Tada! This is going to be a mega-fic, it's my longest and most action packed. It'll have three sagas all set after the regular sagas, including GT. No modifications people - no bonding with biting and all (though I love that), Goku's gone, and the 14 year gap is still between Goten, Trunks, and Pan, Bra. This is a Goten angst fic, so be warned.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of real value, don't even have a license though that's more because I don't like to drive.

Sins of the Father: Vows

Chapter 1: Bad Boy


He was a bad boy.

From the tattoos coiling around his biceps to the unkempt tattered jeans to the cigarette smoke that lazily curled from his mouth.

Every inch of him was the picture of rebellion: the pierced eyebrow, the glimmer of danger in his eyes, the carelessness of his pose as he leaned against his red convertible.

Mothers warned their daughters about his type.

Fathers railed against them, shaking their fist.

Parents wept when their child took that course.

He was reckless, insensitive, arrogant, a remorseless womanizer.

After one last drag from his cigarette, he straightened up and crushed the butt with his heel. With effortless grace he strode to the door of the club. The bouncer merely glanced at him before motioning him in. He was a regular after all.

The wall of sound hit him soundly, but he barely flinched. The loud music, dingy lighting, smoke-choked atmosphere, and overwhelming stench of heat, sweat, and alcohol, this was his element.

He made his way steadily to the bar, his every step radiating confidence and self-control. The bartender nodded to him when he finally reached his destination.

"Your regular?" He barely waited for an answer as he began to mix the drink. "Here you go, Akuma."

The devil, a friendly nickname.

He was a bad boy.

Habiting one formerly known as heaven.



For all you out there, Goten means heaven or paradise. There will be puns! After chapter two, the chapters will be longer and of regular format, not this odd narration style. 'Til then!

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