Chapter 11: Elliott 'Starchild' Gilbert

One would think that with his ring on Kurt's ring finger, Sebastian wouldn't feel the need to stake his claim quite so obviously or thoroughly anymore. That the ring could do the work for him.

If anything people seemed to take that as a challenge and all genders started making more passes on the two when they were next to each or flying solo.

Sebastian felt like he was chasing people off more than ever. Yet there were a few people, no matter what he did, did he seem to be able to chase off at all. After awhile he stopped trying, they were showing themselves to be harmless in the long run, oddly.

Kurt was listless, he had NYADA and the major shows on the weekends for his play and the shifts at the restaurant on a few nights a week. He had done the show all summer long and had a sold out house every night. It was destined to be a long running show and his understudy did a lot of the weekday shows but once in awhile Kurt threw his own presence in a week day show and gave his understudy a weekend. Not just one show on the weekend, but the entire weekend. He made good money off the show but once in awhile he wanted to take his fiance out of town and upstate to do wicked things to him all weekend long without anyone listening in.

Sebastian was more than happy to help him out with that.

Still, he felt like he was drifting, he had a lot more freetime on his hands than he was used to and Santana was feeling the exact same way. If he wasn't creating something, then he felt like he was being utterly useless and was pointless. Sebastian kept trying to reassure him and convince him that just being was wonderful and Kurt just being was miraculous. He didn't mean Kurt not doing anything, but just the fact that Kurt existed could never be considered pointless even if he wasn't doing anything. "You're going to burn yourself out one of these days." Sebastian murmured against Kurt's forehead one night when Kurt couldn't stop sneezing or shivering mid winter that year. Kurt had picked up more shows and took harder NYADA courses, ahead of schedule and took more shifts at the restaurant to try and stave off some of that restless feeling.

He was burning up and Sebastian held him tight to his naked chest trying to keep him warmer even if he was hot to the touch, he was still freezing. After that week, when Kurt was starting to feel better he agreed to back off on all the extra work, he'd still do some but wouldn't go quite as nuts with it.

"Good, you were going to work yourself to an early death and for what? Some extra spending money? Love, I have more money than I could ever spend. Relax, the stuff you love has been providing for you now." The play was and he enjoyed working with cars and that had provided too in Lima and he always had fashion to fall back on. Not many people could say that. "Just enjoy being young would you?"

He probably created this situation with those words. How was he ever supposed to know that though? This was not something he could have ever had anticipated when he asked Kurt to slow down and stop working so much.

Kurt always had to be creating. That was just in his bones and if he wasn't, well, then Kurt would be listless and moody and argumentative. Sebastian tried to convince him to be creative in the bedroom, keep making love with him. That had gotten a smile and a laugh and a small smack on the shoulder and a few other perks but he hadn't thought Sebastian was serious, not nearly as much as Sebastian actually was.

Next thing he knew Kurt and Santana had created a band with a yet to be determined name and a casting call at the abandoned warehouse down the street. Even worse than the park, Sebastian groaned to himself. Kurt was walking around with an expensive ring on his hand in shady areas of town without a care in the world. Anything could happen to him.

Kurt always said he knew what he was doing and he had a great bodyguard in Santana at his side most of the time. Sebastian had then threatened to get him a bodyguard because Kurt didn't know how to take care of himself quite as well as he thought. He still had never thrown a punch in his life.

"Hopefully I will never need to." Kurt countered. "But no bodyguards, why would I need one?"

"Because you're going to marry the heir of quite a large fortune? Because you're now a celebrity in your own right?"

Kurt lifted a brow. "Small time celebrity, no one knows who I am outside of the off-off Broadway circuit and we're not married and haven't put an announcement in the papers, so why would anyone ever know that outside our friends?"

He hadn't incurred a brow lift in so long that Sebastian was surprised by how much he loved and missed it. He wasn't going to go seeking it out though, this conversation was just irking Kurt. He still liked his freedom. "Well, when we get married, it'll definitely find it's way into the papers, my family name just requires it when there's been a change in the hierarchy."

"There's going to be a change if you marry me?"

"Yeah, cause if I die, the money will all go to you and not my cousin." Sebastian shrugged as if that didn't matter.

Kurt blinked at him. "What?"

"Yeah, but don't get any ideas, if you kill me off for the money, you don't get a penny and a lot of jail time." Sebastian laughed at Kurt's face. "Aw, I didn't know you cared that much."

"I don't care about your money, 'Stien! I do care about the fact that we'll both have a target on our backs if we get married!"

"Anyone I marry would have a target on their back. If I have kids, they'll have it too, but not to worry, my extended family isn't as blood thirsty as all that."

"And if we marry and have a kid or two, one from each of us and you die first and then I die, who does the money go to then?"

"Our children." Sebastian frowned, not understanding.

"Your blood relative or mine?"

"Ours." Sebastian didn't think Kurt was understanding either.

"And if we don't have kids and the same was true?"

"Well, that would depend on your will. If you don't have one, it goes to the state or potentially my family since some of it is in a trust until the recipient is of age... If you have a will, then whoever you will it to." Sebastian laughed at Kurt's concerned face. "It's the same no matter how much money you have. Where will Burt's shop go once he dies?"

It may have been too early for that and Kurt's shudder of revulsion went through Sebastian too but Kurt stopped and thought about it. "I guess now Finn and myself evenly, most likely if not Carole first." Or just Kurt to do what he pleased with it, since he was actually Burt's son. Kurt settled back into the bed and Sebastian's mouth found the skin of his collar bone and mouthed it, pressing kisses along the delicate bones and small nips and just sucked on it too.

They were laying in bed, just enjoying each other and having no intention to rush anything on this lazy day. If they went all the way today, they went all the way but that wasn't the sole goal. Sebastian paused as something came to him. "Unlike most families though... there are people out there who would do you harm or kidnap you just to get at me, whether in revenge for something I did or for my money. So, just be careful who you invite into your life." So far, they'd all been decent people. That could change with the right presentation at first.

Kurt stretched out beneath Sebastian. "I think I'm over this conversation for now. Shut up and kiss me."

"Ok." Sebastian started to move toward Kurt's lips but Kurt smirked and shook his head and didn't even need to direct Sebastian, he had a clear understanding of what Kurt wanted and he moved down Kurt's body.

Kurt and Santana still ended up going to the warehouse, despite Sebastian's warning and they sat there for hours, waiting for someone to show up.

"It is kind of stupid doing this here."

"It was cheap." Kurt argued.

"Yeah but everyone is going to think we're inviting them to a death march or something."

"Death match?" Kurt suggested.

"Whatever." Santana rolled her shoulders. "I'm done with this crap. We'll find a better place next time. Who advertises still in the newspaper except old people?"

"I posted it on Twitter, Facebook and Insta, I'll have you know!" Kurt argued, he hadn't even touched the newspaper until it looked like they weren't going to get any results with the usual method.

"It would help if you put your real name or if we had a band name. Right now 'unnamed band' sounds like a death crew."

"What is it with you and death today?" Kurt demanded, annoyed at his good friend, his true best friend who had been there for him through everything and had always been on his side. Though he'd never breath those words out loud if he wanted to live.

They were about to pack up when there was a knock on the door and a dark head poked itself inside. He was wearing a hat and a lot of black makeup. "Is it too late to audition? I got lost on the way over here. I've never been to this part of New York before."

"No, no, go ahead." Santana sat up straighter and leaned forward slightly, excited about this attractive stranger.

He was a weird mix of goth and steampunk and he seemed so sweet and kind when he spoke. He was also fantastic, Kurt had never heard anyone better than him and he'd been surrounded by incredible singers all his life. Kurt bit his bottom lip as Santana gushed. Sebastian's words coming back to him about being careful of appearances.

"I don't know-" Kurt started.

"What don't you know? He's fantastic!"

"But his aesthetic..."

"Is your Ohio-self which you've completely turned down for who knows what reason here in New York! You're more like your old self, like this, when you're back in Ohio during visits!" Santana argued.

"This was never my aesthetic. I never dressed like that."

"No, just skirts and bear hats at the same time. This at least make more sense." Santana was getting frustrated and when frustrated, she got pissy and mean.

"I never did that, and besides, my fashion sense wasn't accepted there but it has been here. Why? Why are you more into him dressing this way than when I did it? Because he's more attractive? Because he's taller? More manly looking?"

The two started arguing and the guy cleared his throat. "For what it's worth, I think you both could rock this style too and for it to look natural on you. I like your current style too, and you're incredibly hot."

The two at the table just stopped arguing and turned to look at him. "Say what?" Santana started getting defensive of Kurt, the guy had only had compliments but that meant he was hitting on Kurt and hitting on Kurt was not acceptable.

"I- what?" He scratched the back of his head. He'd introduced himself as Starchild. He kept looking over at Kurt as if trying to pin something together in his mind.

"There will be no romance in the band! Romance is bad! We're both gay and if you were straight it would have been so much better. But that was a rare hope since you came in like this." Santana waved at Starchild.

"Look..." Kurt started, standing up a little to try and pull Santana back to her seat. "We'll let you know but we don't think this is going to be a good fit."

Sebastian was pleased to hear it.

Less pleased to hear that somehow Starchild had put together that Kurt was the one posting online and in the paper and he had put it together with the star of an off-off Broadway show and had somehow tracked him down to the restaurant he worked at. Made more sense when Sebastian recalled that was in his bio as part of the deal of him working there and picking up his preferred shifts (and that he was a NYADA student was also on the bio).

It put both of their backs up as Sebastian's warning about bad people out there who would use Kurt to get to Sebastian, or even Kurt's own notoriety at this stage. Sebastian was thankful he hadn't found Kurt at NYADA, it would have been easier to disappear off campus than a crowded restaurant, they were at least contained inside a building there for Kurt's shifts and Santana and Kurt usually went home together. Especially now that Dani just glowered at Santana whenever she mentioned Brittany to Kurt or Rachel.

Kurt had gone over to Starchild's table to take his order. "Is this more to your liking?" Starchild asked and at Kurt's startled look and ready to bolt and fob off his table to someone else, Starchild held up a hand. "I'm Elliott Gilbert. We met the other day, I called myself Starchild and you didn't think my look would fit your aesthetic?"

"Starchild?" Kurt asked carefully, he looked a lot different without the makeup on, but still incredibly attractive. "I'm taking an intermission!" He called out to the restaurant and slid into the booth across from Elliott. "We're required to say that. I'm sorry about the other day. I was being judgy, it's something I'm working on. Usually I'm too accepting, or so I've been told so I totally threw off Santana with trying to say no to you. I was caught up in something someone had said and what Santana had been saying about the place and then you came in all black and talking about autographs and being lost in the part of town you had no business being in and being center of attention and yet you would have been ignored too..." Kurt shook his head. "Now I'm rambling."

"It's cute." Elliott reassured him. "I think I understand. I'm not from New York either but I've been looking for a band to join and I thought I'd take a shot. Your adverts were fantastic and probably scared off a lot of other people who don't understand that kind of wit. I get it, that's why I showed up."

"It's why I wrote them that way, I wanted an authentic person who understood the group they'd be joining. As you can see, we're not always on the same page and we argue and we love each other."

"It's cool. I'm not used to that, it was a pretty chill house that I grew up in, no arguing really. I'm willing to work with that though." Elliott grinned. "I saw your show, your voice is amazing and I think we'd make a good pair, compliment each other well."

"I compliment a lot of people well with my voice. It's a blessing that's gotten me pretty far but nobody has really noticed before." Kurt was used just to raise other voices up, instead. "San's voice is amazing too."

"Hard to top yours."

"Or yours." Kurt admitted, Elliott had been as fantastic as Santana said.

"Stop flirting, have you forgotten about your fiance? Though he is pretty hot." Santana's eyes roamed over Elliott.

"I thought you were gay." Elliott commented with a confused frown, he hadn't been expecting to find Santana here as well.

"I am, but doesn't mean I can't appreciate a fine male ass." Santana grinned. "Or other body parts." Kurt didn't tell Elliott that Santana had only recently come out and was notoriously with a lot of boys back in Ohio. Her eyes narrowed into slits. "Though I still think the Fiance wins in the looks department."

"Not in the voice department though." Kurt joked and Santana looked over to him like he was crazy.

"Better than a lead Warbler?"

"Second string lead." Kurt pointed out, he'd been pushed back when Blaine went back to Dalton. "Though lead of the off-shoot and went further than the Warblers did, much to their shame."

"Better than Blaine?" Santana asked carefully, he'd come in and taken right over. She didn't want that to happen here with Kurt again, Sebastian was a good solid singer and better than all the singers at Dalton but he wasn't better than Kurt. Neither was Blaine, honestly, he just had more of a manly-male look than Kurt. Kurt had a massive range, more than Blaine. Blaine just had the sex appeal and had a better range of types of songs he could sing than Sebastian but Sebastian could nail the ones he did sing far better than Blaine. Sebastian had even more of a sex appeal than Blaine did for both genders. They all had their strengths and weaknesses.

"Better than Blaine." Kurt nodded his agreement. "You've heard him sing too and were floored by him. Dare I say he's even better of a singer than I am?"

"No way." Santana shook her head, totally not believing that could be true.

"This is Elliott Gilbert." Kurt waited a beat while he let Santana sit with that knowledge, hoping it sunk in. "Starchild."

"Oh hey!" Santana greeted. "You were great, sorry we scared you off."

"You didn't, you just told me that I wasn't what you were looking for. So I came to beg Kurt to give me a second chance. I could be whoever or whatever he wants me to be, he won't be disappointed."

"Hey, hey, none of that!" Santana wagged her finger in front of Elliott. "I told you, no romance in the band."

"There's no romance, Santana!" Kurt waved her off, his ring reflecting in the light of the restaurant.

"Oh, right, she did say Fiance, didn't she?" Elliott watched the ring shine so beautifully. "That's a nice ring."

Kurt nodded. "He had it designed specifically for the two of us. I think it's the perfect blend."

"He gave himself the same ring?" Elliott asked somewhat amused by that strange twist.

"No, he had an engagement and wedding ring designed but we decided that since I bought some as well, that we'd exchange the rings we bought as engagement rings and then the wedding ring would go to the opposite person so we'd have one of each."

"Interesting idea." Elliott nodded. "Very cute."

Kurt turned to Santana a bit more fully. "A little flirting is not romance. I'm very much in love and have no interest in anyone else."

"And I am not interested in chasing after someone already very much taken." Elliott held up his hands. "I am good at ignoring uncomfortable things and you won't have to worry about me doing anything or overstepping in any way! I just want to be part of the band. That's all I want or care about, especially now I know what Kurt sounds like. I think we'll be fantastic, the three of us."

"The three of us..." Kurt reflected on what Elliott said.

"Did you want more people?" Santana asked carefully. "Because we definitely know several people who can sing and belt it. We'd talked about a few of them already..."

"No. I don't want them to be part of our band." It would be too much drama. "No, three... What about Three Tree Hill?"

"That's such... a you name for a band." Santana laughed and shook her head. "Cool, I'm with it."

"I like it." Elliott agreed with it.

"Excellent. So we'll practice at the warehouse then?"

"What is it with you and industrial spaces?" Santana teased. "A failed restaurant for an apartment and a warehouse for a band practice and audition space?"

"It's cheap and big and we'll be undisturbed." Kurt shrugged and neither could argue with that, they could be cramped and elbowing each other all the time, or they could have the space to do what they wanted and needed to.

Thus began Sebastian's most recent annoyance and trouble.

Elliott definitely didn't gain any points in Sebastian's favor when they met for the first time a week later. "Elliott, I'd like to introduce you to my fiance -"

Elliott thought he was being suave and showing that he paid attention to his new friends when he cut Kurt off and spoke for himself. "Blaine. It's nice to meet you- what?"

"You think I'm Blaine?" Sebastian was just livid. "You think Kurt agreed to marry Blaine?" He spun on Kurt. "What have you been telling him?"

"What? Nothing!" Kurt defended. "I don't talk about any of my relationships during practice. We just go and practice and then leave. I just wanted to introduce the two of you since we're getting closer to solidifying a sound and then we'll be finding venues and you'll see each other a lot more. I thought it better if you met while you could hear each other-" He held up his hands in self-defense. "I have no idea why he thought your name was Blaine."

"Santana said-"

"Santana would not tell you Kurt's fiance was Blaine, she hates him more than I do, if at all possible." Sebastian was beginning to shake.

"Wait... you guys hate Blaine?" Kurt was shocked. "I knew you didn't exactly like him but you've both been polite."

"Exactly Santana and I have been polite. When have we ever been polite to friends? Or even people we tolerate, like Rachel?"

"But- why haven't you told me that?" Kurt got completely side-tracked by this conversation. "Blaine's my friend but if you don't like him, why is he living with us?"

"Because he's your friend and Rachel's and you know she would throw a fit if we kicked him out." Sebastian rubbed his shoulder, sometimes an old lacrosse injury would flare up with weather and stress, man he was starting to sound old. "It doesn't matter."

"It- matters..." Kurt finished lamely, because Sebastian was right, to appease Rachel, they kept Blaine on at the apartment. "You like his boyfriend though?"

"Bland McGee? No." It was the second one, the last one lasted about a year but was now over. Maybe this one would last longer.

"Geez, all these miscommunications!" Kurt muttered starting to get annoyed himself, which brought them back to the Elliott that was trying to slip away. "Anyway, Sebastian is my fiance."

"Who I will know hates my guts if he's polite to me? At least Santana isn't." He tried to smile and hold a hand out to Sebastian but Sebastian just raked his eyes over Elliott.

"He's hot." Sebastian said totally deadpanned and Kurt lifted a brow. "Incredibly attractive and seems nice." He said that as if it were a bad thing.

"He is nice." Kurt confirmed. "And yeah, I guess he's hot. Santana thinks you inch out ahead of him in that department though."

"What do you think?"

"I'm marrying you, aren't I?"

"Yeah but that's for my money." Sebastian teased and Kurt rolled his eyes.

"Sure, keep telling yourself that." Kurt spun on Elliott who was watching the two of them as if they were insane. "I told you, we fight and bicker and we love each other because we're family. Why did you think Blaine was my fiance's name?"

"Just that you and Santana were talking about your fiance and how I was a better singer than Blaine and I guess I confused them."

Sebastian nodded, he'd long ago accepted that Blaine would be picked up by some label and Sebastian wouldn't, which is why he didn't even bother, he never dreamed of being a recording artist. He didn't have the sheer talent behind it. He'd rather just sing for Kurt anyway, all the songs he wanted to sing were for Kurt's ears alone, were far more intimate. Kurt could be the showy one in their relationship.

"Are you why he tones down his outfits?" Elliott asked, surprising himself with the question.

"Tones down his outfits?" Sebastian hadn't even considered that and now he was looking at Kurt with fresh eyes. "When did you start wearing just button downs and tight jeans?" They weren't simple button downs and tight jeans, the jeans were always different colors and the button downs always had some kind of unusual print. Now that Elliott pointed it out though, he couldn't recall the last time he'd seen a hippo broach, fancy jacket, scarf or a million layers, much less some of his more creative items.

Kurt's eyes widened as he was now caught by Sebastian with the argument he and Santana had when they first met Elliott. He had worn a purple shirt, feathered hat, black knee high boots and black pants and a jacket with tails the first time he'd come to New York. It had not been a quiet outfit at all and would have rivaled Elliott's. He hadn't been stopped for autographs though.

"It's just kind of been for convenience, between having to change for the restaurant and the play so many times a day, the different outfits for NYADA depending on the day/activity and then wanting to just get home and get rid of my clothes... I haven't really felt like replacing the multitude of layers 9 times in a day. I'm already tired enough, I just want to crawl into bed with you without all the effort. Besides, the place is too small with all of us living there to have my full wardrobe. I took it all back to Lima. I'll bring it back when I feel the time is right." He still spent time and energy on his hair though and he still wore layers in the winter or when he was just hanging out at home. He wouldn't be caught dead in a simple button up and jeans, he had to have them tight and they had to be stylish.

Sebastian tipped his head to the side. "I told you that you're wearing yourself thin, you're not even doing something that you love anymore. Something that you bulked Dalton tradition for."

"I'm still me Bas, just a simplified version of me!" Kurt didn't want to argue about this. "Thanks Elliott."

"Yeah, thanks Elliott." They were both somewhat sarcastic but had different inflections in their voice and meant different things.

Elliott rolled his eyes, so this is what Kurt had warned him about. He was tempted to leave but Santana came in. "So are we practicing or what? Sebastian! What are you doing here?"

"I was invited to meet the newest band member." Sebastian covered easily and slid his hand around Kurt's waist and laid his hand on the opposite hip. It wasn't possessive, just showing togetherness for Santana's sake and maybe a little for Elliott. The ring glistening in the light, definitely was. "Bas?" Sebastian questioned in Kurt's ear. "What happened to 'Stien?"

"I was annoyed with you but still being affectionate." Kurt answered back, not letting the other two hear them. Santana would walk if she thought there was any romantic drama in the band and there wasn't, not really.

Sebastian listened in on the band's set. They were definitely a work in progress as Kurt and Elliott warred for lead vocals. Santana in the end came out sounding the clearest as she just continued doing her thing while they ebbed and flowed deciding to give in a little and then taking the next line. "I think you need to work out who is singing what, when, where." Sebastian suggested.

"Want to show me what a lead singer sounds like?" Elliott prodded and Sebastian lifted a brow himself now, this was somewhere between daring and egging him on. He was somewhere between teasing and insulting. Sebastian jumped up onto stage, well aware of what Elliott was trying to do.

"Wouldn't mind if I do." Sebastian turned to his fiance. "Kurt? Want to sing with me?"

Kurt hadn't actually ever done so and so agreed and Sebastian did not try to overpower him, but rather encouraged him to sing different parts either in harmony or to take over lead for a moment.

Santana clapped, she hadn't helped out with backup vocals this time.

"So...?" Kurt asked later that night when they were alone in their room and speaking French once more. "What did you think of him? Of the band?"

"You have the potential for a very nice sound, the right music and you will probably make a huge dent in the music scene here in New York, potentially landing a contract and becoming super famous... but Kurt, that's not what you actually want, is it? You could have gone Mercedes' route ages ago, you always wanted to be on Broadway."

"I... do. I just want to sing more and even my recent lead role doesn't actually do much singing." Except for when he was rehearsing, he didn't sing much anymore around the apartment, not since Blaine moved in. Blaine always jumped in and started singing too, even while rehearsing, which is another reason why he'd taken to practicing in the park. Only a few people attempted to there and it wasn't to take over, but to be working with Kurt on it. He always thanked them for helping out and continued on. It was just Blaine's nature to try and take over, which is why he didn't want him in One Three Hill? Was that better than Three Tree Hill? He'd have to think on it.

Sebastian tugged Kurt to him. "Sing away, baby, I will always want to hear you." He ran his thumb along Kurt's jaw. "As long as you're happy and doing what you want to do, I will never try to stop you or redirect you. I just want to make sure you are doing what you want and not overexerting yourself for an idea that you don't actually want, something you just think you have to do."

"You-" Kurt paused and shook his head. "You always what's going on inside of me."

He kept up with the band and he and Elliott got close, going to an afternoon play in the Gardens, guitar shopping, impulsive songs and dances at said shop. He even started wearing vests and hats and jackets again.

Sometimes the band had to be put on hold due to the play but no one in it protested. Nor when he got cast as second lead off-Broadway and had less time. Santana and Elliott still practiced so they'd be ready for him to just slide in and do his thing.

All of this was just fine and Sebastian was dealing because nothing besides the occasional flirt happened. Even the clubs they went to seemed to understand that both were off market. Elliott and the others joined too and Elliott danced nearby but was always hands off.

Sebastian was just beginning to think that Elliott was like Adam, interested but keeping a respectable distance for Kurt's sake.

Or that's what he thought until Kurt's Cookie Roll beeped with an upload on Sebastian's phone. He had given in to that one because it wasn't as obnoxious as the other social media sites, these were friends only on this one, for now.

At first he just saw Kurt's surprised face, then realized why he was surprised. Elliott was holding his phone out in front of them and it looked like they were just going to take a picture together. Sebastian flipped back one picture and yep, Kurt was just prepared to smile at the camera. Then the one he opened the app up on – Elliott was kissing Kurt's cheek.

The picture clearly showed that Kurt hadn't been expecting it. He went back to the picture before and it had caught Elliott looking impish, he was doing this just to surprise Kurt. Then another picture loaded and Kurt was blushing hard and smiling with Elliott's lips still on his cheek.

There were only ever 3 pictures in a row and so he wasn't expecting more but he wanted to know if Elliott pushed it further. He glanced around his classroom, everyone was just doing some self-studying right now as they worked on a paper, they were in the classroom in case they had any questions for the professor. Nobody had asked anything for the last half hour. He glanced at his watch, he had 3 more classes before he could go home.

He sent a quick text to Kurt. It sat unread in his mailbox. Growing unease gnawed at his stomach. Why wasn't Kurt responding? He'd sent off – well, Elliott sent off pictures of them in an intimate pose – and then nothing! What were they doing? Each other?

If that were the case, then it was too late to stop them from doing it.

He tried to keep himself calm and stop himself storming out and tracking them down and killing the one moving in on his territory. Kurt wasn't his territory, he was his fiance who was free to make his own choices but he could hope that Kurt wouldn't cheat.

Sebsatian froze as he gathered up his books, he was doing exactly what he had promised Kurt he wouldn't do – use himself as a reason to get jealous. He wasn't going to use himself as a template of a pattern, Kurt had been with Blaine, yes, but he was done with that relationship even before he met Sebastian.

Kurt had just been trapped because of how Blaine pulled the strings on everything around him and the pressure from the rest of his 'friends'. Sebastian had been an out and he'd been with him for years ever since, and had agreed to marry him, had asked Sebastian to marry him too. He had never done one thing to cast suspicion on him, nothing that would make Sebastian think he was even capable of cheating or recognizing when someone else was interested in him. Kurt was blind to the flirting; didn't think anyone would flirt with him and so never realized if he was flirting back unless he tried and he only ever tried with Sebastian.

He was so cute when he was trying to be obvious in his interest in Sebastian, wanting him to flirt back. He did it so subtly naturally that it was so adorable when he flexed what he thought were flirting skills, what the magazines said to do. He was often just natural with Sebastian but once in awhile he liked to be a bit more aggressive in his intentions. They both knew he was doing it, which is why he did it; it had become an inside joke. Sometimes they did it in front of Blaine just to get back at him for his gas-pains comments in high school. So he was under no illusions that they were in love and flirting and getting it on behind bedroom curtains.

Sebastian knew the kiss had surprised Kurt, it was written all over his face in those three photos. He settled down, this was the most Elliott had ever done and he doubted that Elliott would go from 0 to 100 and if he did, Kurt would spazz out so hard and get out of there. They were bound to meet up with Santana in an hour and if Elliott did anything to Kurt, Santana would get there first and kill him. Sebastian would be able to keep his hands clean this time.

Things must have been fine between them since Sebastian met up with Blaine, Finn and Rachel at the bar that their band was performing at. Santana, Kurt and Elliott were all on stage and going through their sets and it was enjoyable. They all balanced each other out, they all had solos and runs and were able to showcase all their skills evenly. Sometimes they each had a song all to themselves with the others pulling away to background singers or sometimes they took turns on verses.

They threw in a song that Sebastian hadn't heard them practicing and it was a duet between Elliott and Kurt and they came at each other, fronting, flirting and when the song ended, Elliott went in for a hug. Kurt laughed and hugged him back and with their arms still around each other they faced the audience and bowed as they clapped and cheered hard.

Sebastian clapped slowly, in a daze. Really? That happened right in front of him?

Santana popped up between the two of them and wrapped an arm around both of them and they took a bow.

Recorded music started playing softly in the background and the three started breaking up their set and heading off stage to talk to the fans. Kurt got waylaid a few times, but so did Elliott and Santana and finally Kurt made it to Sebastian. He wrapped both arms around Sebastian's waist, chest pressing against his fiance's and leaned up against him, face upturned for a kiss. He could have pulled him down too but he just wanted to wrap his arms around the taller man.

Sebastian scowled down at him and Kurt's face fell. "What? Were we no good-?" He knew they were great, he'd been told that by several people, but Sebastian was a little more attuned to what was actually good music compared to the casual listener.

"What was that today?" He nodded toward the stage and where Elliott and Blaine were chatting. Blaine was sitting on the stage, turned toward Elliott. It appeared friendly enough, they'd hung out before but then Blaine reached out and touched Elliott's shoulder. Elliott pulled back but didn't leave, just moved out of reach. Interesting, Sebastian made a note of the interaction.

"What was what today? We've hugged on stage before. We've are a close band of friends..." Kurt looked at Sebastian oddly and squeezed a little closer. "It's not like our kind of hugs." His voice dipped to be a little more husky.

Sebastian got distracted by that for a second, his body reacting instantly to Kurt's voice and what it knew could happen next. "But there was flirting leading up to it, it looked like he was going in for a kiss but hugged you last minute instead."

"It was just the song. Next time it will be Santana and I and the next time after that will be Elliott and Santana performing the song. We'll do the same thing then." Kurt shook his head. "Sébastien, are you jealous of Elliott? I don't know why you would be – we're just friends and we've never done anything that would make you think otherwise. We don't want to be anything else. Besides, Santana would disband the group so quickly if she thought there was anything amiss, any impropriety. You've got a watchdog in her."

"She's your friend, she's watching out for you." Sebastian defended. "She knows that I help her accomplish that goal, which is the only reason she talks to me."

"You two are so alike." Kurt groaned and started moving back from Sebastian. That was not acceptable and Sebastian locked his arms around Kurt, holding him to him.

"Sorry." Sebastian whispered down to him. "I saw the cookie roll and I lost my head."

"The Cookie Roll?" He thought hard about it and Sebastian relaxed, it had not even made a dent in Kurt's memory, that's how unmoved by it he was. He was used to girls kissing him on the cheek all the time, even some of his guy friends did too. So no wonder he didn't even get phased by it. It wasn't like he kissed him on the lips.

"Yeah." Sebastian pulled out his phone and pulled up the pictures and Kurt looked at them and laughed. "What?"

"I totally forgot he took those pictures. It was my phone that he was using but the pictures totally killed my battery."

Which was why Kurt never responded to his text... Sebastian mentally slapped himself. He should have known there was a logical reason, and no, not his fiance cheating on him. He was such a jealous idiot. He really needed to work on that. Sebastian tugged Kurt even closer. "Can I have a redo with that kiss? You were excellent up there and the band sounded fantastic."

"Sure." Kurt beamed and Sebastian's head lowered to seal their lips together.

Elliott ended up deciding that he couldn't hang out with Kurt at the apartment anymore. Elliott promised that it wasn't because of Sebastian when Sebastian made a comment in front of him. It was Blaine, Blaine was being inappropriate and kept hitting on him and was harder and harder to shake off without being incredibly rude. It was usually ok when Kurt was around or the others, but the second Elliott was left alone with Blaine, Blaine would be up close and personal, making comments that Elliott was not interested in hearing.

He was between boyfriends and had made Elliott his target. "Sorry, but, Blaine's just not my type. He's clingy and needy and tries to pretend he's this great suave guy and he's been with way too many guys. No offense, Sebastian."

"Hey, I haven't been with anyone but Kurt for... what... nearly 4 years now?" He glanced at Kurt to see if that math held and Kurt nodded. "Blaine seems to have taken up where I left off or something, though I don't think I went through guys quite the same way he has. Although except with Kurt, I never tried to have a relationship with any of them."

"I'll still go with you guys to clubs and stuff but only when Blaine's not invited." Elliott gave Kurt a quick hug and shook Sebastian's hand. "See you at the diner." He said to Kurt and then headed out.


"Yeah, we're having lunch."

"Diner?" Sebastian asked again and Kurt laughed.

"I know, totally not my style of food but they have a cheesecake milkshake that is supposed to be death worthy. I said I would try it out when Elliott suggested going."

"I'm glad that the two of you are going to remain friends." Sebastian wasn't lying and he was a little disappointed he couldn't keep a better eye on Elliott here at the apartment, but he could totally respect what Elliott was saying about Blaine. "I'm sorry though that he won't be coming over. Maybe it's just too crowded? Any thought on a private apartment, so you can control who is in it at the same time?"

"Come on, Blaine's my friend too! We've been chill for over two years now. He hasn't pulled any of his crap that he used to do. He's apologized for trying to control everything in high school and has been actively working on not doing so since. He said he hadn't even realized he was doing it. I don't get why you and Santana can't be friends with him too."

Sebastian didn't point out that Blaine was trying exercise his control over Kurt once more by trying to steal one of his gay friends from him. He'd half succeeded in running Elliott out, he'd only run him out of the apartment, not Kurt's life.

Elliott somehow got a hold of Sebastian's number and told him something else that happened. Apparently not only was Blaine trying to get in his pants, but he'd come over to Elliott's apartment and told him to back off from Kurt. That Kurt wasn't his and he should stop making plays for him. Elliott promised Sebastian that he wasn't trying to.

Elliott was actually dating a guy from NYU in the Engineering department of all places, but Kurt was actually the one to introduce the two of them. He'd hired Jerald on to help with lighting and sound with the band and not only introduced him to Elliott with waayyy too knowing and obviousness of winks and elbow nudges but also to the director of the newest play he was working on, giving him some more work. Which was further reason why Blaine's flirting with him was completely inappropriate and needed to listen and back off.

With Elliott, Sebastian was finally satisfied that those two were just friends and would remain friends as long as one of them was always in another relationship. Which, Sebastian was determined to keep that way.

Sebastian sighed as he listened to Kurt, he really wanted to tell Kurt everything, but held back. They were friends, after all and he didn't want to upset Kurt. Especially now that Elliott had pulled the breaks on visiting Kurt in the overcrowded apartment.