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Soooo I have a new story for you and I will now update Avery and Glimmer Before The Night!

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Sorry for the short chapter I had to get it out.

This is Fitz POV


Age 4

Fitz slowly crept out of bed in his blue and red pajamas. He stopped in the doorway once he heard the voices. They had been at it ALL NIGHT. It was Alvar and his mom, Della.

"Mom I told you, I'm not interested." Alvar urgently whispered, taking a step away.

"But sweetie, it's better this way, come join us." Della pleaded.

"No! Never! Mom I'm not gonna do it!"

"Well then," Della said, taking a cautious step towards him.

"We'll have to do it the hard way." She smiled in the dim light, taking his hand and whisking him away into the light.

Fitz, feeling shaken, slowly went back to bed. He crawled under his covers and tried to forget what he just witnessed.

In the morning, when the sunlight shone through the blinds on his windows, Fitz got up and ran into Biana's room. "Bi! Bi! Did you hear that last night?"

Biana sat up, blinking and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She pushed her blanket off her as Fitz sat on her bed next to her. "Um, no?" Biana said, confused.

"Maybe you just dreamt it?"

"Uh, maybe." Fitz said, sure he hadn't dreamt it. He left, feeling more confused than before.

As he walked out of the room, he came upon a message scrawled on the wall.

Hearts, broken

Days, stolen

Always never here

Forget the past

It's now the future

Never who you see