Mariposa (Butterfly)


Summary: Sebastian has 'put up' with a lot of contenders but now he was just done and would put a stop to it once and for all. Maybe his methods haven't always been exactly legal but he didn't apologize if it meant he'd gotten what he wanted in the end. Jealousy just did that to a person.

AN: In vein of those "Five Times + 1" series but isn't one of them necessarily. They're going to be different lengths and some flow into the next but others have a time jump. Order of events are a little skewed too on purpose.

AN2: Remember, this is in Sebastian's POV and he's not a nice person. Obviously, not a surprise if you've clicked on this story, but it is a Kurtbastian story. Sebastian's POV is just going to assume you know that, because he does. I reiterate, Sebastian is not nice, he's a possessive, jealous little shit and does bad things. Anything remotely resembling Kurt's POV is just either what Sebastian has interred or heard from Kurt directly without me having them have a conversation about it on the page.

Chapter 1: Blaine Anderson

Now, most of this was hearsay but he got it on good account from people he trusted, Kurt being one of the story tellers. Kurt's version paired nicely with all the other stories he'd heard so he knew it was not biased. He just really did not get Blaine at all.

Sure, when he first arrived in Ohio from France, he was looking for quick, easy hookups. It's what he was familiar with. It had never mattered in France if a man was married or single or somewhere in between, men cheated. They were all horny asses and justified it with the excuse that they were French. If a woman on the other hand cheated, it was mixed with more reservations. Granted on the one hand France was liberated and women had a lot more rights and freedoms than a lot of other places, but it was still Europe with old school ideas that weren't quite as old as they liked to believe. France being a country of freedom to love and open love, it had a harder time justifying their attitude toward women cheating but they were all for single women getting it on with any man who asked.

Sebastian had always been glad that he hadn't had to deal with that on either end of the spectrum. He wasn't into women and gay sex in France was just viewed as something that happened, taken for granted. He had a lot of fun in France, maybe too much fun since his parents pulled him back to the US when he got into a couple of scuffles. Thankfully he was a dual citizen between the two countries and so he had skated by without punishment in France. It had never been his fault anyway.

Sebastian was more of a lover than a fighter but that didn't mean he wouldn't play dirty if someone attacked him. He never started the fights but he sure did end them. A few of the guys he was with had spouses and some were female, some were male and some of both were more aggressive than others. A few of the women had launched themselves at him, intending to scratch him up and seriously hurt him, despite having a very lax attitude in that country, personal feelings weren't so easily accounted for. A few of the men had attacked him too, but with fists instead of nails and hair pulling.

He'd escaped from any serious harm, a few bruises when he was caught unaware but the others were always in worse shape when the confrontation ended and he never once rose a fist to either gender, just employed different methods to get out of it and lash back at those who dared to attack him.

So easy hookups were his norm, he'd surveyed the boys at Dalton and found many of them to be satisfactory and a few were already in relationships, some were claiming to be straight. Some might have been but Sebastian flirted with anyone he found substantially attractive. He'd found out about the gay bar in Lima, Ohio, a college town with college boys. He figured it would be safer hooking up there than with the men he was used to, less likely to be married or in committed relationships since Ohio didn't allow for gay marriages.

He was a bit disappointed to find that most of those who attended Scandals were well in their forties and married with kids but there were a few younger ones as well. Sebastian wasn't picky about relationship statuses, as mentioned once to Blaine and was overheard much to his dismay for years to come. He hadn't cared about other people's relationship statuses but he had always cared about his own. He had always wanted to be single and commitment was a foreign concept but he'd known in his heart that if he found the right guy that would change and change hard.

Sebastian Smythe may not share what was his, but he was more than willing to take what was on offer, even if it meant someone else had to share. He just wouldn't share himself either once it was possessed and owned by the right person.

His comment had been incredibly difficult to walk back on. He tried to explain but the trust wasn't there, not fully at least, even after years of reassurances and frustrated shouting matches when it was brought up again and again. If it hadn't been the right guy suffering through those insecurities, Sebastian wouldn't have bothered and may not have even tried in the first place. But it was the guy and Sebastian would say it until he couldn't anymore and would continue to try and prove it in other ways even after he was finally believed, he would never break that bond or trust once he got it.

That though... was later. He had a lot to work through first to even get to that point to have those shouting matches. It was worth every step and effort and frustration to get himself to even the beginning; well worth it.

No, this wasn't the beginning; far before it.

He hooked up with anyone passing his standards at Scandals, age and relationship status didn't matter. There was one obnoxiously large male around his age but seemed so much older in looks that kept hitting on him. Sebastian ignored him and kept a distance from him whenever he spotted him. Sebastian wasn't a nice guy but he did know that this boy was not like the rest, he smiled and talked with others but seemed uncomfortable with being there. Sebastian was not interested in virgins who'd likely be a virgin for a long time. He didn't mind being with someone who was not only ready but was sought after by others, that one wouldn't be a virgin for long and was usually aware of what sex at least was and likely experimented before.

He'd flirted with the boys at Dalton and they all found him incredibly harmless and they were all oddly oblivious, even to each other. They thought it just meant that he was being friendly and kept him there. He decided they probably had to go into that category that he wouldn't touch just because they were too much work and not rewarding enough to teach.

They teased him and said he'd get along with their former lead soloist. He was incredibly friendly and kind too. Obviously they had no idea who he was behind the smiles.

At first he'd thought that this male had graduated last year and put him from his thoughts. They were smitten with both of them, Blaine, the former star and Sebastian, their hope for the next round.

He was just hearing, to his annoyance, yet again how Blaine wouldn't do it that way, that he wouldn't match his motions up so perfectly with the others and blend in, but rather would be separate from the rest and stand out and do something different to stand out if he were in front of the crowd of matching uniforms. Sebastian was starting to get bored with hearing about this perfect specter when he walked in.

Sebastian took a second look at the male who came in out of uniform. He was shorter than he usually went for and had a very old-school look to him, perfect for these halls and walls. There was something very old-school sexy about him from his slicked back hair with a pound of gel to his narrow hips. He wore layers but Sebastian could imagine that there were muscles hidden beneath those layers.

When he danced and sang along with them, learning the choreo easily if not just a half step behind the rest of them, he was on point. Sebastian gave him credit, he knew his stuff and adapted easily and quickly and his annoyance for this former Wabler was fading. Instead interest started to take hold.

They properly introduced themselves to each other and Sebastian smoothly invited him for coffee. They ended up in Lima again, he wasn't sure why they always had to go two hours away for something as simple as good coffee but he went if it would put the other male at ease.

It wasn't long into the conversation that Sebastian's interest started fading again. Blaine had like three default settings – basking in the glow of attention, pouty, and talking about himself. Maybe that wasn't fair, maybe he had another setting.

Still, it gave Sebastian an advantage if he wanted to bend Blaine over, get off and then walk away forever, adding him to his mental scrapbook and another notch on his bedpost. Even gay boys could be asses, Sebastian wouldn't apologize for it, he'd learned it the hard way himself. Sure the other Dalton boys may be pissed, but he didn't need them to like him. He had the talent and they knew it.

Blaine didn't live in Lima, he lived in Westerville and irritation started up again about coming to Lima when he wasn't clubbing. Coffee was all over Columbus, so much closer to Westerville, and he was sure Westerville had at least one coffee shop too. Blaine promised this place would be well worth the distance. It was, dammit. He hadn't had coffee this good since he went to Florence on a school trip.

Blaine even explained that he went to school now in Lima and Sebastian thought he meant at the university, it was with surprise that he found out they were both Juniors. It made no sense to Sebastian why Blaine would leave Dalton to go to public school two hours away from his house. The one thing Dalton had going for it was it's reputation as a fantastic school.

Turns out he was renting an apartment here in Lima, so he could be closer to his boyfriend. Surely his boyfriend was a sugar daddy or at least a college student? Nope. He was a senior at said public school and he had also gone to school at Dalton last year for about a semester before he transferred back. "Couldn't hack it, huh?" Sebastian hadn't heard about this other boy and he felt like he hadn't had all the information. He didn't like playing without a full deck or short cards in his hand.

"He did really well, actually. He got a solo for Sectionals and his grades were great. He just missed his old school, and family and the problems at school here had resolved themselves once he was gone." Blaine shrugged. "So he transferred back."

"And you just went along with him?" Sebastian couldn't understand it.

"I have a really good thing with him." Blaine tried to explain.

"Relationships don't mean anything." Sebastian was tired of hearing about this other boy, there was a reason the other Warblers hadn't even mentioned him. He must not have been as great as Blaine was making him out to be.

"I'm glad I stumbled upon this conversation, that's a really important thing to learn about your morals." A feminine voice said but Sebastian heard the slightly male tone within it and he wasn't sure what he would find when he turned his head to see who spoke.

Damn. His eyes roamed over this boy, he was contradictions and a complete package all at once. He was multifaceted and he didn't even have to say anything more or do anything else for Sebastian to know that. The boy slid into the seat next to Blaine and wrapped his arm around Blaine's. He was looking Sebastian over as well but Sebastian wasn't sure if the look was in appreciation or disdain. Sebastian didn't hide his own positive appraisal very well but both missed it, thankfully. Or at least, thankfully Blaine missed it, he would have preferred to have Kurt notice.

Nothing more was said for far too long, a pin could have dropped and would have been heard had the rest of the coffee shop not been filled with conversation.

Kurt turned his head to Blaine and smiled kindly and pointedly at the same time. "Aren't you going to introduce me?"

"Oh! Right." Blaine looked incredibly uncomfortable, as if he'd been caught fucking Sebastian in Kurt's bed but it hadn't even gotten close to that point. Sebastian wouldn't be opposed to doing that with Blaine but then dropping him and going after Kurt. As Sebastian looked over Kurt again, he forgot what Blaine looked like and started imagining far too many scenarios he wanted to enact with Kurt to stop at just one time with the petite but long legged male. "This is Sebastian, he's just started at Dalton." Blaine had no idea what else he could say about Sebastian as he hadn't asked any questions or learned anything about Sebastian, even where he transferred from. "This is Kurt, my boyfriend." There was pride beaming out from Blaine at that announcement.

Unfortunately, Sebastian learned that Blaine did have a 4th mode, slobbering all over Kurt. Ok, so it wasn't that bad but Blaine went from me, me, me to Kurt, Kurt, Kurt in a heartbeat. Right at that moment though it did war between the two me, me, Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, Me, me, Kurt, me, Kurt, mememememememe, KUUURRRRT. That boring as shit narcissist actually really cared about Kurt or at least being seen with him. Sebastian still wasn't sure which it was. Was Kurt just arm candy for him or was there genuine feelings and care there? He'd mentioned Kurt but he hadn't spoken in quite that way before Kurt joined them. Maybe it was only while Kurt was present?

Sebastian decided to push it further. He mentioned Scandals and Blaine shook his head, all dapper and charm and reserve. "That's not really our scene-"

"Let's go!" Kurt jumped on it, excited to see something new in Lima. Sebastian smirked, Kurt took it totally the wrong way he learned later on – thinking that Sebastian was smirking that he'd gotten them exactly where he wanted them, that much was true but not in the way Kurt believed at the time. No, his smirk was because he realized that Kurt was open to possibilities and new experiences and Blaine was holding him back. His me, me, me attitude meant that he tried to control what they did and when, in all realms of their relationship but he couched it in terms making Kurt think he had the power and ideas. Obviously it hadn't worked quite as well as Blaine thought since Kurt had gone against what he was saying to agree.

They agreed to meet up at Scandals next Saturday night. There was no way either of them were virgins and he doubted they lost their virginity with each other.

It gave Sebastian a week to gain a full arsenal with both the boys to use against them and to his own benefit. While the Warblers were more than happy to share every single tidbit they knew about Blaine, they came up lacking with anything useful about Kurt. Perhaps it was because he hadn't spent that long there with them?

Most likely it was just a testimony to how in love they were with Blaine. Sebastian wondered not for the first time if he had slept with all of them and had a magic cock or something, had to be the only thing going for him. It was early that week that he learned something actually useful about Blaine. He was a wizard of grand romantic gestures. They started listing off all the times he used them to serenade boys he liked. Four times in total, apparently and it only worked on Kurt.

Sebastian couldn't help but think there was something more behind the scenes than just Kurt accepting blindingly a song sung to him and dropping his pants for that alone. Sebastian ended up being right but the rest of them hadn't a clue and he was dismayed by what he learned when he learned it. He'd had one of his epic shouting matches with Kurt at that stage followed by an incredible discovery on Sebastian's end.

He ended up being able to track down only one of the remaining 3 victims to the song attack and found out that it was definitely an ambush.

Sebastian walked into the gap, putting his sunglasses onto the top of his head and scanned the crowd for the cute older blond that the Warblers had described in detail. They could describe this relative stranger so much better than they could describe Kurt. All he got told about Kurt was that he was a cute kid that had endearingly spied on them prior to joining them and that he was small and had blue eyes and brown hair. A terrible description of the literal walking temptation. Sebastian wanted to drink him up like melted honey and whiskey.

Perhaps nobody else would get that reference but Sebastian would stick with it. From the short interaction with Kurt he found him both sweet and scorching at once and it was an intoxicating combination. Both honey and whiskey were individually complex and distinct and contradictions to each other but were the best together and both were incredibly addicting on their own and together, forget it, there was no coming back from that bliss.

Sebastian should have realized just then and there how deep he was already in. He didn't investigate his conquests and he definitely didn't investigate their boyfriends. He most definitely hadn't found any of the males he'd been with addicting, especially before he even got to touch or taste.

He spotted the blond easily and perhaps in the past he may have hooked up with him, but he already had two targets in sight and one of them was quickly disintegrating like chalk in water or ash in the wind. He definitely left a sour taste in Sebastian's mouth. He was still determined though to add to his long list of conquests. Maybe once he got bored with Kurt he'd swing back around to Jeremiah as the name tag read, the Warblers at least hadn't known his name, if they had, he would have had a very tense conversation with them about that.

Jeremiah's facial features crashed in shock, he'd been turning to greet the newcomer with a smile but something about Sebastian froze his actions. Panic quickly entered his eyes and he spun, not even pretending that he hadn't seen Sebastian and quickly made for the employee only door. Sebastian didn't let that deter him at all.

He followed the blond in and folded his arms across his chest with a sneer. "What's got your panties up your ass crack?" He didn't ask it kindly, not at all.

Jeremiah looked around him as if the real danger was behind him and about to explode in at any moment. "Please don't sing to me. I don't think I can talk my boss around a second time. I nearly lost my job the last time you guys were here."

"I wasn't part of that. Tell me what happened." Sebastian's face just got more tense and annoyed the more he heard about the wonderful Blaine Anderson. He really had no clue about boundaries. What the hell was Kurt doing with him?

Jeremiah confirmed that there was a snotty boy who made fun of his hair and overall obvious gay presence "the secret has probably been out for a long time, he probably did you a favor so you can stop ineffectively hiding" was his exact wording. He was with Blaine when they'd talked afterward. Or more, when Jeremiah had confronted Blaine about his totally inappropriate behavior. Sebastian let the snotty comment slide. From what he'd seen of Kurt, he could see him being that way if the boy he liked serenaded another boy unexpectedly with absolutely no warning nor indication that his 'friend' was seeing someone. Which, by Jeremiah's story, definitely wasn't the case. Jeremiah thought he was being a role model and helping Blaine out. Blaine definitely wanted to be helped out in a different way that Jeremiah wasn't willing to follow through with.

Why bring Kurt into that conversation if he wasn't brought into anything prior to the song? Was it to embarrass Jeremiah more or to hurt Kurt for whatever reason? There was still so much to this story that Sebastian was missing. Sebastian thanked him and left, leaving him unscathed and his job intact.

By mid-week Sebastian had been told about Blaine's make out session and subsequent date and kiss with one of Kurt's best female friends from his old school. Sebastian almost threw up a little at the idea, what an ass. Granted, Sebastian didn't know if Kurt had liked Blaine by then or if he had shared his feelings but if Blaine felt anything toward Kurt, that was not appropriate behavior. Yet, somehow it had worked? He couldn't understand how anyone would like someone so confused about their sexuality.

Both Jeremiah and Blaine had been running scared of who they were. They probably would have made a decent couple if there hadn't been such a big age gap. Still... Sebastian was missing something. The Kurt he'd seen had been confident and self-assured and not about to let anyone walk over him or let anyone close who wasn't deserving.

He supposed he had to meet this girl Blaine had made out with. He'd do that later.

At the end of the week, Sebastian asked about auditions for second string solos. They had all looked at him blankly. "What solo auditions? We have one lead and that's it, it's how it's always been."

"Blaine said that Kurt had a solo last year-".

"What good that did for us, he weaseled his way in and got what he wanted, when it failed, he jumped ship and went back to his old school since they had a chance at Nationals. And they won." There was a general scowl around the room and some grumbling. "Probably came here just to tank our shot. They did it the year before with Jesse and Vocal Adrenaline, almost cost them Nationals then too. Sunshine also bolted mid-competition and she came from their school, went back to Taiwan, didn't like Carmel or something was her excuse. They've been tanking the competition for years now since they know they aren't strong enough to make it on merit alone."

Sebastian had heard a very different story from Blaine of all people. He hadn't made it sound so bloodthirsty or cutthroat. He didn't know Kurt well enough to know if that was remotely true. If it was, he couldn't blame the boy. Yet even their grievance with Kurt and New Directions was contradictory – they weren't strong enough to win on talent and yet they won Nationals? If anything, they planted people to either be depended on and left in the 11th hour or planted people to be terrible and then pull them back and be fantastic for their own team. The Warblers' idea was convoluted, he liked his theory better but he didn't think that was true either. Why would they let him sing a solo if he was terrible? No matter what Kurt did to get that spot. The Wablers were serious about winning, far more than anything else, even if it was Blaine leading the charge.

"Blaine wanted him to sing, didn't he?" Sebastian settled on, probably as an apology for something.

There was a snort from one of the boys. Sebastian hadn't bothered to learn any of their names or attach them to their faces at least. "Blaine set Kurt up the first time he complained about just having one lead soloist. He set up auditions and then moved Jeff and Nick forward and not Kurt but nothing ever came of their 'move forward' because we only ever have 1 soloist!" He said angrily. Wes, Sebastian remembered that now, he was all about tradition.

"He'd started complaining how it was the Blaine and the Pips show and then he killed his canary and came in all dramatic and sang it a song in front of all of us. He wasn't even wearing his uniform. He hated wearing his uniform and never looked comfortable in it. It always seemed to dwarf him. The uniform instantly makes everyone look smoking hot and yet it made him look awkward and young." There was a blond head shaking. "It's as if he purposefully tried to look out of place despite wearing the same thing as the rest of us."

"He never reached out to talk to any of us." Sebastian was getting the full story now, they just didn't know what they weren't saying was far more important than their little complaints. "Just only spoke to Blaine, pulling Blaine away from the rest of us, wrapping him around his little finger." Bitterness spread through the group toward Kurt.

"We tried to talk to him and he would start talking to us but then if Blaine was around, he instantly latched onto him and went with him to the Junior common room. Not all of us could go with and Blaine never looked back at us, he went with him even though he was a Sophomore at the time, he could only go if a Junior invited him. Kurt only ever invited Blaine, none of the others. Some of the other Juniors at the time would invite more of us but they'd head out to walk the grounds or go to the library or go back to Lima." The scrunched up red face of Thad? Was an easy one to read.

This was all well and good but not surprising for someone who was in the throes of early and young love. Of course they wanted to be alone while they flirted and potentially started dating. Sebastian was more interested in what happened with the solo. He somehow steered the conversation back to that.

"So he took Blaine's attention away from us and acted all dramatic and upset and started cutting Blaine out of his life too so Blaine promised him a duet. The duet was not appropriate for the competition. Not because it was a duet, but the song choice didn't represent us, we're a school of tolerance and no bullying. The song they chose was about ending a bad relationship and breaking free. That was not about any of us or the school as a whole. It was supposed to be an anthem themed show. Meanwhile his old school chose to do original songs."

"He got what he wanted and it backfired and while he and Blaine had made up, he started cutting Blaine out of his life again when he went back to his old school and Blaine serenaded him and they got back together and next thing we know, Blaine's transferred to that public school and we barely ever see him, they're attached at the hip now. Kurt gets exactly what he wants- to be at a winning school and stole our soloist too! He and that girl he made out with are doing all the solos and duets now."

Sounded like love, Sebastian thought, completely annoyed by this story.

Saturday came around and he was itching in his skin. He had a few choice thoughts he wanted to express but wasn't sure how to say them and still get what he wanted.

He almost laughed loud and long with how overdressed both of the boys were when they entered the club. They were both way, way too fancy to be at this dive club. He didn't think either would appreciate his humor nor would the rest of the crowd. Some were dressed in their 'fancy' dress but that just meant female impersonator costumes. The rest were in jeans and varying levels of fanciness with their shirts, Sebastian was one of the most preppy in his polo rugby shirt. These two were both wearing jeans at least and Kurt surprisingly got the memo of country bar better than Blaine as he wore a gray button down that would have looked normal on someone attending a bar in the country with his – uh, Sebastian lost the word for it in English, could only think of it just then in French, but it was circular and had strings through it, very Texas motif. He was even wearing a vest, granted it was a long one that didn't close in the front, super skinny jeans and his hair was coiffed in a very non-mid-west middle of nowhere country bar-like. He combined the two. Sebastian gave him credit for going along with the theme at least.

Blaine didn't fit any of the themes, he was still dressed like he was walking out of a movie set in the 1950s, bowtie, terrible colors and all. The only nod to the times were the dark jeans. Did he know what a different look was? Blaine was dating the fashion queen who had a different look every time Sebastian saw him. Granted, it was only twice now but surely he could at least attempt to keep up? Though, if he had a look that didn't completely embarrassed Kurt, he supposed he wouldn't change it either. Classic was still better than sloppy or complete fails. Sebastian just wished it was a classic look a little more current, at least it wasn't ruffles and tails, he supposed, Blaine could have gone even further back in his 'classic' style. He didn't usually have a hair out of place at least and his clothes looked well taken care of and no wrinkles.

It annoyed Sebastian that they actually looked like a very compatible couple and he was just nitpicking. They were an attractive couple that complimented each other and looked good together, despite having different styles. It was just more noticeable because they were both male, good looking hetero couples didn't always have the same style and unless it was extreme, it was harder to tell.

They were probably completely disappointed with the quality of this bar but gay people in Ohio only had so many options. It was sparsely populated but those who were there were mostly sad. There was a range of ages tonight, college students to 60s and there were already someone in the corner crying while continuing to drink and another guy trying to comfort him. One older guy was watching a poorly dressed drag queen dance, Sebastian didn't know if they came together or not.

A few guys were playing pool in baseball caps and flannel shirts. There were a few jean button ups too, with baseball caps on. They glanced at Kurt and Blaine and laughed but went back to their game. They may have been laughing at the ridiculously young and out of place couple, but they were here to have fun with people somewhat like them and so they didn't say anything to them.

As far as 'normal' went, these two weren't the extreme in this bar. There was one female there and she hung out with a boy who looked somewhat like her and another boy near their age. Sebastian wasn't sure why there weren't more females here, now that he thought about it. It wasn't like it was a biker bar though some of the attitude of the place made it seem like it. It was a weird mix of biker, college, rare safe space to express their true selves and pathetic. Only 3 of the 6 disco ball lights worked and they were all on the same side of the ball, it cast really weird shadows around the bar, making it seem even more shady. The floor was sticky and he'd never seen it any way else. He was pretty sure it was the same popcorn spill that he'd spotted last week in the corner. Why was there popcorn? He had no clue, but this was the closest he could get to a real club in this town. They had a few in Columbus but they weren't directed toward a certain clientele and were more stingy on the underage aspect.

Based on what he'd learned about these two, he expected them to take the drinks he'd bought them and then hide in the corner or on the dance floor blocking him out, just in to the other. Instead as he handed a beer to Blaine, he took it, eyed it skeptically and leaned awkwardly on the bar, drinking it slowly while Sebastian tossed a barb straight at Kurt in front of Blaine, wanting to see what they'd do.

Blaine watched the entire interaction carefully. There was no way Blaine missed the barb but neither did he come to Kurt's defense. He was watching Kurt's reaction just as much as Sebastian was. That was odd, but he was more focused on Kurt now. There was a quick glance toward Blaine before he made a face and a sharp retort back. Blaine seemed to relax considerably now, no longer as awkwardly hanging back. He took another sip of his drink.

Was he seeing if he needed to come to Kurt's rescue, looking to see if Kurt wanted him to come to his rescue or was he making sure Kurt handled it himself? Perhaps it was all about how Kurt reacted to Sebastian, positively or negatively. What if he'd taken it 'better' and turned his retort into a friendly, disengaging response instead? Cut Sebastian out at the knees or ignore it completely? What then?

Somehow Sebastian and Blaine ended up on the dance floor with Kurt staring moodily at the two of them. Sebastian was a fantastic dancer and could wipe the floor with anyone who dared challenge him during a competition. But he was a bit more the typical male on the dance floor when it came to dancing in the club, something he'd learned between self-preservation (he always made it just obvious enough that he was into guys when the guys had a gay radar and looking too but not obvious enough for homophobes to detect) and because club dancing wasn't about showing off the dance moves but rather just brushing up against each other in slow intoxicating movements.

It was something that Blaine hadn't seemed to learn. Blaine was a good dancer but the way he danced kept people at arms length and he did intricate moves. Sebastian was already tired of dancing with him. Blaine looked at him for a bit but then his head kept swiveling and looking over toward Kurt. He beckoned Kurt to the floor to join the two of them but neither made a move toward the other. Blaine had kept up a supply of drinks but he still looked put together right then.

Kurt shook his head and moments later, Sebastian saw a male sitting next to him and pulling him into a conversation. A frown overcame Sebastian's face as he noted exactly who the male was, someone he hadn't given the time of day to. Kurt was talking to him and actually looked somewhat happy to see him after the surprise wore off but there was a line of tension in him too, as if he didn't quite trust him nor want to be around him. Sebastian thought about going over there but Blaine was actually dancing with him a little, even though he kept doing spins and fancy arm movements. He didn't seem irritated by Kurt talking to the other male, and he had noticed it too. Blaine had brushed it off easily at first, but kept looking over too.

Kurt had more of a reaction to the boy's presence at his side than he'd had with Blaine dancing with Sebastian. He was clearly not pleased but he wasn't doing anything about it nor did he have the same kind of tension in his body that he had because of the boy near him.

Blaine was back to me, me, me but the way he was looking at Kurt every time he finished an intricate move was also telling Sebastian that his thoughts were focused on Kurt. Kurt, Kurt, me, me, Kurt, me, me. He liked the attention that Sebastian was giving him but he also wanted Kurt's attention. He really wanted Kurt's attention.

Blaine looked over to Kurt again and made yet another inviting move and Kurt got up and model walked his way over and shoved his way between the two of them, far more confident and possessive than he'd been all night. And Blaine let him get close as Kurt shimmied up against him.

The tense line in Kurt's body slipped away and he didn't look back once at the boy at the bar.

Blaine looked pleased and despite himself, Sebastian found it amusing. He knew which one was the possessive one in the relationship now, the protective one and it wasn't Blaine. He was so wrong though.

The two of them danced close and Sebastian moved around Blaine so he could drink his fill of Kurt as he danced but Kurt kept putting himself between Sebastian and Blaine and did it so smoothly, with the spins and dance moves that Blaine obviously preferred. He even sent him a sassy 'back off' look over his shoulder once before he moved back in on Blaine.

The two of them had not acted at all in a way that Sebastian had been expecting. If it appeared he was going after Blaine, then Kurt would actually put himself even closer to try and block him. That just put Kurt exactly where Sebastian really wanted him.

The three danced for awhile longer and soon Blaine was fairly drunk and Kurt decided it was time to get him home. Sebastian acted as if he was going to find a hook up for the night, but truthfully no one there had even remotely interested him. His eyes had been on a high-end designer clad body all night. He still looked immaculate as he helped Blaine outside, he had just taken off his vest and laid it over his arm but Blaine's hair was a mess, his shirt was half untucked and his bowtie was undone and hanging around his neck. Obviously the tie was a poor decision, at least Kurt's... tie? Was easy to wear and he had somehow pinned it into place so it didn't flap all over the place hitting people, especially with how they danced.

Sebastian might have criticized how they danced because it wasn't the way to pick up guys in a bar, but the joke was on him, they were going home together and he'd probably be going home alone. The fact that it was his choice was no consolation because he had wanted to go home with someone, just that someone was going home with someone else.

Wow, that was definitely a first for him and he wasn't used to it. He thought about forcing himself to just hook up with someone to prove a point that he wasn't already pining over someone, he didn't pine, but after one last look around, he followed them out. Nope, nobody of interest at the moment to keep him inside, even to pretend.

He had only had two drinks over twice as many hours and he was fine to drive home. He was a ways away but he caught what looked like an argument between Kurt and Blaine. Kurt was pulling out of the backseat of the car he had driven and was smoothing down his clothes while Blaine came out after him, looking more rumpled than before but not bothering with his outfit.

He couldn't hear what they were arguing about but Blaine had made a move to kiss Kurt and Kurt pulled away. It wasn't his place to get in between a lovers' spat and then their voices raised further but he still could hear anything concrete. He didn't move closer, this might be beneficial to his plans.

Yet... he did move closer just in case it got violent. He found it unlikely but he didn't want any harm to come to that soft unblemished skin. The argument looked intense and then Blaine walked off in a huff. "Blaine!" Kurt called out after him. He kept walking and once he was out of sight, Kurt wrenched his door open and got not the wagon and slammed his door shut before he too was leaving. Sebastian didn't go after him, he knew better, he would let Kurt cool down, Sebastian only knew how to rile him up and antagonize him right now.

He would use that to his advantage too.

He started hanging around the coffee shop more and met up with Blaine a few times, which irritated Kurt to no end. He'd tried to ask about Kurt but it only made Blaine suspicious and so he stopped. He asked about the other Glee Kids instead and chatted with him about the Warblers, trying to get Blaine's side of the story over what happened last year.

Blaine was very careful with what he said on all accounts. When some girl named Rachel came in and spotted the familiar Dalton uniform, she'd started shouting that he was a spy and Blaine was a double agent and a spy. Blaine pouted and got angry with her and then they both cried and hugged and Sebastian had no idea what was happening. She sent him a glare though.

Then the name clicked and he stared at the two of them. "You are the girl that made out with Blaine and is now his duet partner?"

"Sometimes Finn..." She tried to explain but she couldn't really remember the last time she sang with Finn since Blaine came to McKinley.

"That makes it sound worse than it was. I'm with Kurt now, it's all been sorted." Sebastian pretended to believe him and not press but he was very much aware that Rachel still looked at Blaine with a mild form of lust in her gaze. He didn't look at her back with that at least, just fond affection.

Somehow during that visit he managed to carefully extract information and put it together with what he already knew and created a more complete picture of what was going on. Rachel and Blaine were very similar, both wanted to be stars and have all eyes on them and the best way to do it was to work together as a team. They didn't get quite as much individual praise but they had each other's backs and were 'the most talented kids in the club' and if they bonded together, it would be hard to go against them, especially with Kurt supporting Blaine and Finn in Rachel's corner, the only other challengers.

The others kind of watched Kurt and Finn to see what they thought and did and went with it. If either were against a plan then a brawl often broke out soon after. Not that anyone noticed it but Sebastian as he listened very carefully to their stories.

Some of them wanted to be more front and center but if Kurt didn't fight for it, they didn't either. They didn't realize they were making it harder for anyone to be front and center if it went from 3 requests to 7, at that point their teacher had to stick with the status quo because otherwise he'd have to choose. Yet when Kurt spoke up, they all did, after. He was the only one with the attitude to challenge Rachel on her level, the only one she remotely listened to. If he said it long and hard enough that she was in the wrong, then she believed it. Nothing anyone else said penetrated her bubble of self-righteousness. Yet it sounded like that wasn't happening much at all anymore now that Blaine was there, keeping Kurt sedated.

Sebastian didn't like what he was understanding about their relationships. Finn had apparently been jealous of Blaine's arrival at first on many fronts and had stirred up the pot enough to have a temporary riot and walk out of two girls – Santana and Mercedes. They claimed it was because of Rachel but apparently Rachel was acting no differently than before, it was actually Blaine's presence that had caused the rift. Several of the other girls had followed, their loyalties lying with the two that left. Only two other girls remained beside Rachel apparently. Enough girls had been found to form a new girl-only choir group which was weird because Blaine had made 12 in the original group. Now they were scrambling to find members to bring them back up again.

Which brought in Sam, who had completely set Blaine off since he and Kurt were good friends and Finn and Kurt had gone to find him and found him at a strip club mid-act. Finn had covered Kurt's eyes but Kurt peaked through the fingers to watch. Blaine couldn't have known that and Sebastian was only guessing based on what Rachel said Finn had said about it. Blaine had barely let Sam settle before he was calling him cheap and his ideas inappropriate for their group.

Those missing blanks were filling in easier now and was understanding where all the misunderstanding was coming from when it came to Kurt and the Warblers and it's name was Blaine. He was doing the same thing with the ND as he had done with the Wablers – weasel his way in (what the Warblers had accused Kurt of) and become all of their friends and favorite singer and separate Kurt from them. Sebastian wasn't understanding why yet, why keep your boyfriend away from your friends?

The only one he actually wasn't keeping Kurt away from in those subtle ways was Sebastian. Because they acted as if they couldn't stand each other already? Well good because that meant that Sebastian could get closer to Kurt right under Blaine's nose under the disguise of arguing with him. It didn't answer why he hadn't pushed the other boy away at the bar though...

Argue they did, they threw barb after barb at each other, learning so much about each other in the process and it was fun, it was never loaded nor harmful nor angry, they just made it seem like an argument but they were bantering more than anything else. It became flirtatious in a very hidden way right in front of Blaine who kept trying to push them together despite thinking they didn't like each other at all.

He pushed the arguing pair toward each other with him present while simultaneously keeping up friendships with both the Warblers and ND and driving a wedge between Kurt and his friends. Sebastian figured it out, his initial instinct of Blaine's 4 modes were true enough. Keeping all the attention on him was all part of his narcissistic personality, keeping Kurt away from the others meant he could only focus on Blaine too and kept the others from rioting because Kurt needed to keep Blaine on his good side and with him otherwise he didn't really have anyone, or thought that. Blaine had messed with his head subtly, he was super possessive and jealous, just in a very subtle way that had almost managed to slip passed Sebastian but Kurt was feeling it if he wasn't aware of it already consciously.

If Kurt gave attention to someone else – for example Sam or Finn – then Blaine's poutiness came out in droves and just made everyone miserable. So Kurt pulled away and Blaine got everything he wanted. God, if he pulled that at Dalton- no wonder the Warblers thought Kurt had been standoffish and pulling Blaine away from them too, even though it had all been Blaine's doing. Kurt probably instinctively wanted to go back to McKinley because he actually had friends there. Blaine couldn't let him go or have confidence or backup, if he did, then he might realize what Blaine was doing and end things. Blaine needed to be in charge and manipulate things. Sebastian had noted that at the first meeting. He had been the one to choose Kurt for a duet, despite Kurt's protests there were a lot of deserving boys (manipulation, control) and chose the song too, knowing it would drive the Dalton boys further away from Kurt (manipulation, control). Why did Kurt agree to that song? He was smart and knew it was about anthems, had the song spoken to him personally and the others just didn't know it but Blaine did? He had a feeling that he was close to the mark.

Blaine had won the lasting friendship and devotion of the Dalton boys and now he was setting out to do the same at McKinley, his fandom wasn't big enough and he needed it to grow. Sebastian had heard about the numbers he'd collected from the all girls' school and the poor attempts at wooing other boys. Blaine succeeded with Kurt because he'd cut him off from everyone else, first pulling him away from McKinley, then cutting him out at Dalton. It had made Kurt have no other option but to say yes to the serenade.

From what Sebastian could see, Blaine was well on his way to doing the same in Lima as he had in Westerville. He already had Rachel firmly on his side, Tina too and he and Sam were becoming fast buddies despite the 'misunderstanding' at first. Even Finn was bonding with the curly haired boy. Hell, Puck and Quinn were warming up toward him too; and judging from the argument about MJ songs, Santana and Artie with him too.

Why had he chosen Kurt to do this to? That was still a mystery, because he spied? Because he was fabulous in all ways, including singing? Because if Kurt was given the reigns, he'd be a force to reckon with and a real challenge for Blaine, one he'd likely lose? Because Kurt kept pulling away when he was tired of Blaine's crap or hadn't wanted to fully fit in at Dalton and did whatever he could to show that too? If he did this to Kurt and got tired of him, would he look for a new victim to handle and separate from others? Kurt was strong and willed and independent but from what he understood, prior to Sebastian's presence, he was losing that quickly and it had only been rekindled with his ongoing 'fight' with Sebastian. He saw the fire in those ocean eyes and the pleasure in verbally sparring with someone else. Sebastian wouldn't stop that for anything.

Thankfully, Sebastian never saw a bruise on Kurt, but the manipulation was more complete, more subtle, nobody would ever believe he pulled it off, would deny it purely out of pride. But just as surely as hitting Kurt, this was a form of domestic abuse and Sebastian was determined to end it.

So, in a fit of rage and jealousy, Sebastian did the unthinkable because Kurt would never free himself. He'd learned that after that argument he'd failed to stop in the parking lot of Scandals, Blaine had manipulated Kurt even further, all the way into his bed for the first time. He just kept tightening his hold on Kurt, who didn't deserved to be crushed in that fist or have his oxygen squeezed out of his lungs.

Sebastian knew that Blaine would step in the way of his surprise. It would look brave and heroic to the others and might backfire on Sebastian as they'd only like Blaine even more. Even Kurt would start to view him that way temporarily and Sebastian as a villain. But it was a necessary evil to give Kurt space and breathing room. Perhaps with both, he'd see what was happening, or at least strengthen those fraying friendships before Blaine came back. He hoped the others would see what Blaine was doing to their one time 'family'.

Sebastian though planted the seeds in the Warblers first. Convinced them to help him with the slushy and commented on how even the ND had splintered apart and so couldn't have been their goal to harm others, just that groups split and with different combinations of people things work or don't work. They blamed it on Kurt and said Blaine was trying to hold them all together.

Sebastian gave up on that front, knowing he couldn't convince people who were brainwashed prior to meeting Kurt to view Kurt as anything other than a home-wrecker. He could only hope he could waken up the ND and open their eyes to the problem before it became permanent. He had no idea what Blaine was doing to Kurt's family life, aware that Finn was his step brother and that Blaine got on with their dad. Without his family, he'd be completely cut free and left adrift and that would be bad. Blaine would have complete control over Kurt then and he wouldn't even know it.

True to form, not only because of how the others viewed him, but Sebastian figured Blaine really did care for Kurt in his own way and wanted to keep him safe and scratch free, Blaine stepped in the way of a slushy that Sebastian would later say was meant for Kurt. The Warblers certainly thought so. They thought Sebastian was trying to get Kurt out of the picture so he could date Blaine himself and get him to come back to Dalton and the Wablers. They had no idea, none of them did.

Sebastian had known what he was doing, he'd waited till they were next to each other facing Sebastian, knowing that with the angle he threw it in, if Blaine hadn't stepped in front of Kurt, then it would have only ruined Kurt's clothes. But he did know that if Blaine did as he was predicted to do, then it would hit Blaine square in the face. He felt bad about the eye surgery part but he didn't regret the action itself at all, not if it freed Kurt from a very devastating future.