p Chapter Two

p COBRA Strikes, Heroes Meet

p Location: Ally way Traverse Town

p Donald and Goofy were making their way down the ally toward back toward the Second District. The ally they were walking in was the very same one Ryan had been in before.

p "Gwarsh, theres' no one here sure is spooky," Goofy said, scared.

p "Aw I'm not scared." Donald replied, suddenly he felt a hand upon his back, and he lept six feet in the air, and came down on Goofy's back. Behind him was a young woman with brown hair and green eyes. In her hair was a red bow, she was wearing a pink sleeveless dress that went to just above her ankels, around her waist was a blue belt.

p "Excuse me," she said, quietly, "did the King send you?" The two looked at the girl. who just smiled, as she lead them into the hotel.

p Location: Red Room, Traverse Town Hotel.

p Ryan was still dased, when he awoke, but the sight before him was one that he had hoped, his daughter.

p "Are you okay," the girl asked

p "Rose," Ryan replied, "you're okay."

p "Rose," the girl replied, "Who are you talking about, I'm the great ninja Yuffie," The image of Rose changed to a young girl, in her late teens with black hair and green eyes, "I think you might have over done it Squall." Suddenly the very same man, Ryan had faced before appeared in the door way.

p "That's Leon," he said coldly, as he shut the door behind him.

p "What am I doing here?" Ryan asked,

p "We had to get that sword away from you to shake off those snakes," Yuffie said, "as it turns out thats how they were tracking you."

p "What do you mean?" Ryan asked.

p "The Sword of Power," Leon replied,"COBRA has long hunted for it and the one it chose as its' master."

p In the next room Donald and Goofy stood listening to the same girl they had met in the hallway.

p "Okay," The girl began, "You know there are many other worlds out there besides your castle and this town?"

p "Yeah," Donald replied

p "But there suppose to be a secret," Goofy said, placing his hands over his mouth.

p "They've been secret," The girl replied, "Because no one has learned the secret to uniting them, till now, when the legons of COBRA came, everything changed."

p "COBRA?" Ryan asked, confused, "start talking sense, what is this COBRA you speak of?"

p "The Congress Of Barbarism, Revenge, and Anarchy,(Don't Ask we've been trying to come up with a new name) " Leon replied, "they seek the Treasures of the Worlds, for each world contanes one supreame treasure, and when the treasures are united two things could happen. If united for good, the worlds will be forever united, but should they be united for evil, they will forge a giant orb, unleashing the ultimate evil, the Dragon of Darkness, yet they also seek something else."

p "What," Ryan asked

p "Souls," Yuffie replied, disterbingly "their weapons contine a special device that drains peoples souls, what they use it for we don't know," the tone of her voice suddenly changed,"hay have you heard of someone named Ansem?" Ryan looked at Yuffie, dumbfoundedly.

p "Ansem?" Goofy asked, confused

p "Leader of our world," Aerith replied, "he was interested in the Treasures of the Worlds and recorded all of his finding in a very detaled report."

p "Gwarsh," Goofy said, interupting, "can we see it?"

p "When Ansem vanished, and COBRA conqured our world, the pages of the report became scattered," Areith repiled, "no one knows where they're at."

p "Oh," Goofy once again said, "then maybe the King went to find them?"

p "Yes," Aerith said, "those were my thoughts exactly."

p "Then we'd better find him and quick," Goofy replied.

p "Wait," Donald said, braking in, "first we need that sword."

p "Yes," Aerith replied, "the Sword of Power."

p "So this is the Sword of Power," Ryan said, holding the sword over his head.

p "Yes," Leon replied, "COBRA has long sought the Sword of Power, and the one who wealds it."

p "Well I didn't ask for this," Ryan added.

p "The Sword of Power choses a new master once every century, and this time it seems that it chose you." Yuffie said.

p "Well that makes sense," Ryan replied, "Rose always," the tone of his voice suddenly changed to one of concern, "Hay wait a minute what happened to my world, and my daughter."

p "To tell the truth," Leon said, "I don't know, but the odd thing is that from what I've heard your kid was suppose to be the Sword of Power mistress but why it chose you is beyond me." Ryan just sat on the bed thinking, when Leon once again spoke.

p "Ryan," he said in his normal tone, "as the Sword of Powers' master you must be ready to defend yourself against COBRA's leagons, are you ready for that?" Ryan thought hard for a few seconds, before he finaly answered with one word, "Yes!"

p "Good," Leon said, "Yuffie lets go Aerith should be finished with the others." As they walked to the door, there was noise outside the window, suddenly a hall of bullets came flying through the window.

p "Get down." Ryan shouted, fortunatly all three were able to duck just in time. Soon after the shooting stopped something else happened, a group of men, numbering in between 2 and 4 crashed through the already damaged window. They were dressed in a uniform similar to that of the Scales, but with one major difference, their faces were completly covered by a ski mask and a pair of bright green nightvision goggles. In their hands they held rifles similar to Ryans' own MP9 machine gun. They were the elete special forces of COBRA's leagons, the Black Mambas

p "Yuffie," Leon said, regaining his ballance, "Go." Leon drew his Gun-blade and quickly knocked one of the Black Mambas out the window, the remaing commandos opened fire, but Leon's sword defleted the bullets, killing the remaining Black Mambas. Yuffie followed Leons' order and rushed through the door, not taking notice that Donald was right behind the door.

p "Yuffie," Aerith asked confused, as she to ran out of the building. Ryan, on the other hand followed Leon. Goofy, just looked on as the door flew backwards, revealing a flattened Donald.

p Outside, all hell had broken lose, rockets from COBRA Half-Tracks were raining down on the city, as COBRA storm-troopers poored into the city, to continue their search for the Treasure. Below the hotel a COBRA M1 Asp Light Tank stood, providing artilary support to operations in the Third District. The Asp class was one the primary tank for the COBRA leagons, it was armed with a single 140 mm cannon, which was located in a small diamond shaped sloping turret. The treads and wheels were protected by a skirt of steel that ran the full length of the tank.

p Leon lept upon the tank, tossing the COBRA Scale, that on look out duity off. But, his landing alerted the remaining crew members.

p "Get up there and take care of that," the Sidewinder ordered, a second Scale climbed out of the tank, but Ryan, quickly took care of him. Ryan landed on the turret just as the Scale he had just killed fell off.

p "Ryan," Leon shouted, "Grab one of his hand granades."

p "Right," Ryan replied, pulling the pin out of one of the hand granades.

p "Quickly,' Leon ordered, stabing yet a third COBRA solider, "toss it into the turret." Ryan jumped back onto the turret, and tossed it into the open hatch, both men then quickly jumped off as the granade detonated, tearing the interor of the Asp apart, leaving it disabled, perminatntly.

p "That should slow them down a little," Leon said, turning to Ryan, "Don't worry about the small fry, find their commander," The roar of a small squad of enemy plans filled the sky, "Meet me back in the First District." Leon then turned and ran toward the First District, with Ryan not far behind.

p Location: Traverse Town, First District.

p Ryan followed Leon to the entrance to the Second District.

p "Listen carefully Ryan," Leon said, "the First District is secure, but COBRA has overrun most of the Second and Third Districts."

p "Thanks for the warning," Ryan said, as a COBRA plane fell from the sky burning, followed shortly by a strange looking vessel.

p "How did that happen?" Ryan asked,

p "The ships of the Hero Alliance," Leon said.

p "The Hero Alliance?" Ryan asked, confused

p "Resistance fighters from every world that has fallen under COBRA rule have united with a common goal, destroy COBRA. So they've been sending as many Gummi Ships, and other weapons as they can, but so far, we've been unable to counter COBRAs' advance," Leon said, suddenly a COBRA Spitter Attack chopper appeared above the first district, and began bombarding the First District.

p "Ryan go," Leon shouted, as he once again charged up his fire spell. Ryan turned his back and made raced toward the entrance to the Second District. The last thing he heard was the COBRA helicopter exploding.

p Location: Traverse Town, Second District.

p Second District, looked like a warzone, bodies of resistance fighters, and COBRA soldiers littered the ground, along with knocked out COBRA vehicals. Ryan ducked behind a disabled COBRA M2 Poison IFV(Infantry Fighting Vehical), as three COBRA aircraft came flew over head. Two of which were F33 Rattler Ground Attack planes, the Rattler, was the mainstay of COBRA's fighter force, they were bright yellow, with two engions portuding from its tail. The tail-fins were located just behind, the engines. Under the long wings were located, a number of missiles and bombs, while just in front of the cockpit, was a large multibarrled gattling gun. Yet the third plane was the largest the F20 Red Snake bomber, it was a huge plane, with a monsterus wingspan, underneath each wing were two, two engion compartments and a number of bomb racks, each with 7 large 500 lb bombs on them. On the wings and fusalauges of each of these planes were painted the COBRA insigna.

p Ryan thought fast, before he located the Poison's missing turret, which was lying by the side, and fortunatly still had the TOW missile launcher attached to it. Ryan made his way over to the launcher attracting the fire from two Black Mambas, Ryan fired two shots from his pistol, striking both commandos in the chests. Ryan then hot wired the TOW, and both missiles flew toward their targets.

p "Prepare for bombing run on enemy target." The Shedder officer said, but before he could say anything else his missile alert went off.

p "What," The officer said, "Missiles coming at us?" He tired to manuver but it was too late the first missile struck his Rattler in the wing, tearing the wing completly off before it exploded, while the second missile hit the second Rattler in the fuel tank, destroying the plane at once. Yet the disabled Rattler collided with the Red Snake bomber, destorying both planes on impact. Ryan let out a sigh of relief as he made his way down a small ally toward the Third District, and his rondavu with destiny.

p Location: Third District, Traverse Town.

p As Ryan rushed into the Third District, Donald and Goofy had also just entered. The two stood on a balconey over looking the large court yard below them. Goofy, had gone over to the ledge to search for COBRA troopers. He turned around just in time to catch the glimpse of two COBRA Scales approching him.

p "Gwarsh," Goofy said, hiding behind his sheild, "are these the COBRA guys?"

p "Lets go get em' Goofy," Donald replied, heroicly. But as they charged at the COBRA troopers, they were blasted right off the balcony.

p Ryan had just made his way down into the large court yard, when out of no where Donald and Goofy landed right on top of him. Ryan was dazed, and was unawhere that he had drawn his sword, which Donald and Goofy quickly recognized.

p "THE SWORD." They said at the same time, at the same time a force of COBRA Black Mambas, roped in from the circling Boas. For the newly formed Trio of Heroes introductions would have to wait.

p As the Black Mambas walked forward, their assault rifles primed and ready to fire, Donald and Goofy whiped out their own weapons. Goofy bore a medium sized, circular sheild with the King's insigna upon it. Donald had a wooden staff with a blue head upon the top. On that head was a brown pointed hat, with a golden bell on top. The Trio lunged at the Black Mambas, who opened fire. Ryan, Donald, and Goofy managed to dodge the first wave of bullets. The Black Mambas then split up into 3 groups of two men and proceded to attack the trio one at a time.

p The first group turned its attention to Ryan while the second turned its attention to Goofy, and the third to Donald. The group that attacked Ryan opened fire at almost point blank range, but Ryan managed to dodge the first wave of bullets, and managed to deflect the others right back at the Black Mambas, one managed to dodge the bullets, but the other was less lucky, the bullets punched trough his armor killing him instantly. The second COBRA trooper lunged at Ryan, switching his weapon from fire, to soul taking, but before the Mamba could fire, Ryan emptied the magazine of his Barreta into the COBRA soldier, killing him instantly.

p Donald was having worse luck, his only weapon was the staff he carried with him while the Black Mambas were armed with their guns. Donald was moving backwards as the two COBRA troopers moved in on him. Suddenly the top of his staff began glowing red, and small flames began swirling around it.

p "Take this," Donald shouted, as he held his staff out in front of him, a ball of fire lept from the staff, and flew right toward the COBRA troopers, as they continued advancing toward the wizard, but in a matter of seconds the ball of fire consumed them, leaving nothing more then chared armor and weapons in their place.

p Ryan, and Donald immedetly rushed over to help Goofy who was having a major problem with the Black Mambas he was fighting, true their shots were bouncing off his shield but he was having a hell of a time taking them down. Ryan and Donald rushed to Goofy's side and agreed to help him. But as soon as they got their, Goofy managed to deflect the bullets form the enemy weapons right back at them, wounding them both. After that the Black Mambas retreated.

p "We beat um," Donald said, dancing

p "Don't get cocky," Ryan replied, "I don't think their finished yet." Suddenly the ground began rumbling, as a massive tank burst through one of the builidings. The tank itself was massive, with a huge turret that made up half of the body, with in that turret were two 155mm Rail Guns. The tank itself was as black as night with the COBRA emblim inscribed on the turret. This was COBRAs' ultamate tank the M45 Strike Heavy Tank.

p The Strike fired one shot from its duel 155mm Rail Guns, obliterating the wooden gates that lead into the first district. While a COBRA Scale manned the .50 Caliber Machine gun located on top of the turret. The Scale fired at the Trio as they made their way to a hiding spot.

p "Gwarsh fellers," Goofy said, nervously, "How do we stop that?"

p "I've got an idea," Ryan replied, "Can you two distract the gunners for a few minutes." Donald and Goofy nodded,

p "Good," Ryan said, "That gives me enough time to drop a granade into the turret, which should stop them in their tracks." Goofy, and Donald lept out of their hiding place, and rushed in front of the Strike, but not with out attracting the attention of the Scale on the machine gun. By now the Scale was so busy dealing with Goofy and Donald, he didn't notice Ryan sneeking up on him, his combat knife drawn, the last thing the Scale remembered, was being grabbed from behind and then the feeling of having his throut slit. Ryan cast the dead COBRA trooper over the side of the tank and proceded to drop a phospherus granade into the turret. Ryan jumped off just as the granade exploded, Ryan turned around just in time to see two Scales and one Sidewinder leap out of the tank, their cloths, and skin burning like a sun, and their screams filling the sky. Ryan changed his magazine and fired one shot into each of them, putting them out of their misury.

p Location: Third District, a few minutes after the battle

p "So you're looking for me?" Ryan asked, confused

p "Uh uh," Donald and Goofy replied.

p "They too have been seeking the wealder of the Sword of Power." Leon suddenly said, breaking in. Yet Ryan seemed to be uninterested in what Leon and the others had to say.

p "Rose," Ryan said to himself.

p "Hay you know," Goofy suddenly said, "Why don't you come with us, we can go to other worlds on our vessel."

p "Ryan," Leon said, "Go with them, esspecially if you want to find your kid."

p "You think so," Ryan replied, depressingly

p "Not with that face you're not," Donald suddenly said breaking in. Ryan looked up, still with a depressed look to his face, "No frowning, no sad face."

p "Yeah," Goofy said, breaking in, "you gota look funny like us," Donald suddenly shoved him out of the way.

p "This boat runs on happy faces." Donald said.

p "Happy," Ryan replied, Ryan did the best he could, but his smile just caused everyone to laugh.

p "Now that's one funny face," Goofy said laughing

p "Sure why not," Ryan replied, "Maybe I can find Rose."

p "Of course you can," Donald said, unasure.

p "You think," Goofy suddenly said

p "Who knows," Donald replied, "but we need him to come with us if we want to find the King."

p "Hay arn't you guys forgetting someone," Ryan suddenly said.

p "Oh right," Donald replied, "I'm Donald Duck, Royal Magician."

p "Names Goofy," Goofy added, "Captain of the Royal Knghts."

p "I'm Lt. Ryan Tyler," Ryan said, "United States Special Forces."

p Location: COBRA Citadel, Unknown Planet.

p "That punk took down that COBRA Tank, like it was nothing," a mysterious voice said, "who'd a thunk it?"

p "The Sword of Power has choosen him," another mysterious voice added, "The soldier's strength is not his own."

p "And the punks' friends are the King's lackies," a pirate like voice said.

p "You're no prise yourself," another voice added.

p "SHUT UP," the pirate said, holding out his left hand, which was a hook.

p "Why don't we make him join COBRA, that will settle things quick enough," A slimy fish voice added.

p "Silence," a dark foboding voice said, "we all know what the Commander has said about the Sword of Power, but it seems as though Jafar is right and the sword has chosen him, either way this war is about to become quite interesting."

p Location: First District, Traverse Town

p The group had returend to the First District, where Ryan and his new friends were being breafed on what they could expect on their journey.

p "Be careful," Leon said, "we don't know how far the COBRA Empire has spread."

p "That's reasuring," Ryan said to himself.

p "We'd be glad to send some more of our ships with you, but the Alliance is curetnly gathering its strength to counter attack COBRA's forces." Yuffie added.

p "So we're going at it alone?" Donald asked

p "Sounds that way Donald," Ryan replied.

p "Oh and this is from all of us," Aerith said, and handed the group a total of 100 munny, "Good luck and bring back the treasures."

p "Good luck Ryan, Donald, Goofy," Leon said, "We've got to return to the battles in the Second and Third Districts."

p "Thanks Leon, Yuffie, Aerith," Ryan said, "and when this is all over, all of us will share some of the finest champaign money can buy." Everyone, even stone cold Leon, just broke out laughing.

p When their friends left the newly formed Trio began making prepartations for their long journey and the long battle against COBRA.