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Chapter Two

Hermione sat at the Cullen house with the women of the family the day before her wedding.

Her wedding.

She couldn't get over the sound of it and now that in less than a day she would be married to the man that she loved had her stomach doing somersaults.

Charlie was watching Teddy for a few hours while the men all left to do whatever the boys planned for Edward. Hermione sat with Esme, Alice, and Rosalie discussing their own weddings. The had each had several weddings to their own spouses but one thing they all shared was the deep love they held for their other half. It warmed Hermione's heart that after all the time they spend with one another, their love never seemed to diminish.

"So, Hermione," Hermione looked up to see Rosalie smiling at her. "This is technically your bachelorette party, so we all got you a little something for tomorrow night."

Hermione's face suddenly matched a tomato as she looks down at her clasped hands, "You really didn't have to do that!"

Alice pat Hermione's hand as she winked, "Well, we can't really eat human food or do anything crazy! But don't worry! You'll love them!"

Hermione was sure that her face was as red as it could be as she stared at the three gift bags that were placed in front of her.

"Wait!" All three women looked at Alice before she nodded and then a knock came from the door. Hermione seemed to be the only one who didn't know what was going on. Though she had wondered why the Cullen women made sure she kept her glamour up and the ring on. "You need to answer the door, Hermione."

Hermione mock glared at the three women before standing up and walking to the door, for once wishing it was made out of glass like most of the house instead of wood. Please don't be a stripper, she thought as she opened the door. She gasped and smiled as she saw who was on the other side Angela and Leah both stood awkwardly, both holding packages and glancing over their shoulders to the person who stood behind them.

But Hermione knew who it was.

"Ginny." Tears came to Hermione's eyes as she stared down the red head.

"Are you going to let us in or not, Bella?" Ginny threw a wink at her before easing her way past Angela and Leah and Hermione couldn't help but throw her arms around one of the only female friends she had in England.

Wiping a stray tear, Hermione pulled away and waved the girls in, "I'm so sorry! Why don't you all come in and I can introduce Ginny to everyone!"

She walked the three new guests into the living room where the Cullen women were now standing with a table of drinks and snacks in front of them.

"You guys are sneaky!"

Alice laughed as she jumped and down for a moment before looking at the three new people in their home before turning to the new redhead. "Hi, I'm Alice Cullen! This is my sister Rosalie Hale and my adopted mother Esme Cullen."

Hermione chimed in, "And this is my friend from school, Angela Weber and I'm hoping you have already met Leah Clearwater."

Ginny grinned and winked at the wolf shifter, "Oh yes, George has written home all about you."

"Ginny is a friend from back home," Hermione said to Angela before turning back to Ginny. "I am thrilled that you are here, but I don't know why you are."

Ginny waved her hand, "In one of George's letter he mentioned that our little bookworm had possibly fallen in love with a boy who lived here in Forks. Once we found out that you would be getting married, well, I couldn't miss it. Though the boys are awfully upset that they won't be here for you."

"They don't have to worry about that, they're busy. But there will be loads of pictures taken, I'm sure."

"Of course there will be!" Alice chimed in, "Now sit! Let's girl talk! Rosalie and our dear Bella don't like to girl talk with me."

"Perhaps that is my cue to go upstairs for a bit," Esme winked at Hermione before standing and fixing her skirt. "Don't get too crazy down here."

"Oh, Esme, you don't have to leave!" Hermione tried to get Esme to stay but it seemed like Angela was more comfortable talking without the Cullen matriarch around. So with little more fuss, Esme left the six women in the living room.

Ginny only hesitated a moment before she attacked.

"So have you and Edward had sex yet?"

Hermione tried her best to not spit out the delicious soda she had just sipped, but some slipped past her lips and down her chin which she ferociously brushed away. "Ginny!"

"What? Give me some details! Harry is busy all the time and is rarely home so I've had to resort to my hand most nights."

I'd rather have the stripper.

"Edward and I have not had sex," Hermione spoke through her teeth, trying her best to contain the blush that had once again erupted on her face. "We were, are, waiting until we get married."

"That's no fun, Harry and I shagged as soon as we could, once the Riddle business was done with."

Hermione was pretty sure her face turned green, "I do not need to know about your sex life with Harry."

"Did you move to Phoenix from England, Ginny?"

Ginny gave Hermione a look before nodding at Angela, "Yeah, whole family met Bella was I was ten years old."

"It's interesting that you've not picked up any slang from here."

"Well, mum and dad rarely get out of the house so all my siblings and I all talk the same. Didn't have a lot of friends here outside of our small circle so it was easy to not fall into the speaking habits of some."

"That's really cool. I'm glad that you were able to make the trip up here for Bella."

Hermione is sure that she isn't the only one who saw the wicked glint in Ginny's eyes

"I am too. She rarely calls anymore so I figured I would surprise her."

"George talks about you all the time, you and your other brothers." Leah said as she sat up.

All six young women got more comfortable in their chairs as the hours passed and stories where shared between them. Hermione was honestly impressed with how long Ginny was refraining from asking the inappropriate questions she was sure were burning through the redhead's mind.

She could only last for three hours and thirty six minutes.

"So you and Edward..."

"Oh, Merlin." Hermione whispered and then she smiled, it had been awhile since she had said that out loud. "What about it now, Ginny?"

"Have you done anything else with your groom to be? Surely you're not trying everything out for the first time on your wedding night."

Hermione spluttered as her face became red again, and she had been doing so good. "There is nothing wrong with waiting until your wedding night!"

"Of course not," Leah grinned. "But there is nothing wrong with experimenting before hand."

"See! She gets it! Though, also gross, because you're with my brother."

Leah laughed and shook her head, "I'm not sorry."

"Oh, I like you!"

"Ben and I had sex the night of the graduation!" Angela blurted and then blushed red as she realized what she said.

"You didn't tell me that!" Hermione said as she looked her friend up and down.

"You were busy with Edward, not that I mind. You two have been kind of revolving around one another recently. I'm not mad, it's kind of cute."

"Emmett and I have never been shy about our physical attraction to one another." Rosalie chimed in as she examined her nails.

"Neither have Jasper and I, he's it for me." The girls did their appropriate coos at the statement before the subject was changed once again, to something far worse that the last topic. "Now, let's let Bella open her gifts!"

Hermione groaned as she looked at the now seven prettily wrapped gifts sitting on the table.

"It's just us girls here, Bella." Ginny winked at her. "But perhaps you should open mine last."

Alice seemed to stare off into space for a moment before she grinned and nodded.

"Here," Angela reached out and grabbed a pretty pink bag before handing it to Hermione. "This one is from me."

Hermione pulled out the light pink tissue paper from the bag and pulled out the contents from inside. There was a small gold bracelet that had a B&E engraved on a small circular coin attached to the bracelet. The she looked at the other item, a small white ring tray, no bigger than five inches with gold foil surrounding the edges and "Mrs. Cullen" in cursive in the middle.

"These are lovely! Thank you, Angela!" Hermione said honestly as she reached over and gave the shy girl a hug.

"I'm glad you like them. I don't get out of town often so it was a little hard to choose something."

"These are perfect, thank you."

"Here, this is for you." Leah picked up and earthy green bag with brown tissue paper tucked inside.

Hermione smiled at the she wolf before she removed the paper and pulled out a small pink box from inside. She opened the box and a little gasp escaped her as she pulled out the beautiful golden heart necklace from inside.

"The heart has a little clasp at the bottom. Its for your wedding rings, if you need to take them off for some reason and don't want to keep you rings in your pocket."

"Thank you, Leah! I can definitely use something like this! It's beautiful!" Without thought, she leaned over and hugged Leah quickly before she clasped the necklace around her neck to the hidden delight of the she wolf.

"It's my turn now," Rosalie said as she picked up a small box wrapped perfectly in a pearl white wrapping paper.

Hermione cautiously ripped through the paper and opened the box, only for her face to go red again as she found what was inside. First she pulled out a black pointed hat with orange trim, then she pulled out a black top with two small strings and two little triangles. Lastly she pulled out what looked to be a very short see through skirt with a thong attached to it.

"I hear Edward has a witch fetish," Rosalie said nonchalantly.

Everything was quiet for a moment before a loud laugh came from Ginny as she bent over, trying to catch her breath. "That's brilliant!"

Hermione then pulled out a beautiful, silky long black dressing gown.

"Thank you, Rosalie. Though I see myself using one more than the other."

Rosalie laughed, "I think you'll use it more than you think."

"Anyways! What's next?" Hermione almost yelled as she looked to Alice.

"We'll save Esme's for later so I suppose mine is next, here!" Alice handed her a box with pale purple wrapping paper.

Hermione opened box and she couldn't help the groan that came from her mouth as she caught a glimpse of the white lace from inside. The bodice was sparsely covered in white lace that once she put it on, would dip as low as her belly button with thin, lacy panties that matched. It was underneath that made her eyes go wide, the Kama Sutra sat innocently in the ox, staring at her and daring her to touch it.

"Merlin, Alice! Is this necessary?!"

Alice only shrugged at the embarrassed witch, "You'll use it eventually. I know you will."

Hermione groaned and put her face into her hands, "How am I even supposed to wear it if I can barely look at it?"

Rosalie smirked at her, "Once you and Edward are alone you will be less embarrassed."

"Can I just open the last one and get this over with?"

The grin that Ginny gave her should've warned her about what was to come. Ginny innocently picked up a box wrapped in a deep red paper with a golden bow on top of it. Hermione couldn't help but unwrap her school colors slowly, while fretting on what could be in the box. When she finally opened it, there was silence in the room.

"Ginevra Weasley, what did you do?"

Ginny cackled as Hermione got a good look at the contents in the box, "Harry and I went shopping. He was not thrilled once he realized what we would be getting. Luna helped a bit too."

The Gryffindor red lace chemise she pulled out wasn't as revealing as the black ensemble that Rosalie had given, but it still didn't leave much to the imagination. It had a small lace robe that looked to be for looks and not for practical use.

"Oh, there's a matching skirt in there too!"

And there was, though mini seemed too big of a word for it. Hermione sputtered as she saw what was under the skirt as she picked it up, a simple black pair of panties that said 'you may bang the bride now'. She then found five dice that determined, speed, surface, action, location and position. Lastly, there was the one things she never thought she would own, a small pink vibrator, no bigger than her index finger that had a ring on it.

"Ginny?" Hermione held up the pink item with two fingers.

"You put in on your finger and use it to go to town!" Ginny said victoriously.

"I can never look any of you in the eye again."

"Don't be silly, Bella! This is only natural!" Alice said as she gave Hermione a little side hug.

"It's just strange for me. I would hear other girls talking about this stuff but I was never really interested, not until now."

"There's no need to be embarrassed, Bella. Emmet and I have something like that too. Sometimes you just need to spice it up."

"I think there are a few things I need to learn before I spice things up."

And as the girls exchanged glances, Hermione realized she probably shouldn't have said that. And so began an hour and a half of listening to each woman telling her the do's and don'ts of sex. From there own experiences.

Is it too late for a stripper?