The man found an empty park bench, sat down, and gazed up at the sky. It was a cloudy day but that was exactly what he wanted. Honestly, he thought just looking at the clouds and seeing all the shapes they make was an underrated activity. It was quite relaxing.

As he was cloud-watching, his eye was drawn to some movement. Something flitted in between a couple of clouds.

It must just be a plane or something, but.. its movement looked almost.. organic. Whatever it was, it was huge.

The man stared at the cloud it hid behind, waiting to get a better look, and...

Was that a whale!?

It hid behind another cloud before he could get a better look.

He shook his head.

What was he thinking? There's so way there could be an actual whale flying in the sky. It had to be some sort of blimp or airship.

It finally came out from behind the clouds into a clear stretch of sky.

The man stared up at it in awe. It really looked and moved like a real whale! It wasn't even going in a straight line like a plane would. It looked like it was.. well, swimming, as a whale in the ocean. Its fins and tail were even realistically flowing along. And, it didn't seem to be going anywhere either; it stayed in relatively the same area.

The man was shocked. He's never seen anything like this. He could only begin to wonder how this thing was even made.

And, wait.. now he was no aeronautics expert, but don't planes, or any sort aircraft, need engines or propellers in order to actually fly? He looked at the whale, airship thing(?) and there were no engines in sight. They could be hidden, but he didn't see anything under the fins or anywhere.

Then, how was it even staying up there in the first place!?

And, let alone, how was it even moving like that? He hasn't even seen those fancy fighter jets they use for shows and stuff move so smoothly in all sorts of directions like that. And imagine the machinery to move the tail and fins, and just the whole thing in general, like that. He blanched thinking of all the money it must've cost to make it.

And, wait.. he didn't even hear anything. Now, it was quite far away, but.. usually when planes are that close, you could hear it.

And something this big and complex must need all sorts of loud engines (even if they are hidden or invisible) and machinery, but he heard nothing.

The man started looking around the park at the other people.

Someone must be seeing this too. He couldn't be the only one.

Most people seemed to be either not noticing it or just ignoring it. Although, there were a few others who were looking up at it and pointing.

The man sighed in relief, thankful that he wasn't going insane or something.

But, those who were looking at it, were smiling and just nonchalantly pointing it out. No one seemed to be shocked like the man was.

This must happen often then, he thought. It was probably just some publicity stunt by a company or something.

But, wait...

He was no advertising expert but, usually when you want to advertise your brand, you put the brand name out, right? But, no matter where he looked, he didn't see anything that could indicate some sort of company name or logo on the.. thing.

Unless, the whale itself was the logo. But, no it just looked like a generic gray whale.

And it didn't seem like good business practice to spend (presumably) so much money on an advertisement that probably wouldn't gain you much revenue.

Unless.. it was some sort of like, cruise ship, but in the sky, where rich people pay tons of money to stay for a few nights. But.. it kept on going up and down, and sometimes even vertical. That doesn't seem like it'd be too comfortable.

Then, maybe it was just a tourist attraction meant to bring people to the town..?

But, no..!

He would've heard of it by now, if that was the case. If some people made this giant piece of impressive machinery, it would have to get some recognition. It'd be known throughout Japan, maybe even the world!

The man groaned and put a hand to his head.

This made no sense.

The man continued to ponder the feat of engineering, his original intent of cloud-watching forgotten.