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Life between Heaven n' Hell

Chapter one- The reason they do why we do what we do

Kagome and Sango camped out under the stars of their hotel building. "Oh my god Kag. Tokyo has some of the most beautiful nights." "Yeah it does. Too bad we're back to the U.S. tomorrow." " We don't have to be." "Sango, are you serious? Of course we do! We just stole, and chopped 20 cars!" Sango sighed. "Kag how did our lives come down to this? We've gone from bad to worse." "I don't know. One day I was singing, the next day..but hey, at least we're going together." "Have you ever thought about going back to college?" "No. I passed the SATs with flying colors remember?" Sango smirked. "I remember. I also remember you setting the dorm on fire by accident." "No surprise there. I'm known for my mistakes and little else." "I didn't mean it that way Kag. My life's shit too." "But you still have a family that wants you home." Sango frowned. "Your parents do love you Kag." Kagome shook her head, the tears on the verge of spilling. "No they don't. No family would shun you for losing your virginity Sango." "At least your virginity wasn't a mistake." Kagome's eyes were apologetic toward Sango's. "Sorry. I didn't mean to remind you of Hiei." "It's alright. I mean, I was in 9th grade and stupid. Like your grandmother use to say, shit happens."

After a moment of silence, Sango spoke again. "So...when are we heading back to Chicago?" Kagome sighed. "Hell, I don't really want to go, but sooner or later the police will find us and it'll all be over." "Yep. So after we go home, what's next Tennessee?" "Haven't the slightest. We've robbed, Nevada, Florida, Ohio, New Jersey." "Texas, Michigan, Arizona." Sango finished with a smile. " The only place left is Cali, Or Alaska. We can't do Georgia because the southern hospitality is too good." " We could do New Yo..." Sango slurred the rest of the sentence. New York was a sensitive spot for Kaogme, and a place where she never wanted to go again. Kagome was originally born and raised there, not to mention her first boyfriend. When her parents kicked her out, she moved to Chicago to live with her grandmother. When her grandmother died, she started to steal. "Sango, we aren't going back to New York." "Kagome, please. How do you know he's even still there?" '' I don't. He may be gone, but I can't risk running into him or my family. When I moved to Chicago, I felt like they were trying to throw me away. " " You told me. The summer you moved over there was a unforgettable one. Tenth grade was so much fun too." Kagome smiled. "Yeah it was. Did I ever tell you how my parents found about me losing my virginity?" "No. I always assumed your parents walked in the bedroom at the wrong time." Kagome shrugged. "They walked in on us, but it wasn't in the bedroom." "Where?" "The laundry room." Sango burst into fits of laughter. Kagome just continued the smile as she remembered her mother's face after she had went through her first orgasm. "Yeah, that was the best day of my life. Then things took a turn for the worst." "So where we off to? I mean, we got plenty of money, but the way we spend it, our piggy bank is running out fast." "Sango, this time you pick the place. Where do you want to go?" Sango thought for a minute. "I dunno. Maybe, we'll go somewhere after we quite our jobs. Working in a gentleman's bar aint my kind of work." "Me either, being a stripper is so beneath me. I can't believe my self respect has stooped to that type of level in the entertainment business. What happened to me just singing?" "I don't know, but it beats begging my parents for money. They were literally smothering me. Trying so hard to make me something I'm not." "Yeah. Well we better get some rest because we have to be out of here by 7:00am sharp." The girls gathered up the blankets and made their way back to their room.

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