p Kingdom Treasures

p BY Dragonfang33 and Bluewolf10

p Prologe

p We're off to Disney Worlds

p Location: Ryan's House, the day they leave for Disney World, Fort Bragg, Virgina

p "Come on Rose," Ryan shouted, to his daughter as he put the final touches on the car. A little girl, no older then four, came running out of the house. She was a small child, with brown hair and red eyes, just like her father. She wore a bright red sweater and a blue shorts, under her right arm she held a small teddy bear with one eye missing and had a bright smile on her face.

p "I'm ready daddy," she said, as she saluted. Ryan just smiled. Ryan Taylor was one of the top members of the US Army's counter terrorist squad known as Delta Force, he was a tall man, about 5 feet 9 inches tall with thick brown hair and red eyes. Ryan was a very proud man and very loyal to America, but always put his daughter before anything. He always wore his combat uniform, which was all black and covered with medals for valor, and bravery. Tied around his waist was a small belt with a 9mm Semi-automatic Berreta hand gun. Ryan shuved another bag into the car, this once contaning Rose's Disney collection and his MP9 Semi-automatic rifle, and its amuniton.

p "Well hope in," Ryan said, smiling at his daughter. Rose started jumping for joy as her father helped her into the white van. He climbed into the front seat, and put on Rose's favorite movie, The Little Mermaid, he started the car and pulled out of the drive way.

p "Off we go to Disney World." Ryan said happily

p "Yay," Rose replied, happily as the house faded into the background.

p It wasn't often that Ryan was given a vacation,his job as a commander of a Delta Force team kept him away a lot, but the only thing that kept him going was the look on his daughter's face when he finally returned home, despite the fact that his mother and father had wanted him to become a doctor.

p Location: Disney Castle, Kingdom Hearts Universe

p The Castle Disney was a pure white castle with a large number of towers and battlements emerging from all parts. In the center of this large castle was a large green courtyard, with a small fountain in the center and an open walkway all around it.

p Donald Duck, royal wizard of the court of King Mickey, was making his way down the large hull toward the royal chamber. He was not your typical wizard, he was a duck with thick white feathers all over his body and an orange beak in the center of his face and two bright blue eyes. His orange feet were slapping against the cool bricks of the floor. His clothes were simple, a blue pointed wizards hat with a small swirl at the top was on his head. His shirt was also blue, but it had yellow buttions, and two yellow zippers comming down from the top of his shirt.

p Donald walked till he came to a set of large purple doors with white mouse ear insignas upon them. Donald caughed and then proceded to knock upon the door. Once Donald knocked on the door a smaller door opened to reveal a large room, with a number of flags hanging from the walls each baring the royal insigna, and a single red carpet running all the way down to the end of the room. At the end of the room was a small throne.

p "Good morning your majesty," Donald said, in a raspy voice. "It's nice to see you this morn---," A look of shock fell across Donald's face as he looked upon the throne to see that it was empty.

p "WHAT," Donald said in shock, then a bright yellow dog, with black ears and tail, emerged from behind the throne, with a small envilope, with a blue insigna upon it. The dog walked up to Donald and handed him the envilope. Donald read the message and quickly rushed out of the room shouting at the top of his lungs, looking for his friend, Goofy, Captain of the Royal Knights.

p It was such a nice day the Goofy had gone out to the garden to lie on the grass and in the process fallen asleep. He was a tall dog like man, about 6 feet tall, wearing a knights helmet that was too small for him and a single shoulder plate upon his left shoulder, and a small peice of armor wrapped around his arm and a small blue vest. His pants were orange and he wore a two large pointed shoes.

p "Wake up Goofy," Donald shouted, as he came into the garden. Still Goofy slept. Now Donald was becoming angry, he raised his hand into the air, and shouted a spell, a single bolt of lightning came down and struck Goofy, jaring him awake.

p Goofy looked around, dazed, till spotted Donald.

p "Oh goo morning Donald," Goofy said, stupidly, "What's up."

p "I have urgent news," Donald replied, "but don't tell anyone."

p "Queen Minnie," Goofy asked, spotting two people behind the wizard.

p "Not even the Queen," Donald replied

p "Dasiy," Goofy said again

p "NOOOOO!," Donald shouted, "IT'S TOP SECRET."

p "Oh,good morning ladies," Goofy said, Donald just froze.

p "What," Donald said, nervously, as he turned to look behind him. Behind him were two young laidies looking at him with gazes like ice, one was a mouse, whose head looked like the insigna, with a pink fluffy dress and golden crown, the other was a duck just like Donald, wearing a purple dress with silver buttons down the center, they were Queen Minnie and Daisy.

p Location: Disney World, two days after the departure from Ft. Bragg.

p Rose had been having the time of her life, for the first time since her mom died she was happy. Her father had taken her to all sorts of attractions and stores but now she was coming to the one attraction she had been hoping to see, Ariel's Grotto.

p "Oh thank you daddy," Rose said, embracing her father.

p "Take care honey," Ryan said, patting his child upon the head, "I'll be right over there." He pointed to a bench across the lane. Rose skipped into the small park, as Ryan made his way to the bench to sit.

p Location: Disney Castle, Kingdom Hearts Universe

p "Donald," Donald said, as he read the letter the King left, "I don't know what's causing it but strange beings have been taking over world after world. I've gone off to find out exactly who's causing this. I want you and Goofy to travel to Traverse Town and find Leon, and the chosen one and his sword. PS Would you apologize to Minnie for me, thanks pal." The letter was signed with the King's seal.

p The group was gathered in the library, discusing the letter the King had left.

p "Oh dear," Dasy said, worried,"What could this mean."

p "It means," Minnie replied, "We'll just have to trust the King."

p "Gowrsh I hope he's all right," Goofy said, concerned.

p "Your highness," Donald said, saluting, "don't worry we'll find the King, these tresures, and this Chosen One."

p "I'm sure you will," Minnie said, kindly, "and to cronical your travels, he will accompany you." Donald and Goofy looked over to a small table, at first they couldn't see anything.

p "Over here," A voice said, Donald and Goofy looked again at the table and saw a small bug wearing a gray top hat, black over coar, red vest, brown pants, and shinny blue shoes, "Crikets the name, Jiminy Cricket."

p "I guess its' time to go," Donald said, when he turned to look at his friends, he was given a salute from all, then he saw Goofy standing in line with the Queen and Dasy, "YOU'RE COMING TOO." Donald grabbed Goofy's arm and pulled him along with him.

p The trio made their way into a dark spiril stair case, lit by nothing but a few torches, and covered with a few purple flag.

p "Gwarsh," Goofy said, "your world was conqured too?"

p "It was terrible," Jiminy replied, "these men in black uniforms with a cobra head and raised fist insignia on their arms, and strange looking guns, just came barging into the Toy Store and we were scattered."

p "Uh Goofy," Donald said, braking in.

p "Oh right," Goofy said, "You mean when we're in other worlds we can't let on where we're from."

p "Yep," Donald replied.

p "We've got to protect the World Boarder," Goofy said, stupidly.

p "Order," Donald said, corecting Goofy's mistake.

p "Well guess we'll need new duds when we get there." Goofy replied. The three continued down the stairs till they came to a large room, full of all sorts of machenery. Up in a small cabin, high above the rest of the room were two chipmunks, with thick brown fur. One had a black noise, and the others' was as red as blood, each one was wearing a bright yellow apron with the King's symbol.

p When the trio entered the room, Donald walked over to a small comunication pipe.

p "A hem," Donald said, "Donald Duck to launch crew, any time you're ready." Chip, the black noised chipmunk saluted, as Dale made the Gummi Ship ready.

p The Gummi Ship, Donald, Jiminy, and Goofy would travel on was a bright red and yellow vessel, construct from very different Gummi Blocks, upon the top of this Gummi Ship was a small clear circle, and big enough to fit about 3-4 large people, and a number of smaller people.

p Donald, and Goofy were hosted up by two large white hands and carried over to the Gummi Ship. Once they were seated Donald gave the signal for the launch crew to launch the ship.

p The ship began vibrating, as Donald held his hand out.

p "BLAST OFF," Donald shouted, but no sooner had he said that then a bright red arrow appeared, pointing down and the Gummi Ship fell, turning over and causing Donald, Jiminy, and Goofy to ride it with their faces pressing against the glass.

p Location: Walt Disney World, that evening

p "Seems you over did it a little," Ryan said, as he held Rose in his arms. Rose had long since fallen asleep, as her father told her that they would come back the very next day. Ryan took her back to the car. But no sooner had Ryan placed Rose in her car seat, then something strange began happening to the sky. A large black hole, with a purple center apeared.

p "ROSE," Ryan said, awakening his daughter. Rose awoke with a dazed look upon her face.

p "What's wrong daddy?" Rose asked rubbing her eyes.

p "Get my two guns out of the trunk," Ryan said, pointing to the trunk of the van. Rose obayed her father and retrieved his two weapons, as Ryan grabbed a black flack helmet from the back. Once Ryan had grabbed his guns, amunition, and helmet, he proceeded to lock Rose in the car.

p "Stay put," Ryan said, "I'll be back." Ryan ran up to the portal, but as he neared it something strange happened, it began closing in upon itself, and as it did the portal created a massive vortex that began pulling in everything near it, including Ryan.

p Even though Ryan was unconsces he could feel himself falling into a endless black abyss, with the image of his little girl turning over and over in his head.

p Ryan regained consiness on a small island in the middle of a black sea. In the center of the island was a large stone with a sword sticking out of it. Ryan felt as though he was being drawn to it by a mysterous force. With out even thinking about it, Ryan pulled the blade out of its stone prison. But, once he did that, the island faded away and he once again fell into a black abyss.