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Chapter One: The Child from the Future

"Sir, Sir! VICTIM type C due to hit Zion in 380 seconds! Please focus your attention on the battlefield!"

Hiead immediately snapped back to attention. He grasped the controls and thrust forward at an alarming speed. The Pro-Ing did as he wished it to, and flew like a jet toward the VICTIM. Almost immediately, he saw it with its wide jaws and huge banana-fan-like wings. He blasted it once, twice-

"Allecto! Dammit, you forgot to check the weapons!"

The brown-haired girl's eyes widened as she sent him his sword at hyper-speed. It reached him just as the VICTIM was about to destroy Zion. He brought the sword down, and destroyed it. The red-yellow VICTIM was destroyed.

Hiead stepped out of the battle simulator and cooly strode out of the room. Ikhny followed him timidly like she always did, not making a sound. She shut her eyes tightly, and...




"Allecto, what do you think you were doing! I could have failed because of YOUR mistake! I'm never going to be a pilot because of you. You are so WEAK! Tch, what kind of partner are you!"

Right on time, as usual. It was always the same thing after every training lesson-the I'm-gonna-fail-because-of-you-since-you-are-so-weak speech. Ikhny just nodded, and walked away, as usual. It was almost a routine thing to do and sometimes Ikhny wondered what would happen if he didn't give her the lecture for a day. That would most likely be the day pigs sprout wings. It would never happen. Hiead was Hiead, but everyone had to have a good side to them, right?

Hiead's good side was just buried very, very deep inside of him.

Ikhny sighed. It's been going on like this for nearly three years-day after day, month after month, year after year. It was tiresome at times, but comforting in a sickening sort of way. It was the one thing she could count on. Her life to this sixteenth year of June had been hectic, spinning this way and that, twisting at every corner. She trusted nothing, because there was nothing she could count on, that is, except for his lectures. She always tried to please him, after all, he WAS her partner whether he liked it or not, but it never seemed to be good enough for him. Each time she tried harder, she became a little better, until one day, she was even better than Kizna, which was saying something.

But Hiead was still not satisfied.

She walked down to the cafeteria, pulling her hair out of its ponytail. She had changed in the last three years from a skinny, stick-legged girl to and sat down next to a somewhat decent-looking woman. Her hair grew out long enough to put up into a ponytail (which is what she usually wears nowadays) and her body had filled out enough to confirm her gender. She wasn't an eye-catcher like Kizna or the rest of the repairers, but she was pretty in her own way.

She slowly sat down next to her cat-eared friend with her dinner and listened to the rest of them talk. She herself wasn't much the talker, but rather, she was the observer. She would only comment when she needed to or thought it appropriate, and never said a word more than needed. Her years with Hiead had taught her not to waste her breath saying something that was random. No, if there was one thing he did teach her, it was to say things that were important, and keep the rest to herself. It saved her from a lot of demerits and from a lot of gossip.

She looked up absentmindedly above her, and saw Hiead's figure, sitting alone by himself and staring at his food, deep in thought.

"I wonder what's up with him," she though to her self as her friends laughed round her, "What's his story?"


Hiead never had a family that he could go back to. His father had abandoned them when he found out that his mother was pregnant with him. "Two children are enough to support," he said, "I don't want another." He was shunned by his mother because of it. She had tried to get an abortion, but was too far along in her pregnancy to do so. She tried everything-every kind of poison, every emetic, every doctor on his colony. Nothing worked. There was just no way to kill him.

He had an older brother and an older sister, both whom loved him dearly. When Simon, his brother, turned fourteen, he applied to GOA to become a pilot. He was transported there two days later with four other boys his age. Melanie, his sister, caught an ancient disease called Tuberculosis. No one knew the cure, since Earth was destroyed long ago by the VICTIM.

Simon eventually became the pilot of Eva Leena, and he wrote home every week. Hiead kept each and every one of his letters in his secret hiding sport, along with the pictures he sent of him and his girlfriend, Ariel. Of course, all good things come to an end. Simon was killed in battle on the fourteenth of May and was given a space funeral. Some freaky guy with two earrings replaced him.

He watched his sister die slowly, day by day. She used to be a beautiful girl whom all boys flocked, with her bright lavender hair and clear blue eyes. He had heard many boys say to him that he was lucky to have an angel for a sister. Hiead thought so too. She saved him many times from his mother, who took to drinking after his father left. Every wound inflicted upon him was taken care of by Melanie, or rather, "Mellie."

His mother, after Simon's death, lived for her. Melanie was the only reason why Hiead's mother was still alive. She didn't care much about her youngest son-he was the reason the love of her life left. She took gentle care of her daughter until the day Melanie passed away. It was painful to see her health digress as it did. She was so lively and so caring, but the sickness had taken its toll on her body. She stopped eating about a year after she caught the disease. She slept most of the day away, and only drank what little water she could swallow at various times of day. She died a week later, leaving Hiead alone with his abusive mother. Six months after Melanie died, he found his mother dead in the bathroom laying in a pool of her own blood.

The fourteen-year-old boy felt no remorse for his mother. Years of whippings and tongue lashings had hardened him from the bright, cheery little boy he had once been to a stone, cold monster. His heart had been broken long ago when his brother died. True, he loved his sister, but it was Simon who truly understood how he felt. It was Simon who abandoned him first (he never knew his father, so he didn't count), and it was Simon whom he loved last. He loved Melanie too, but at a distance. He knew she would only hurt him too if she died. "Everyone is born to die," his mother told him once, and it had been engraved in his mind forever. Perhaps Melanie knew this too, because she never uttered those three little words to him before she died. He had never heard them come from her lips. She knew what Simon's death did to him, and she knew that her own death would only do the same.

Hiead applied to be a pilot soon after his mother's death, hoping to follow in his brother's footsteps. Perhaps he could live on Simon's legacy and defend Zion, the last paradise, the last star. It was his only hope of staying away from some evil orphanage anyway, and it was a way to escape life. It was a way to die. After all, the pilots die sooner or later, only to be replaced. They were expendable. Pilots were worth nothing except as tools to defend humanity.

What humanity?

Humanity didn't exist, did it? It was only full of greed. What love is there with that influencing it?

Hiead shook his head, and dumped his tray. He had spent too long pondering on his past. He walked out the door, not noticing a pair of amber-brown eyes watching him leave.


A little girl with light lavender hair and crimson eyes bounced a ball happily outside her home. Her mother was going to take her to the park later on to meet daddy for ice cream after work. Her bell-like laugh rang out as she bounced the ball higher and higher, until it suddenly disappeared.


The five-year-old waled toward where the ball was supposed to land, until suddenly, a bright, blue light shot down from the heavens on top of her.


She didn't notice her feet lifting off the ground until it was too late. She was being sucked up in the beam of blue light, and there was no telling where she was going.


Hiead had done it again, just a few moments ago. He yelled at her-normal, yes-except for the fact that he truly hit a sore spot that time. Her family. It was true-her family didn't want her to become a repairer. They didn't believe that she could do it. All they expected of her was to stay at home, marry some rich boy and ring honor to the family. But what kind of life is that?

Ikhny sat curled up on the stairs of the observatory eyes full of unshed tears. She willed none of them to fall. She refused to cry. It would only prove that Hiead was right-that she was truly a weak person. She would show him. She deserved to be treated better.

Her eyes turned up toward the stars. She smiled as she picked out different constellations that littered the skies. A lot of couples sat here before her, doing the same, but she liked being alone. The observatory was like her world-her own world-where no one can hurt her. It was always deserted nowadays, since there was a new, bigger one built on the other end of GOA, but she liked this one. It was small, yes, but cozy. Home-like. It wasn't like the other one-big, spacious, with a lot of trees and flowers. This one only had one giant tree in the middle, surrounded by a few bushes. It wasn't extravagant, but it was beautiful, nonetheless.


There was only one person who would ever call her that. Hiead Gner, her partner, and he was intruding into her world-a world where he didn't exist.

"Yes, sir?"

"Look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that about your family."

Ikhny's eyes widened in surprise. Hiead? Hiead Gner, the cold-hearted bastard of GOA, was apologizing to HER? What was the world coming to!

And that was when she heard a rustle in the leaves.

That shouldn't happen, considering that there is no wind in the observatory.

Someone was here, and that person wasn't welcome.

"Look, Allecto, I said-"

Ikhny put a finger to his lips. "Shhhh..."

Nimbly, she jumped up onto the stair rail and slid silently down, never once losing her balance. When she neared the end, she jumped up and swung onto a tree branch before flipping in the air and landing flawlessly. Hiead gaped at her. What kind of person can do that sort of thing? He ran down the stairs two by two and joined her near the bushes. Suddenly, a blue light shot down from the sky right smack in front of them. Neither took a step back, not willing to show the other that they were afraid. Out of the blue (no pun intended with the blue light thing), a small girl with light lavender hair and crimson eyes appeared and plopped n the floor. The blue light vanished. Her crimson eyes fell on Ikhny.

"Mommie? OW!"

The lost ball had landed on the little girl's head.


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