All characters belong to Stephanie Meyer. Please note that the content and/or themes may trigger some people.

CHAPTER 1 - That fateful day.


3 weeks ago

"Can't you see how disgusting you look? Why is it so difficult for you to look nice? Can't you watch what you eat? It's so difficult..."

All the hurtful things he said just went over my head at that moment. I looked down at my body... at myself and FELT disgusted, I FELT unloveable... at the same time I just felt so tired of pleasing him, trying to do what he wanted. Until I heard him say...

"That's it, I cannot do this anymore. I feel ashamed to even be seen with you. It's over Bella - I'm breaking up with you".

Those words... they hurt. I had seen this coming, but it did not mean that it hurt less. My breathing stopped for a moment and before I could even process this horrible situation, I began crying. Once again I heard him rambling on.

"Jesus Bella, can you not behave like a fat, crying idiot for a second. Honestly you think it's hard on you, well then imagine my condition, I don't even know what to say..."

That's all I could take and before I could think his words through, I began shouting -

"SHUUUTT UPPP!!!!" I screamed over his incessant chatter " SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU ABSOLUTE PRICK". He was stunned and silent due to my outburst. He didn't expect me to argue, curse at him or fight back. Heck I didn't expect to do all those things - but I had enough.

"Riley if you have so many problems with me, just friggin pack up your things and leave. I do not care, just go. And also while you're at it, make sure you return MY apartment keys, and never come back". I was tired and done, and my voice pretty much gave it away. I couldn't find it in me to care for him anymore.

"That's what you say now Isabella. I know that a few weeks from now you will come crawling back to me, begging me to take you back", he sneered.

When I made no move to stop him or retaliate, his face dropped a little, but he quickly began gathering his stuff. I sat on the couch, waiting for him to leave. Within 35 minutes he was ready to go.

He stood in front of me and his last coherent words to me were "You are going to regret this". I finally looked up at him from the couch and mustered every last bit of my energy and smirked, knowing for a fact, that I looked like shit, and said "I think we are done here Riley" and I closed my eyes and leaned into the couch's armrest - at peace after a long time.

I didn't hear his angry words and insults or his useless and mean rambling. The last thing I did hear was the loud stomping against the wooden floors of my apartment, and the door slamming really loudly.

That night I cried myself to sleep, not because I was sad or miserable that my so-called fiancé left me, but because for the first time in 2 years - I was finally free.

Hope you enjoyed this. It is my first time writing on this platform. Things will pickup from here and be happier. I promise