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Scariest Place on Earth

Chapter 1

Knock knock...

The black haired girl blinked her eyes away from the TV and glanced towards the door.

Knock knock...

Came the tapping again and the girl sighed, getting up from the comfy couch like it was the biggest hassle in the world.

Knock knock knock!

"Alright I'm coming!" She called as she strolled lazily from the den to the front door. Whoever it was seemed to be insistent. Grabbing the key off the side table, Emily Wilson undid the lock of the door and pulled it open only to find... nothing. The late morning sun greeted her as she began blinking in confusion. the girl gazed around the front yard around only to find what looked like something green strolling away at a fast pace and disappearing down the street.

"Hey, wait a minute-" she called after it, annoyed that she had been unable to catch a proper look at the door ditcher. As she stepped forward, she heard a crunch under her magenta colored boot and looked down to see a comically large ticket resting on the door mat.

Emily picked it up and stared at the white words on the blood red background.

Horrorland, Where nightmares come to life!

"Whatever..." Emily muttered through a half lidded gaze. She turned around and retreated back inside the house, taking the ticket with her. Once the door was shut, she glanced at the ticket one more time and intended to throw it in the trash when a bundle of energy raced down the stairs and ripped it strait out of her hands.

"Oooooo, what'd you got here Emmy?" Derek Wilson squealed in his high pitched boy voice, using her most hated nickname. The younger boy was as excitable as ever and practically vibrated with energy.

"Give it back!" The older girl growled as she made a lunge to take back the ticket. Derek merely laughed and danced away.

"Why? You were going to throw it away! I saw, I saw!" The dark haired boy giggled as he squinted at the ticket. "Hmmm, Horrorland..."

The boy hummed for a moment before shouting, "LAME!" and tearing the thing to shreds.

"You brat!" Emily snarled and made a grab for her brother who stuck his tongue out and raced back up the stairs. The young girl shook in anger as she watch the fleeing boy. Sure, she was going to toss it but he had no right to rip it up like that. Emily was about to make a move to follow her bratty sibling when she heard a faint sound.

Emily Looked down and blinked in disbelief as the red pieces of her ticket slowly floated back together somehow and started knitting themselves into the full shape. Once the final tear was seal it floated in the air for several more seconds before falling into her hands.

Gingerly she looked it over, her jaw slowly dropping as she found it as neat as it had been before, not even a crinkle from where her boot had fallen on it. What was this thing?

"What the-"

Knock knock knock!

Emily jumped in surprise, already on edge from what just happened and whirled around to face to door once again. By the incessant pounding on her door, she only knew one person who it could be. The black haired girl slowly opened the front door, peaking out to double check that it was indeed who she thought it was and not the mysterious ticket dropper, and was met with a young African American boy with a sports jacket and jeans. He was breathing heavily, hands in his knee's as if he had just run a marathon to get here.

"Em!" He gasped for a moment before he righted himself, brown eyes flashing with excitement. "You are so not going to believe this!"

Something red flashed in his hand and she realized she was looking at another ticket to Horrorland.

"Whoa..." Emily stared for a moment before composing herself. Hesitantly she showed her own ticket which her best friend snatched up quickly and compared to his own.

"You got one too..." he trailed off as he looked back and forth between them. "Horrorland is said to be the world's scariest amusement park."

"Nate," Emily called but she hesitated to tell the boy about what just happened when her ticket had gotten shredded. He wasn't really paying attention and she could already tell he was going to drag her with him to the park. She didn't really want to go. Amusement parks were usually packed with crowds of screaming people. Something that the girl found exhausting just to think about.

True to form, Nate suddenly looked up at her, eyes gleaming with intent and eagerness.

"We gotta go!"

"Nate, I really don't-"

"Come on Emmy, it'll be fun!"

"Don't call me that," the young girl growled. She hated that her brother called her that and she doubled hated when her friends called her that.

Nate swung an arm around her shoulder and waved his hand in front of the dramatically. "Just imagine it, an entire afternoon playing games and going on rides, hanging out and having fun. We haven't spent like, any time together since school ended. Don't you wanna do something with your summer?"

Emily wanted to say "no," just to spite him but bit her tongue back. He did have a point. She had been stuck baby sitting her brat of a brother most days since summer break hit meaning she didn't have much time for herself. But on this day mom was actually home and Emily just felt like lazing around watching TV. Yet as Nate kept going on about the rumored rides and things other people had said, she realized hers was the loosing side. He was getting all worked up and wouldn't take no for an answer. With a heavy sigh she shrugged off his arm and snatched back her ticket.

"Alright, alright, we'll go." She grumbled, trying to make her friend feel a little guilty for dragging her along but it was obvious her tactic was not working.

"Yes!" Nate pumped his fist in the air. "Hey. Could you get your mother to drive us? I don't think grandma is up for the trip."

Emily paused, watching her friends shoulders slump slightly before nodding.

"Hey, Mom!" She called into the house. From down a hallway she heard a door open.

"Yeah sweetie?" Her mother called back in a saccharine tone that made the young girl wince.

"Can you drive us to Horrorland?"


It took forever to convince her mother to let Derek stay home. Not only did she only have one ticket, which she had to figure out how to explain in the first place, but it was to the scariest place one earth. A place that an 8 year old definitely wouldn't have fun at. She was already being dragged there in the first place, last thing she needed was her brother whining in her ear about wanting to go home, or the rides being to scary, or the games being unfair. So after much convincing her mother finally agree'd and away they went.

The ride was uneventful until the park came into view. They said it was a traveling amusement park that could uproot in a matter of minutes and be in another location in days. Seeing how big it was now Emily had her doubts but to be fair. This hadn't been here a week ago. Even from the car she could see a massive mountain like tower in the distance and possibly even an egyptian pyramid in the far back.

Emily's mother pulled up to the curb and Nate rushed to undo his seat belt and rush out of the car. He was so excited he almost forgot his ticket which was lying on the seat next to him. The girl herself got out a much more sedated pace when her mother called back to her.

"Okay sweetie, have fun and remember, I'll be here to pick you up at eight!"

"Right Mom." The girl replied and gave a half hearted wave as her mother drove off.

"Come on Em! Let's go!" Nate grabbed her arm and practically dragged the reluctant girl towards the mouth of a giant monster which was the entrance to the park. It was a huge green beast with yellow eyes that glared down at them as they ran up it's tongue. It's massive horns curled around it's head and ended in sharp points that made the monster look even bigger than it was. Before they could get any farther into the mouth of the creature, a green paw shot out and grabbed Nate's free hand. He let out a cry and Emily shook herself free, adjusting her hot pink vest that had practically fallen off her shoulder. Her regular dark attire was also a mess that she had to straiten out and she was glad to have worn leggings under her shorts. As she readjusted her black t-shirt, Emily looked more at the... thing that had a hold of her friend. It looked just like a smaller version of the creature whose mouth they were about to enter, only this one was furry and had claws and a long tail. It wore a green vest, similar in color to it's own fur and had massive talons on its feet.

"Ticket's please." It said in a low gruff voice that rumbled deep in the monsters chest.

"Whoa, what are you supposed to be, some kind of swamp monster?" Nate asked, recovering from being man handled quickly as he passed over his ticket.

"I'm a Horror." It... he? Replied in the same bored tone as if he had been asked this question countless times. "As in Horrorland."

"Great costume," Emily said thoughtfully as she too handed over her ticket. Once the Horror had both tickets he proceeded to rip them to pieces with his claws. On instinct Emily reached out an grabbed a single piece before a gust of wind kicked up and sent the other pieces scattering into the park. The girl felt a shiver run down her spine as she watched they float away.

"Thanks," The horror said in what the girl suspected was a sarcastic tone. "Same to you."

The monster chuckled at his own joke and the two kids glanced at each other before Nate gave a grin and dashed into the park.

"Last one on a ride is a rotten egg!" He called back before disappearing from sight. Emily sighed at his antics and glanced at the Horror who seemed to have similar sentiments. Looking into the Horror's yellow eyes another shiver went down her spine and she turned to quickly walk into the park after her friend.

The tunnel was long and dark which was surprising because it was about mid day, yet the mouth of the giant horror seemed to block out most of the light. As she moved closer, the sound of carnival music and screams could be heard getting louder and louder and she pressed on. The light at the end was rainbow colored and as she stepped the last few paces into the park, all her senses were assaulted with all sorts of smells and sounds. Popcorn and something sour was filling her nose to the point of choking and the sound of whirring machinery and screaming children filled her ears over the din of life, and there was life. The park was full to the brim it seemed. Teenagers and kids of all sorts milled around the park, racing here and there and scoping out rides. Games were being played and sounds were going off as winners were called by over enthusiastic announcers. The noon sun glared off of the shiny rides that at once looked new and yet like they could fall apart at any moment. Frightening looking trash cans in the shape of clown faces were full over flowing with garbage and other substances that Emily rather not think about at the moment.

It was completely overwhelming and the girl immediately regretted letting her friend talk her into going. Just as Emily was about to take a step back, she heard a woosh behind her and felt something scrap up her back. Turning around she saw large spiky teeth now jutting out of the horror's mouth and her heart lept into her throat. If she had been just an inch or two further back she would have been impaled. Shakily she turned to a horror who was leaning against the side of the tunnel entrance.

"Excuse me," Her voice came out a little shaky, "Can I get out this way?"

"Hmm?" The Horror turned his head and eye'd speculatively. "Get out? Why would you want to leave all this?"

"Well-" She was cut off from saying the obvious by the horror grabbing her arm and pulling her closer. Emily tried to cringe away but the monster wasn't having it. Though instead of doing anything threatening, he dumped what looked like several coins into her now awaiting hand.

"There you go, 20 tokens to get you started." The Horror smiled and let her go before sauntering away.

Emily gaped after him in confusion before looking down to examine what he had given her. They were the size of quarters, purple and green with HL stamped on the front and back in a gooey font. They were heavier than any play tokens she had obtained before and seemed to gleam in the sunlight. The girl didn't know how much 20 tokens was really worth around here, but as a starter allowance it probably wasn't that much, though to be honest she was surprised she hadn't had to pay for them. First a free pass into the park and now free coins for the attractions? Her mother had let her barrow some money after she promised to do extra chores for the next week so that she had some cash on hand. Perhaps the free tokens was how the park hooked people, she suddenly thought as she put them into the pocket of her skull printed vest.

Taking one last look at the vicious teeth blocking her exit into the park, Emily had no choice but to trudge onward into the carnival of screams.

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