Tonks watched the exchange between Arthur and Remus. She couldn't hear what was being said, but was quite certain it had to do with her in some manner. It didn't surprise her to realize Molly had most likely told Arthur about Remus breaking up with her. A marriage like the Weasleys, there were no secrets. Their marriage and life together were admirable, Tonks admitted to herself. Someday it was what she wanted, and she wanted it with Remus.
Remus marched into the parlor as though he was going into battle. Tonks couldn't help but notice how bad he was looking. He seemed even more shabby then he usually did and his coat and robes seemed to be in the worst shape she'd ever seen them in. He quietly took a chair close to the fire and didn't look at her.
"Fine, I won't acknowledge you either." Tonks thought. "But just know we are going to have a talk, Remus Lupin."
She'd been planning exactly what to say and how to say it for weeks. But now, with Remus actually in front of her at an Order meeting, Tonks found herself unable to say anything to him. What she really wanted to do was knock over her chair, as she was wont to do, and rush into his arms and tell him everything would work out, it just had to, he'd see. Tonks knew though, that sort of thing would work with most men but not Remus. He wasn't exactly a typical sort of man when it came to relationships.

Molly watched the pair avoiding each other like there was lava between them.
"Don't interfere, Molly. They're not children." Arthur whispered at her, while they were in the kitchen.
"He's being foolish." she whispered back.
"He's not entirely wrong. Even if he is being foolish and not even trying." Arthur agreed. He understood Remus' reluctance but how often was the man going to find a woman like Tonks who was willing to stand by her man no matter the cost? He had such a woman in Molly, he knew, and wanted to see Remus happy.
"Tonks loves him. He loves her. That can do a lot in a bad situation."
"It's not always enough, especially in war."
"Who's side are you on?" Molly demanded.
"Yours, Molly, always." he had never wanted to be anywhere else.
"Then you're on the side to make Remus see reason." she retorted. "Just because he's a werewolf, does that mean he should not have any happiness in his life? Tonks makes him happy."
"Yes, dear." Arthur never had won an argument with his wife.
A wave of her wand and the table was set, with platters of chicken and various vegetables dotting the table. There were only six of them this evening but Molly planned to send home leftovers with certain people. "Dinner is served, the meeting can begin!" she called into the parlor.

Tonks didn't immediately get up when Molly called. She was watching Remus. He had fallen asleep in the chair by the fire. Briefly she wondered what he would do if she suddenly curled up in the chair beside him. She didn't want to do such an obvious display with everyone around.
Molly stood in the entranceway and watched, obvious to anyone who was paying attention, which was no one. "You ready for dinner, dear?" she asked, quietly.
Remus stirred. "You've got dinner ready, Molly? So sorry, I didn't mean to doze off like that."
"No worries, Remus. Tonks was going to wake you." Molly turned back towards the kitchen.
He suddenly realized that Tonks, the very person he was trying to avoid, was sitting only a few feet away and staring at him.
"We're going to talk, you and me, Remus Lupin. Quite possibly after dinner." Tonks told him, getting up and promptly knocking the footstool over.
"Dora." he said, quietly.
She spun around. "No! Don't you Dora me anything right now." she hissed. "Right now, we are going to ignore each other, enjoy Molly's dinner, and finish out the meeting, most of which you have slept through."
He opened his mouth to say something, but shut it. What was there to say? She'd already said it.

Dinner was a bit awkward since everyone there knew Tonks and Remus was steadfastingly ignoring each other.
Mad Eye sat across from Remus and glared at him with his magical eye. Remus felt that eye could probably literally see right though his head and he was lucky it didn't have any sort of laser as he was quite certain Mad Eye wouldn't hesitate to hurt him as promised since he'd hurt Tonks. He was uncomfortable under the stare.
Tonks sat by Molly at the other end of the table. She just picked at her food, going over her planned speech to Remus in her head. It was a long time in coming, but that talk was coming.
"Tonks, dear, would you like some dessert? I've gotten some butterbeer fudge and I must say it's quite delicious." Molly asked sweetly. Almost too sweetly as Arthur noticed, nobody else would know Molly's tones as well as he did. He wondered just what it was she was up to.
"No, thank you, Molly. Dinner was wonderful as usual. I do have to go though, places to be, people to talk to," she made sure to catch Remus' eye with the last phrase. "Early shift tomorrow as well."
"I do wish they'd stop doing that to you. Nightshifts here and early shifts at the Ministry, it's just a lot to take on."
"I choose to do it, it's all right. Besides, I've got a short holiday coming up, I'll catch up on sleep then."
"Tonks is a great Auror, Molly. She can handle most anything." Mad Eye broke in. "I should know, I trained her and I don't train idiots."
Tonks sent him a grateful look. It was true, Mad Eye certainly wouldn't have put up with an idiot, although as of late, she'd felt like a lovesick idiot. She didn't mention that to him, even as she realized he probably knew, Mad Eye knew everything. She could only hope he wouldn't do whatever it was he'd threatened Remus with, she hadn't admitted to either she knew of the threat.
"It was a truly delicious dinner, Molly." Tonks stood from the table.
"Now, now, hold on a moment, I wanted to send some of the leftovers home with you. Merlin knows you don't have time to cook even with magic." Molly pointed her wand at the cabinet and small containers came flying over to the table and begun filling themselves with the leftovers.
"I certainly do not have your talent with cooking, magic or otherwise." she admitted, taking the small boxes in her hands as they flew towards her, full, lids snapping in place.
"Well, it's nothing special, but it'll keep you fed for a few days at least." Molly liked to take care of her "kids", and she was starting to think of Tonks as one of them.
"I think I should also be going. It was nice to get to see everyone tonight." To absolutely no one's surprise, just a few moments after Tonks had left, Remus stood and annouced he,too, was leaving. Wisely, no one said what they were thinking til after he left.
"Man is a fool." Mad Eye growled. "I warned him, if he hurt her, I'd hurt him."
"Now, now, they are both adults." Arthur, ever the peacekeeper, told him.
"And I'm quite certain you've trained Tonks well enough she can handle him herself." Molly added.
"True, true. I have trained her well." Mad Eye muttered. "Well enough she should have known better."

Tonks was not at all shocked when Remus apparated three feet away from her ten minutes after she'd left the Weasleys.
"First, do not call me Dora, Nymphadora or anything other then Tonks," she begun, laying the ground rules. She'd spent quite a lot of time thinking about how this talk would go.
Remus simply nodded. He was content to let her lead the way, at least for now.
"Second, how could you do it? Just walk away from the relationship we were building, the life we could have had, should have had? Was I not good enough for you? " Tonks was shouting, which wasn't exactly in her plans but it was happening anyway and she cast a silencing spell so no one else could hear them argue, because of course it had to be in public.
"Oh, Dora." he winced as she spun around, wand still in hand. He had no doubt she could curse him into oblivion if she chose.