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- 19 -


I have been sitting in front of this piece of paper for several minutes trying to find the right words to express what I feel.

But I think it all comes down to a thank you, thank you Sasuke-kun.

You are a very special person, I feel that many don't know how kind and sweet you are and it makes me very happy that you show that side to me.

And I understand you, I knew it from that day you decided to leave the first time, you were far away but my feelings did not disappear, they only got stronger.

I look forward to our reunion and tell me Sasuke-kun, what did you want for your birthday? I thought the glove was a good idea, but tell me and I'll try to get it.


Tch, I'm not sweet.

You're too nice sometimes, that's all. You see only the good in people.

And don't worry, the glove is fine, you don't have to look for anything else. The other thing I was waiting for is not something you can buy, but you can only give it to me in person.

I'll let you think about what it could be. He

Thanks for reading, I'm struggling a bit with the last part of the story, but I'm almost there.