There was a day left for the robbery. Everyone was nervous. Their chances of getting out of the bank together were less than 50%. Frankly, maybe it was the last day they could spend with each other. Milan went to Helsinki. She looked into his eyes and told him how much she loved him. Her eyes were full. She was afraid. She was trying not to show. Helsinki hugged her. They wanted to hug forever. But they had works to do.

Milan kissed him and went to Paris. Paris saw her cry and asked what happened. Milan hugged her tightly. Paris understood what she was feeling. She also hugged her. She would have wanted to make her a little more comfortable in this topic if she had. But she was nervous like everyone else. It was a good plan. But they should have worked more.. That's why they were nervous. But they were doing this to save their friend. To save Rio.

Tokyo was the most hopeful of them. She was very excited to see Rio. But she felt guilty. Because she left Rio on the island, because she left the island ... But in a few days they would be together again and it calmed her down a bit. She missed the days she spent with him on the island. The days they ate coconut, guna meals and the good times they spent.

At that time the Professor came and call them to the garden to talk. Everyone is nervous but they try not to show it. The Professor said the last thing he had to say and said that they should go to bed early. Because tomorrow was an important day. Everyone went to their rooms. But nobody could sleep. Because they were stressful. Helsinki was afraid. For Milan. "Milan, look, I don't want to lose you."

Milan: What are you talking about?

Helsinki: I don't want to lose you in robbery. Because its dangerous.

Milan: Helsinki, I am a thief before and I think I'm prepared enough. And we will also get married in a beautiful place after the robbery. With a beautiful and romantic song.

Helsinki: But this is very dangerous, do you understand? I'm worried.

Milan: Everything has a side to worry about. So stay calm because nothing will happen to anyone.

Helsinki gets angry because he is scared and goes to Nairobi's room. Nairobi wakes up and asks what happened to him. Helsinki doesn't answer. But Nairobi realizes something is happening and goes to him.

Helsinki: I'm just worried. Something will happen to you, something will happen to Milan…

She hugs him. She understood him. She was afraid too. But they had to save Rio.

In the morning everyone was motivated and getting ready. They would have entered the bank in almost 2 hours. Helsinki stays in Nairobi's room for the night. He never spoke to Milan in the morning. He got angry with himself for making her sad. Nairobi came to him and whispered : "Helsi, she is also nervous now, but don't worry, everything will be alright." At that time, she sees Milan calling her and goes to her side without Helsinki knows it. She pulls Nairobi by the arm and takes her to another place Nairobi asks what happened. Milan covers her mouth with her hand so that her crying is not heard. Nairobi hugs her tightly. She says "Ok dear, okay no problem, calm down" and tries to calm her down. Milan hadn't slept last night and they had a bad conversation with Helsinki. She was very upset. She started punching the wall. Nairobi tried to stop her. "Stop, stop Milan you're gonna hurt yourself!" Milan kept punching, and Nairobi couldn't stop her. She quickly slapped her and calmed her down. Milan pushed her and asked "What the hell she is doing?". Nairobi gets up and says, "Stop this now! I'm trying to talk with you friendly but you punch the wall!." Milan feels embarrassed. Because she had taken her anger and unhappiness out of the door and from her. She sits on the floor and takes her head between her arms. Nairobi sits next to her. Milan apologizes. Nairobi hugs her and says "It's okay. But today all you have to think about is robbery. Don't mix love and robbery. We have very little time left." Milan calms down and continue their preparations.

They were on their way. They would be in the bank in about 45 minutes. Helsinki and Milan sat face to face. They were trying not to look into each other's eyes. Paris, Nairobi and Bogota are in the convoy. The others had arrived. It was 10 minutes before they arrived, too. Palermo, Milan, and Tokyo talking with security guards for get access. The security guard is calling the person concerned to give permission. But at that time the radio connects to the Professor and the Professor gives him permission. The security guard says "Allowed". Meanwhile, the people gather in front of the bank. Because millions of euros had rained from the air with a helicopter. And yes "Dalis" are here. "We're inside now," said Nairobi.

Now they have to take out the Governor. Tokyo and Milan entered the Governor's office. There were 5 guards in the room and each had two guns. At that time, Nairobi, Helsinki and Paris divide the hostages into two groups. And Denver opens the door. The first group is going out. Screams surround the whole building. But Paris silences them and says they shouldn't panic. Governor asked them questions. They answered. This made the governor trust them. But there was a problem. They have to deactivate a person. Because they cannot control 5 people at the same time. Tokyo "Can I use the toilet?" she asks. The Governor gives permission and Tokyo goes. Meanwhile, Milan is alone and continues to answer the Governor's questions. The water in the bathroom begins to leak into the room. The security chief realizes something is wrong and leans to the door. Tokyo slams the door on his head and he falls to the floor. They both point their guns and Tokyo take the Governor with her and point a gun at him. They are slowly coming out the door. But then the guard, on the floor, gets up and grabs Milan by the neck. Milan is afraid. Tokyo looks at the security chief with disgust. Then Helsinki comes in. And he sees Milan. He points a gun at the security chief. Tokyo "Put your gun down Helsinki". Helsinki put his gun down. Milan is very scared. Security chief Gandia says "You can't shoot the Governor, but I can kill this woman." Tokyo shot to the up. At that time, Helsinki shot near to security chief and Milan. Gandia was confused for a few seconds, and at that moment Milan picked up her gun and pointed it at him. Palermo informed Helsinki by radio. It was supposed to go downstairs. Milan and Tokyo had to handle it alone. They take the Governor and get on the elevator. But Governor escapes. The guards shoot at them and they also shoot at them, but they miss. Yes the governor escaped. They couldn't take him. They go down.

They are on the alert. They moved slowly back to back. Meanwhile, the guards surround them. Milan tells Tokyo that they will count to three and shoot on the ground. 1, they are afraid, 2 and thre…they see Palermo and Paris.

Palermo: I am the leader of the gang, I'm your most important target. Point your guns at me.

Gandia: Keep pointing the gun at the girls!

Palermo: Before the fight, I want to inform ...

Gandia is shooting at Palermo. He misses, but he shoot at the glass.

Paris: Palermo! Are you okay? Shit! There are pieces of glass in your eye.

Paris calls Nairobi. "Shit! Shit! Come up! Quick!" Nairobi hurried over to them. Oh my God Palermo!

Paris: Palermo does it hurts?

Palermo: Does it hurt bitch? There are pieces of glass in my eyes! What the fuck are you talking about?

Paris put a gun to the mouth of the Palermo and said "If you don't shut up, I'll stick more glasses in your eyes."

Palermo: Okay bitch!

Paris pressed her finger to the edge of the Palermo's eye. "Say it again!"

Palermo: Bitch!

Paris pressed hard.

Palermo: Okay

Nairobi: Let's take care of our business, stop fighting.

They even had their first fall. They should have been better. While Tokyo and Denver trying to take out the glasses from Palermo's eye, Paris and Nairobi goes to foundry. And here the national reserve is so close. They are there. In half an hour they will have reached gold.