Summary: What I wish happened in the episode Anansi.

I do not own Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.


Nino Lahiffe and Alya Cesaire played Just Dance in the Cesaire household.

They weren't alone as Marinette Dupain-cheng had been invited and in extension Adrien Agreste who had to use his phone to be there.

His dad was still a control freak and Marinette was a genius for thinking this up.

"It's so amazing how they're in such sync," said Marinette.

Adrien from the phone said "I know. I hope that one day I find somebody to be in sync with"

Marinette picked up the phone and looked into it and said. "It's such a bummer that you're not here"

Adrien said. "I know but you know how overprotective my dad is of me. Maybe, one day he will loosen up"

Then they both heard. "Big finish, here we go!"

Hearing this, Marinette turned the phone around and said. "I didn't want you to miss this"

And they saw Nino strike a pose like he a Ballerina while Alya did like a rock star.

Nino pose made Alya and Marinette burst out laughing and all of them smiled.

It was pretty funny.

And then suddenly they all heard. "Oh, shoot. Did I just enter a Balley class?"

They turned around to see Nora Cesaire, Alya older sister.

She was big, she was buff, she was not very bright and she was wearing yellow wrestling clothes.

Alya said in surprise. "Nora." Before she said. "Is your match over already?"

Nora said, making a one-two jab. "It was a first-round knockout." Before saying. " As usual"

And then she moved to be beside her sister and whisper. "And how many times have I told you, not to call me Nora in front of people, little sis?"

Then she rose and said louder to the other three.

"The name's Anansi. Like a spike" she said, put her feet on a wooden chair proudly just behind the table.

And Alya not impressed said. "Sure, I'll call you Anansi when you stop treating me like a baby"

Nora ignored that as she went around the table and said. "And why are you up so late? Don't you have school tomorrow or something?"

Alya said. "Well, we're waiting for it to get dark. It's the world cup firework show tonight, remember? We're going to watch it from the Ferris Wheel"

And the moment those words hit Nora's ears, she spat out the milk she was drinking.

Yes, the same milk she was drinking straight from the carton like a monster.

She said. "No way. Uh, uh. It's way too dangerous for you." She then pointed to Nino and said. "Cell phone boy, twinkle toes and that girl can go but Alya, you're staying here"


Marinette injected and said. "Nora- I mean Anansi." Correcting herself. "That's not fair"

"No way dude. We're not going without Alya" said Nino.

Alya said to her sister. "I appreciate you worrying about me and all but I'm not a little girl any more and besides I talked to mom and dad, and they're okay with it."

And what happened during the next few minutes, was eye-opening.

Eye-opening for Nino.

Alya was very vocal and headstrong about going but she turned into a mouse when it came to defending him.

She even rolled her eyes when Marinette gave him support and he realised one thing.

Alya had no respect for him.

And when Marinette suggested an arm wrestle to decide Alya fate, he said. "Marinette, it's okay. I've seen enough"

And Nora snorted and said. "See, he knows his limits."

Everybody was disappointed but understanding.

But then he said. "No, I've seen enough of you AND Alya"

And just like that, the whole room was silent as everybody showed surprise, even Nora.

He then said to Alya. "Alya, we're done." Alya face changed and so did everybody else. "We're done with this conversation. I am done with talking to your god awful monster of a sister."

He saw surprise and said to Nora. "Yes, I called you awful because no wonder you don't have friends. No wonder, your single. Do you think I have to stand here and let you insult me? Who do you think you are? My boss, teacher or older sister? You are neither. I am a guest and I can choose to walk out and never speak to you again."

And then he said. "But I guess that's the story of your life isn't it?"

And you could see his words hit her, as she began to tear up.

However, he had no sympathy for her and said. "Oh, you can cry. Here I thought your skin was iron but I guess not. Well, I have news for you. I don't care that you're in tears because you've burned that bridge with me weeks ago. I can see that you taught Alya to be garbage too. You must be so proud of your little sister"

No one could say anything.

How could they?

He then to Alya who actually flinched when they made eye contact and he said. "Do you know what I can't stand? The sight of you rolling your eyes when I'm being shamed by your sister. Well, now you can roll your eyes in your room because I am no longer taking you with you. In fact, you just rolled your eyes into being single. You must be so proud. Now your monster of an older sister can throw you a party and stop giving you grief about your taste in men."

He then said. "Well, I'll be leaving before she gets out the celebration cake."

And Alya's mouth dropped.

He then turned to Marinette and Adrien and said. "Marinette. Adrien, thank you." The two showed surprise. "Your the best people in this room, even if your not physically here. I appreciate that you stuck up for me. You two can come to watch the fireworks with me. I'll be waiting at the wheel"

And then he grabbed his bag and just walked out.

He was serious, they could hear his footsteps going down the stairs.

"Nino?" He heard.


He ignored her because he knew who it was.

He was out of the door when she grabbed his hand.

Alya's voice said behind him. "Wait, let's talk about this"

Nino turned around and said. "Talk about what, Alya? Talk about the fact that when you want something, you become a beast towards your sister but when she comes after me. You become a yapping dog? what's worse is that this isn't even the first time."

And Alya was stunned.

He then said as he shook her out of his grip. "Okay, let's talk"

He then said, laying it all out. "Since the moment I met your sister, she has been nothing but insulting to me and everybody in your family think it's perfectly okay that she is a piece of human garbage because she's a girl. And the worst part is, I thought I was crazy for being offended! But Marinette and Adrien just stood up for me and showed me, I am not crazy. My feelings are valid and your sister's behaviour is disgusting. Your sudden weak spine proves you agree with her. We'll I have news for you just because you're nicer than Nora doesn't mean your not awful"

And Alya opened her mouth.

He laughed and said. "And you know, what? I spent weeks trying to figure out what I am to you. Well, I finally have it. I am merely a wallet with legs."

He saw her surprise.

He said. "How else do you explain it? You treat me like trash. You move me around as if you're in a wrestling ring. You don't defend me. You have to get your way on every decision we make. You have never paid for anything in our relationship. You only spend money on me for Christmas and My birthday and the worse offence of all. You have never once been to a single Gig of mine that the whole class isn't going to. The only thing we talk about is what your interested in which is Marinette love life or Ladybug and it's driving me, insane. I am tired of everything we do, being the classes business. Who cares if we're going shopping? I am tired of watching you, use our relationship to crown yourself the matchmaker queen. Well, your not. You don't want a boyfriend, you want somebody who can tell you how wonderful you are. You want somebody to feed your ego and spend money on you. That's it. You're in a relationship with yourself."

And Alya just stood there as he said all the stuff he had wanted to say for a long time.

He said. "And it's too late to start talking now. I am done. I gave you every chance and you failed every one of them. I bent over backwards for you. It's honestly disgusting that you think that I should be proud to be treated like crap by you. That I should be happy to feel shame whenever you embrasses me in private or public. Screw you."

And then he said. "Single Nino is out"

And then he really did leave and he blocked her throughout the whole day.

In another timeline, he would have become a superhero but thanks to a little self-respect, he went down a different path that didn't involve him almost dying.

On the day, where their relationship should have become stronger then ever, this had been the end of them.