A blonde-haired girl with two Odangos was walking with a tall, drop- dead gorgeous guy with short ebony hair.

"Mamo-kun, hayaku!" the girl practically screamed.

"Nani! Usako the movie doesn't start for another hour!" the man next to her stated.

"I know, but it's opening day, and I want to beat the crowds. I thought that you wanted to see the movie too Mamoru. After all, Minako and Kuncite are the leading heroine and villain in the film." Usagi breathed. Fifty minutes after waiting impatiently in the line her communicator goes off. Ami's face popped up on the screen when Usagi pressed the button. "Hayaku Usagi & Mamoru! Younma at Juuban Park! We can't fight him off without moon power." 'What!' was all Usagi could think.

"Shimatta. Just when the line was starting to move too" she said.

"Fine Mercury. We'll be there in ten. Try and ward him off until we get there."

'I just hope we make it in time before someone dies from an attack.' The problem was how was she going to transform with all of the people around? She couldn't take publicity away from Minako, that wouldn't be fair. 'I guess I will have to change behind the trees' she thought to herself. She realized that the others needed her help just as she had needed theirs, and with that she transformed rather quickly.

************10 Minutes later at Juuban Park************
"I. don't. believe. it. you. guys" Venus, said in between breaths.

"Ya totally. If meatball head here didn't show up we all probably would have been killed by a monster" the sassy Mars said.

"Don't even start with me Mars! Mamoru got hurt and I have to use the silver crystal to heal him. Now if you'll excuse me" she said with a huff.

"Woah. What's her problem? You'd think she was doing something important when you called her on the communicator or something Ami. What gives hmm?" the tall raven-haired girl said.

"Well, she and Mamoru were going to see the new Sailor V movie that Minako and Kuncite star in. She sounded pretty bummed out about it. I don't know what to say other than she was sort of depressed," the short, blue-haired girl said.

She saw her boyfriend and former ENEMY struggle to stand up, and forced him back down. "There is no way I am going to let you stand up dear. You got hurt too bad to do anything. I will take a few days off work, as will you. Come on, we better get back home Zoicite. Ja minna!"

"Ami has the right idea in this instance. Come on minna, we better go back home" the tall, brunette said.

"Right Makoto. You and Nephrite want a ride back to your place? It'll save you the trouble of walking."

"No. Thanks anyway Rei. We'll catch up with you guys tomorrow at the Arcade though. See ya!"

************WHERE MAMORU AND USAGI ARE************
"Finally free from school and Ms. Haruna!" she said.

"I take it that you're happy about it? You seem sort of glad. I was worried about you when you didn't answer any of my calls. All I heard was a click, who's speaking, and the dial tone again."

"My dad's been noticing that I've been around you. He is way too protective of me for a reason or another. I know he doesn't want me to date, but I really don't want him controlling me like that. He probably thinks that. OMG! That's why he's overprotective of me. He thinks that I'll, I'll." before she could continue she was hit on the head by a small child with pink hair and her Luna P ball and kitten Diana.

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