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Chapter20__The cycle of life.

Nazuna wiped her tears away as she headed to her terminal. Despite the circumstances, she was going to miss them both. ' And I won't see them for a while.' The hustling of the crowd brought her back to the reality of her situation. Looking ahead of her, she saw Nobunaga, and a swat of cops.

Her heart sank into a million pieces. "No." Her voice died from her throat, as Nobunaga slowly approached her. "Now Nazuna, you've got to give it up. I' can't let you leave." The thought of her being in prison almost made her go insane. Looking back toward Kagome's plane, that was boarding the last couple of passengers.

Nobunaga watched her look back at another flight, and realized what she was going to do. "Forget about it Nazuna." Before he got anothert word out, she was gone. He chased after her, determined to keep a strong grip on the situation,, silently hoping she acutally DID make it to the plane.

Kagome snuggled up to Inuyasha, looking out of her window. Her contempt smile vanished when she saw some comotion back at the airport. There were people runnining. Mostly men from the looks of it. Nazuna whizzed by, a man following her.

"Oh god." Inuyasha heard her whisper and opened his eyes. "What, you forgot your purse." Kagome glared at him then back at the window. "No. Nazuna." Inuyasha looked out the window, and almost paled. There was the girl, running from about atleast ten cops, trying to make this plane.

"Nazuna!!" Kagome sreamed through the window. Nazuna saw Kagome's face from the airplane, both of them were in tears. Nobunaga was close behind her, Kagome saw that he was in pain emotionally. She knew he loved Nazuna, but had a job to maintain.

Nazuna kept running, screaming at herself not to look back. 'Only a few more feet and I'll be safe. Oh please God!!' Nobunaga screamed her name, obviously out of breath. Nazuna cried even harder, hating herself for falling in love with a cop.

Like a sign from God, Nazuna saw the terminal where Kagome's plane was loading the last passenger. Looking out the window she saw Kagome's face pale. 'Why is she so sad? I'm gonna make it!!' As if to take her luck back, she felt pain in two places of her back. One was in her side, the other hit her heart.

"NAZUNA!!!" Kagome watched her fall to the ground, her mind replaying it in slow motion. Inuyasha grabbed her, putting her head in the crook of his neck. Closing the window, he listened as the flight attendant gave directions for take off.

Nobunaga fell to his knees, holding Nazuna's body as the warmth began to fade from it. She looked at him and smiled. " I guess you were right......I didn't make it." "Nazuna I.....Nazuna!!!" Her eyes rolled in the back of her head eyes her eye lids shut permanently.

With angry tears, he looked back to where the shots came from. A local cop was frozen in place, holding his pistol, with a triumphant smile on his chubby face. Slowly standing up, Nobunaga tackled him to the floor, pounding him with his fists.

"You idiot!!" She wasn't suppose to die!!!" He continued in his angry rampage until the men from his division pried him off. The paramedics came, and Nobunaga watched him take the body away, refusing to talk to the media, or anyone else for that matter.

Two weeks later........

Nobunaga stood before Nazuna's headstone, silently crying. The funeral was over a week ago, and every policemen was there to catch the other two fugitives, hoping they'd show up to show respect. They hadn't. Placing white roses on her tombstone, he said a silent prayer, and turned to leave.

Kagome looked at Nobunaga through designer glasses, watching his sorrowful face stare back at her. Sango came up to him, giving him a soft hug. Then she places some more flowers on the headstone.

Kagome's gaze never left his as she places the peach colored roses onto the ground next to Sango's. Sango went back to stand next to Miroku, Inuyasha gently pulling Kagome away before she did something crazy.

Without a word, Kagome turned to leave, Miroku and Sango next. Inuyasha walked off last, pausing in mid step. "We were never here." Nobunaga nodded to his back and walked in the opposite direction. Both parties silently vowed to never speak of it again.


Epilog- five years later, Australia

Yasou watched his mommy smile at the new addition to their family. His daddy kissed her on the head, gently taking his daughter into his hands. "Yasou." His mommy called him over, giving him a warm hug when he reached the bed. "I'd like you to meet the newest member of the family."

"What's it?" Kagome looked at him quizzically. "What do you mean what is it? It's a baby." Yasou frowned. "But WHAT is it? Where's it's wee wee?" Kagome looked at Inuyasha who just laughed.

"Yasou, she's a girl. She doesn't have one. Remember what I said about mom not having one?" Yasou looked at his mother and blushed. "Yes daddy. I thought it was a boy." Kagome rolled her eyes upward, still smiling.

Inuyasha handed her back to her mother, Kagome rubbing her nose against the little one's. "What's her name mommy?" Kagome froze. She hadn't thought about it. She was so excited about the baby to name her.

"Ummm...Inu, why don't you name her." "Me?" Kagome smirked. She knew he wasn't planning on naming their new addition, seeing as Kagome had planned everything out after her first month of pregnancy. "Yes you. I named the little monster next to me, now you get to name this one."

Inuyasha thought for a good minute, not wanting to make a mistake for his little girl. Some names were just plain horrible and he didn't want his little girl scared for life. Taking one look at his child he came up with the answer. "How about....Naomi?"

Kagome's smile spread over fifty feet. "That's beautiful Inuyasha." "No, just you two." Givng her a kiss, he said he was going to go get something to eat, Yasou falling in step right behind him.

Naomi opened her eyes for the first time, revealing a beautiful mixture of plum and hazel. She yawned, and Kagome almost broke into tears. "Hi Naomi." She started humming a song when her cell rang.


*Is the little one here yet?!!*

Kagome laughed at Sango's excitement.

"Yes Sango, Naomi Mamoru has entered the world, perfectly fine."

* (Squeals) Aww!! Who named her? You?*

"No, her father did."

*Inuyasha?! Well he's improved greatly. When Yasou was born, he was too busy playing mortal combat. He wanted to name him Johnny Cage*

Kagome laughed, remembering the time her son was born. "Yeah well, I was very lucky this time."

**Me and Miroku are on a plane down there, so make room! I wanna see the baby.**

Kagome heard Miroku groan in the background, mumbling something about Kagome just sending them a picture. Sango yelled at him to shut up and keep packing.

"How's Tani?"

Sango sighed * beautiful, bad, ask a lot of questions about sex. Gotta stop letting her watch the Discovery and History channel.**

Kagome laughed. " She gets it from her father."

**Yeah I know too well. Anyways, Ill be down there in two days. Love ya mean it chow.**

Kagome just looked at the dead phone line. With a sigh, she put it back in her purse. Inuyasha returned, with a can of soda, a sandwich, and three bags of chips. Yasou came with a carton of juice, and a mini sandwich. Kagome looked at him skeptically. Inuyasha shrugged.

"Don't get mad at me. You were in 17 hours 45 minutes and 32 seconds of labor." Yasou smiled. "I was hungry, but I wanted to wait on the baby." Kagome smirked at her family, finally satisfied with her life.

Her family had come two weeks before, throwing her another baby shower, Her mother finally forgiving her, not being able to keep her hands off of Yasou. 'For once I'm not in hell, and heaven's turning out just fine.'

THE END!!!!!

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