Falling, falling, falling, and then, wingbeats,  farther than the dimmest star, yet close enough to touch, and then, blackness…

            Kyna awoke, silent and composed, as she always was, though her heart pounded and her entire body was rigid with fright.  Making as little noise as she could manage, she crept through the darkened hall, and into the study.  She sat in the large armchair, shivering in the freezing room.  Her breath darkened into a cloud of mist in front of her, and she tried to remember what had brought on these nightmares.

            It had been about a month ago, Kyna guessed, when the first dream occurred.  When she awoke, they seemed placid enough, but while she fell, her heart nearly stopped, for she was falling into something she had never encountered before.  It was complete emptiness, not just empty space, but the absence of life, of movement, and it crushed her.

            Kyna was still uncertain what had caused them, but she had the distinct feeling as though she had forgotten something very important, but she had no idea what it was.  No matter how much she tried to recall it, it slipped away, like a fish from her bare hands.  But for some reason, she knew for certain that those wingbeats she heard were angels.

            Kyna knew with every fiber she had in her body that this dream was different.  She felt it in her bones, even as she fell, and even as she heard the wingbeats.  Then, something swooped down and caught her, in the midst of her falling, and pulled her up.  Then, all of the memories came slamming into her, and she nearly fell again.

            Kyna found herself in a deep cave, at the brink of a great abyss.  Above her, she could see great beings of light, and some sense, almost an instinct, told her they were angels.  They were weaving fibers together, fixing this great abyss, ever so slowly.  Kyna watched them carefully, and began to walk toward them.  Then, a rock slipped from under her shoe, and she began to fall.  Kyna screamed as loudly as she could, but her helpless shrieks mingled with the impassive rocks.  Then, the stone which had set her in motion came tumbling after her, and hit her on the head, and she knew no more.

            Kyna sat straight up, and though her lips were silent, her mind was screaming.  Now, she knew what had happened.  She had been to the abyss.  She had fallen in.  She had been rescued by an angel.  A real angel.