something between them. Palermo "You are very happy Helsinki. Could it be about Milan?" Helsinki smiles and "Maybe, but I it seems like except us there are someones who are just as happy as we do" and looks at Paris and Bogota. Everyone is surprised.

Palermo: W-what?

Professor: But…

Paris embarrasses and walks away. Bogota goes after her. Nairobi stops Bogota: "I'm going." she says.

Paris was nervous. It is tense for her to talk about the subject so quickly and to form emotional bonds. Maybe she was making a mistake. Robbery and love can not handled at the same time. Yes, although she didn't like him so much at first but now she liked him so much.

Nairobi knock on the door: "Paris, dear, can I come?"

Paris: Yes, come.

Nairobi: My dear, I understand you very well. It may have made you feel bad that something so new was known by everyone. But they would learn anyway. And the important thing is that you love him. When you were going to your room, you should have seen his face. He was sad. He doesn't want to see you sad either. I'm sure Helsinki didn't say it to embarrass you either. Besides, there is nobody talks bad about this topic. So it's okay dear.

Paris: You're right. But I think I made a mistake. I don't know how love and robbery can progress at the same time.

Nairobi: Yes it can be difficult but you are strong and you can do it.

After a little conversation, they returned to table. It was almost 1 o'clock and they will learn to work at high temperature tomorrow. Normally Milan and Paris sleep in the same room. But tonight, Paris stayed in the Bogota's room, Helsinki stayed in Paris and Milan's room. Paris was so happy. Bogota hugged her like they were always together, and she put her head on his shoulder. They had a little chat. Later Bogota noticed that she was falling asleep and covered her with a blanket.

At the same time Helsinki and Milan had a very pleasant chat. They were already friends who chatted all the time, but this one was very different. Because they felt love. Milan hugged him tightly and said "I love you so much." Helsinki hugged her and said, "I'm so happy that we are together, and I don't want to lose you."

But some things never change. For example robbery and love can not handled at the same time.