AN: I'm really sorry everyone. I won't be updating for a while. I bet u were thinking that my short attention span has made me stop…. It almost has. Lol. But I'll keep writing the story. And thanks for the advice. I'll try to put some description in it. I'm just not really trained in the brain to do that. But I'll give it a shot. And the whole thing with the stuff coming to early…….. um…… how am I suppose to stop that? I would welcome any suggestions long as their not heartbreakingly mean. Lol. Well. The reason that I haven't updated Is cuz one of my best friends Is moving and we've been spending time wit each other 24/7 lately. I only got a chance to rite this rite now cuz she had to get her braces off. I swear I'll try to put up a new chapter today but I don't noe if I can… sowwie guys. I'll probably write one by…….. next week? Sorry guys really. Hey! Why don't I practice my description skills now! Lol. Um.. I'm gonna try to describe my room kay? Okay here goez.

            There were several pictures hanging around the room.*I'm already having trouble and its MY room. Lol* The curtains were tan and see through and ruffled at the slightest hint of wind. The flowers on the curtains seemed to glow from the meager light that managed to come into the room. The bookcase was overflowing with books of all kind; Romance, thriller, and fantasy. The fan beside the door whirled comfortably in tune with the TV put on low volume. The gentle sounds of typing overrode even the sound of the TV and fan. It's consistent taping was like a soothing bath for the person typing. *that's me! J* She paused in her typing and looked up longingly at the pictures above her curtain. They were four almost perfectly spaced out. They were all different pictures representing a season. She knew they would shine in the sunlight. The first picture was a picture of a waterfall. It represented summer but it wasn't that picture she was interested in. She looked instead at the last picture. It was a picture of cherry blossoms slowly drifting down from cherry blossom trees. It reminded her of Japan and memories flooded through her. She was filled with homesickness and quickly looked away from the picture and back at the computer screen. She stared unseeingly at the screen for a little then shook herself and continued typing once more. And as she resumed typing the sounds slowly came back while the memories quickly faded…..

LOL. That was okay but I had a visual aid! I wonder if I can just come up with the scenery without visual aids… well, I'll try. And my next story will be a little different then! Lol. But u have to tell me if its good.. kay? And I would appreciate it if u told me any problems with this description since it's my first. J love you all!!