Spectacular Spider-Man: Honor Among Thieves

Chapter 5; Geography 101, The Newcomers


Sorry! Sorry, sorry, 1000 times sorry for making such a short chapter last week! I was rushed, and was working on another story.

Last chapter was fun to write for me though. I really like Peter and Eddie as friends instead of enemies, plus in the Spectacular Spider-Man show, and the Ultimate Universe, I always thought that Peter and Eddie fell out with each other way to easily. In the comics its understandable, they lost touch after Eddie and Pete's parents died, but in the show they never lost touch!

They were brothers in arms. Eddie wanting to ill everybody Peter loves and kill Peter because of a few mistakes and an attitude problem caused by the symbiote never made sense to me, that's why I repaired their relationship in this story.

Also, Harry made a comment about Peter being stuffed in a high school locker for most of sophomore year, which would mean that the events of Spectacular Spider-Man started in junior year. Like 3 people told me that he was bitten in freshman year and became Spidey in sophomore year in the show, but that wouldn't make sense because of what Harry said in episode 1, s then I googled it and it said the show started out in junior year.

Now I feel like a moron ranting about this, but Peter should be in his senior year of high school.

Just a bit of a timeline rant, and even if I somehow am wrong, its too late now. Anyways, enjoy!

After the symbiote had its little flash back, it then finally recoiled and let Eddie have control.

'I'm telling you now, that this is NOT permanent! The moment we're done dealing with the spawn, I'm getting rid of you! Find somebody else's life to ruin, got it?' Eddie asked while swinging.

The symbiote could sense the presence of its spawn, as all symbiotes could. Once it fully matured, this ability will be gone, however it hasn't yet, so Venom can put it to good use. 'I understand that you don't hate anymore, but does that really mean you have to leave us? Again?'

'Yes, yes it does. I was fine the way I was before you came to break me out. Now shut up and keep looking for him.'

'Fine, but we will discuss this further eventually.'

'You're acting as if you'll stay in my head long enough to argue...'

Before Eddie and Venom could argue further, they sensed something.

Near somewhere. . .familiar.

They then head over to the mystery location. Discovering why they felt what they felt.

It was Curt and Martha Connors' old lab, where the symbiote was being held up shortly after discovering it.

'The Connors' old lab? Makes sense. . .this is where it met me and Peter'

'It is possible that the offspring feels a connection here due to my past experiences in this location.'

'Okay then. . .let's check this out.'

Inside the lab, Cletus was estranged.

Why was he attracted to this place?

What was whatever went into his arm?

Why can he suddenly shoot webs and crawl walls?

'Hello, Cletus.'

"What?! Who's there"

'I am speaking from your mind. Not your body. I am what is known as a symbiote. I was spawned from Venom. My name is Carnage.'

'So you're like. . .in my head? You said you're the spawn of that thing that broke Eddie out? So he wasn't even crazier than I was? I thought that symbiote nonsense was fake!'

'Yes. I am derived from Venom. But unlike my predecessor. . .I thrive on death, destruction, and carnage.'

'Well then I think you'll fit right in. There's gonna be a loooot of death from now on. . .'

Then a window breaking could be heard.

Something black with white patterns that took the shape of a spider crashed through the skylight.

'What is that?' Venom asked while staring at Carnage's monstrous form. It was blood red, with black lines surrounding it, with no Spider Symbol or elongated tongue, with tentacles flying in the air.

'I think. . .I think that's the spawn?' Eddie didn't really answer the question, he was just as unsure as Venom.

'But why is it- oh. In the symbiotes immaturity, it might have made a foolish decision. When it spawned it was my color, however Cletus had a cut on his arm. A symbiote almost never changes its color, other than with an immense change in personality. I fear the symbiote may have forged a blood bond with Cletus.'

'Blood Bond? What does that mean?'

'A blood bond is a different way of bonding with a host. It involves the symbiote being injected directly into the host's blood stream, as opposed to the symbiote going onto the host as if its an armor. This changes the symbiotes color to most of the time, a blood red. Due to this bond, a symbiote can never truly be separated from its host, as it is attached the hosts blood stream. The symbiote can also have a higher (while not full) resistance to the symbiotes default weaknesses, fire, electricity, and high frequency sounds. When bonded like this, the symbiote can also still use the host after death, almost like zombifying.'

'Great, so there's literally no way to kick his ass besides beat the crap out of him?'

'I said he wasn't completely invulnerable to the weaknesses of normal symbiotes. We can exploit it. He is also inexperienced, young, and has never done battle before.'

'Well Kasady has. He's ruthless, and he has nothing to lose. He's a psychopath in every sense of the word. We have to be careful.'

'One last thing. Symbiotes spawns are supposed to be far stronger than the parent symbiote.'

'Well great.'

Eddie then retracted his mask, and talked to Cletus. "Hey, Cletus! Give back the symbiote and I'll do this peacefully!'

Cletus then turned around and retracted his mask. "No, I think its fine over here. Is this what you feel like with yours? It feels amazing! Why would you ever give this up man?"

Eddie and Cletus then started circling around each other, both knowing what would happen next.

"It changes you, Cletus. Turns you into a worse person. Although I guess you can't get any worse than Cletus Kasady."

"Ouch, that hurt a little. Now, I'm gonna pay you back for that." They both then peeled their masks back over their faces and leaped towards each other.

"Peter Parker!"


"Sally Avril!"


"And Liz Allen!"


"Good. Now class, we have a few new faces that I'd like to welcome to the class. Everybody, please say hello to Jason Ionello, Patrick Mulligan, and Julia Carpenter. If you 3 would be kind enough to introduce yourselves." The teacher then made a hand gesture as to say 'go on'. Jason was the orange haired jock from earlier, Patrick was the person that Peter helped, but Julia was different. She was wearing a basic black t-shirt that had a white spider on it and some jeans. Jason then stepped forward, clearly wanting to go first.

"My name is Jason Ionello. I'm a friend of Flash Thompson's, I love football, and I'm 17. My favorite subject is gym, and I'm great at football." Jason then stepped back, and Julia stepped forward.

"My name is Julia Carpenter, I'm from LA, favorite subject is math, and I moved to New York a month ago." Julia then stepped backward, and Traded places with Pat.

"My name is Patrick Mulligan, I'm kind of a nerd. I want to be a police officer when I finish college, and I want to go to ESU for college."

"Thank you for that introduction, students. Now, if you all would please get to your seats so we can commence class."

Jason then sat beside Flash, Patrick besides Peter, and Julia right behind Pat. "Now class, open up your books, go to the table of contents, and open up page 375, Geography 101.

Eddie was fighting Cletus.

Venom was fighting Carnage.

And Eddie/Venom was losing, badly.

Venom tried to throw a punch, which he dodged and grabbed with 2 tentacles, then flipped and slammed him onto the ground. Cletus then grabbed him by and held him up by his wrists, 2 tentacles each. Then another 2 tentacles sprouted out under his arms, with ends morphing into spiked clubs. Cletus then hit him in his sides 3 times, and threw him to the side.

Eddie then camouflaged, climbed around, and punched Cletus in the face. It was an effective hit, and Cletus reeled back.

he then formed two pickaxes on his hands, but Eddie dodged by leaping up. Cletus then webbed the ceiling, and slingshot himself up, breaking part of the roof, but missing his mark due to Eddie dodging.

'We can't keep this up forever Eddie!'

'Yeah I know. He's too powerful though, we have no choice!'

'We have to run! We cannot keep fighting like this.'

'If we run, people die. He's a serial killer, we can't just let him go.'

'Fine. . .but duck.'


Eddie was then hit by a boulder chucked by Cletus. Cletus then jumped towards him, to a battered, and bruised Eddie, and dragged him back into the laboratory.

"Now that I've got this power, I've been looking forward to doing this since we started this tussle."

"Y'know, if you're gonna kill me, at least make it fast."

"Eh, I don't like it that way. But sure."

Cletus webbed him up, then took a hold of his head. The Carnage symbiote then started wrapping around Eddie's head. Then it started pulling, hard. Harder. Even Harder than that, until-


" Aand... POP goees the weaasell!

Eddie's corpse was now there, with no head. It was lodged to the side, the Venom mask covering it.

Eddie Brock had a good life, we can only hope that he rests in peace.


Done! 2k words. I'm still kinda rushed, so don't look at it like it's shorter than normal, on the bright side, its double the length of last chapter!

I'm working on another story, its like 15k words, so don't be mad at me please!

No, Eddie isn't dead. The symbiote has a great healing factor, enough to repair severed body parts if needed over a course of time.

No, Toxin will not be in this story. This story, if ya catch my drift ;). Just brought Pat Mulligan in here because y not and because I need to lay the seeds down for it.

Jason Ionello was supposed to be in season 3. Took his character from the series plans Greg Weisman talked about.

I added in Julia Carpenter because I need another love interest for Spider-Man. Liz despises him (kinda, I'll get more into that in future chapters), MJ showed 0 interest in him at all, plus MJ and Peter is kinda overdone imo. That only leaves Black Cat and Gwen, and I don't know who to pick or if I'm killing off Gwen here. I needed to spice it up, and Jessica showed no interest in Peter from the comics I've read, but in the Grim Hunt storyline Julia and Peter said that they considered dating one another, so Julia it was.

No, I'm not giving Spider-Man a team, because Spidey and team just doesn't go well with me. That's part of the reason I don't like the current Spider-Man show.

I got the pop goes the weasel thing from the Bane vs Venom deathbattle. Venom says that in the end when he decapitates Bane, and I loved that line, it was dark and it was hilarious, so I used it here.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed! See ya next week!