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Okay so this is set where Alice comes back when Bella jumps but she doesn't tell anyone but jasper where she was going cause she didn't wanna freak Edward out so Edward didn't call when there in the kitchen

you gonna kiss me?

'Cause you're taking me home

It's four in the morning

Are we doing this wrong?

This weekend I saw you

Through eyes that are new

You got me falling for you

And I kinda want to

Tell me what you mean

Is it all me?

Start to overthink everything

When you're close to me, I can't breathe

We're already six-feet deep

Let's fuck up the friendship

Come get in my head

Baby, cut the tension

I'm hung by a thread

Maybe it's something

But let's not pretend

Or maybe it's nothing

And this is the end

Fuck up the friendship ⁃leah Kate's

I wasn't good at this sharing my feelings especially when I didn't know what my feelings were ,and needed to figure them out fast because Jacob is here in my kitchen about to kiss me, and I had no fucken clue on what to do my heart belonged to Edward...didn't it ? But if that was true why did if feel to good to be pressed against Jacob this way ? Why did I always wanna be around him ? He was the second thing I thought about in the morning that had to count for something right ?

"Bella " he whispered his forehead pressed to mine, he slowly leaned in pressed his lips to mine his lips was so soft and warm so diffrent then what I was used to, it was a quick kiss but very very sweet he pulled away enough to look in my eyes .

"You shouldn't have done that Jacob " I whispered looking in his eyes..

He sighed " I wanted to " he said softy in a hasty voice.

In that moment his words trigged something in me " I wanted to " Jacob wanted me always have, he was always there for me even when I didn't deserve it, always waiting always patient and sweet maybe giving him chance wouldn't hurt as bad as I thought, I felt the sting of Betrayal when Jacob kissed me but it got quickly replaced with joy and love .

"Yeah " I said back softly. Then suddenly jumping up throwing my arms around him, kissing him

this kiss was diffrent from the last.

This kiss was more frantic. More curious I had never been kissed this way , I never had a chance to get a true kiss from someone before I knew this was Jacob's first time being kissed this way aswell , so I needed to explore this kiss to really get the full affect to understand my feelings about this ...about him.

And it didn't seem like Jacob minded, the quit opposite Infact Jake gave just as good as he got in his kiss .

The kiss continued but then something changed Jake took control from me by opening his mouth and slowly sliding his tongue across the bottom of my lip, my hands stared to tremble so I stuck them in his hair holding on to it .

While I opened my mouth granting him access he groaned softly, as he slides his tongue against mine .

...my heart exploded I didn't know i could feel like this . I didn't know kissing someone could be this...this sensual and satisfying, yet not nearly enough, I needed more I needed to be closer to him.

As if he read my mind he grabbed the back of my thighs and lifted my body up on the counter with out breaking the kiss, I parted my legs and he stepped in between them.

Our tongues fought for dominance but my need for air become to strong I broke the kiss gasping for air, Jacob didn't stop though kissing my jaw down to my neck with open mouth kisses he slowly licked the skin behind my ear ,then sucked it in his mouth .

I couldn't hold back the moan that left my throat, Suddenly I remembered where I was and what was going on .

"Jake we gotta stop hold on a second " I said breathing heavy, he pulled Away from my neck leaning his forhead against my shoulder breathing heavy .

" Alice is gonna be back soon and I gotta talk to her " he looked at me like I slapped him .

" Bella please tell me your not worried about the leech finding out about this- ...that she'll tell HIM, I know you was hesitant at first but it-...it seem like you really was enjoying it " he said his face flushing .

I smiled at the sight, it took a lot to get Jacob black to blush and get shy ," No Jake it has nothing to do with that it's just I got a little outta hand and I need to second to process things you know " I said blushing .

He smiled his eyes circling my face, We heard a howl outside his smile fell alittle " the guys are waiting for me I wasn't suppose to be gone this long " he tucked my hair behind my ear.

" you gonna be okay here with tie leech? " he asked I rolled my eyes .

"Her name is Alice and yes I'll be fine, I guess I'll call you tomorrow let you know what happens okay ? " I asked him .

" okay sounds good...I'm gonna miss you can I kiss you again " he asked softly his eyes full of happiness and love.

I smiled and nodded my head, I closed my eyes I felt his lips lightly brushed against mine " see you later bells " he whispered. Against my lips when I opened my eyes he was gone.

I sighed jumping down my counter, I decided I needed sometime to my self to think and what better place then the shower to think about everything. I walked up my stairs

Turned the water on to the hottest setting, quickly took off my clothes stepped in the shower and started washing my hair.

While i was washing my hair and body I thought about Jacob . He is a wonderful person when he's not acting like Sams Jacob ,he was being my Jacob again tonight. But was he my Jacob ? Did I want him to be mine and if I did what would that mean ?

I did love Jacob that I knew but i loved him like he was family, but you don't kiss your family like we just did and boy was it a kiss.

A kiss I wouldn't mind doing again since me and Jacob practily already acted like a couple , with the hand holding and spending all our time together the only diffrence would be we could kiss like that all the time,

Even more then kiss if we wanted to but I wasn't gonna let myself go there yet.

Maybe being in a relationship with Jacob wouldn't be that bad ,if I liked kissing him and holding his hand .

I quickly dried off after my shower, got dressed I went downstairs to get me a glass of water before bed I walked in my room and screamed .

"Jesus Alice warn someone before you come in will ya ? " I said holding my hand to my fast beating chest .

Alice giggled " sorry Bella I forget that you can't just sense or hear me sometimes

How are you feeling ? "

"Fine just exhausted I been on a emotional roller-coaster today " I said laying down on my bed looking at my ceiling.

" do you wanna talk about it " she asked as she laid down next to me doing the same as me .

I sighed " I don't think you would wanna hear this but I think I love Jacob Alice but I feel like I'm hurting Edward. I feel like maybe I never really loved him if I'm capable loving someone else" I confessed .

" but at the same time Jacob healed me in so many ways been ther for me countless times even broke his Tribe rules for me and Edward-... " I stopped myself not wanting to say something that would hurt Alice.

She continue anyways " and all Edward dis was put you in danger and hurt you "

"Yeah " I whispered .

"I think if Jacob makes you happy Bella you should spend more time with him my idiot brother messed up everything not you don't feel guilty I'm gonna leave tomorrow go talk to the family tell them what going on give you sometime to figure out what to do with Your dog ( I hit her cold arm gaining a eye roll from her ) and that way I'm not a distraction I don't wanna cause any division for you " Alice says .

" thank you Alice " I said drifting to sleep .

I woke up next morning turning my head to my night stand to see a note with my name wrote nicely on it, I grabbed it and opened the note.

Dear Bella ,

I know your Going to be upset with me for leaving with out saying goodbye, but I figured this was the easiest way for you and I have a feeling I will be back soon I trust you when you say the werewolf won't hurt you and you are protected And I have a strong feeling you will be making a decision very soon ; ) follow your heart Bella whatever you decide you will always be my sister

I will be in touched

Love always Alice .

I felt the tears slide down my face reading the note, I was sad Alice left but she was right I needed time to figure things out, I grabbed my phone off the night stand and failed Jake's number.

By the third ring he answered " mmm hello " his voice thick with sleep and husky,

I felt my body heat up all over by the sound of his voice it seems like now that my head knew I was attracted to Jacob my body had figured it out to.

" hey Jake I'm sorry I woke you up you want to call me later " I blushed.

" Bella no no it's fine what's up honey " he said.

My heart stuttered when he called me honey " we'll um Alice left and I was wondering if I can come over " biting my lip.

" yeah sure sure all the pack is having a day off we're going to first beach wanna meet up there ?" he asked sounding adorable .

I was relived we wouldn't be alone who knows what would happen if we was alone behind closed doors, but I couldn't help being a bit disappointed " yeah what time " I asked.

" how about 11:30 give the pack some time to sleep in ".

" okay I'll make some snack and I'll be there" I said seeing that it was 8 and I had enough time to get ready and make the pack something .

"Sounds great bells see you soon ".

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