Molly's Troubles



As these things tend to happen, it all started on a perfectly normal day. For once, Molly Weasley had her entire family at the Burrow, including her surrogate children, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Along with her seven natural children, as well as her and her husband Arthur and her oldest son Bill's newly wedded wife Fleur, it was quite a full house. They were planning on celebrating her daughter Ginny's sixteenth birthday that night, and Molly was quite looking forward to the big dinner that evening. It was a special day for her youngest child, and Molly had a plan to make it unforgettable for Ginny.

Molly tried to make as little noise as possible as she crept down the old stairs to start breakfast for the family. Cooking for her loved ones was truly one of Molly's greatest joys in life. Some people may have thought that being a house witch was an insult and step down for a witch of Molly's skill and power, but she would choose no other life. She and Arthur had made the decision to put family first many years ago, and after seven children, she still had no regrets. In recent years, Harry and Hermione had very much become part of her family as well, spending much of their time out of school with the Weasley clan. While they may not have ever had much gold or material possessions, they never lacked for food or love in the Burrow.

As she stepped off the stairs onto the small landing, Molly heard soft voices coming from the living room to her right. She walked over and found Harry and Ginny sitting on the sofa, heads bent toward one another and small smiles on their faces. Oh, what Molly would not give for these two to get their heads on straight and realize how perfect they were for each other. She had watched them for years as they danced around one another, ever since the Chamber incident. She had watched them pass on other interested partners, but still not take a chance with each other. She was getting tired of watching.

These two children of hers, and yes, she considered Harry to be one of hers, had been through so much in their short few years. Both touched by a madman consumed with evil. She thanked Merlin everyday that Dumbledore had been able to end the reign of Voldemort two years ago, when he had kidnapped poor Harry from that ridiculous tournament. She was so thankful that he and Sirius, with a handful of Hogwarts Professors and Aurors, had found Harry immediately after he disappeared, and fought off the Death Eaters there, as well as Voldemort. Sirius had died in the attempt, but his sacrifice saved Harry from a third killing curse, as he had just miraculously survived a second. After they brought Harry back to Hogwarts, with a captured Dark Lord, she had thought the two kids would finally embrace their feelings, as Ginny had charged out onto the Quidditch pitch like a miniature red missile, and quite literally tackled Harry in a hug. Things quickly returned to the status quo, however, and Molly and Arthur were finally allowed to rescue Harry from those blasted Dursleys.

Voldemort's capture and subsequent interrogation had led to the discovery of his Horcruxes, their locations, and the names of all marked and unmarked Death Eaters. The cleaning of house at the Ministry had been massive and chaotic, but the peace their world now enjoyed had been worth it. With the end of the Death Eaters, and the execution of Voldemort by veil, along with his Horcruxes, Dumbledore had declared the blood wards at the Dursleys no longer necessary. Harry had lived at the Burrow ever since. That first summer was hard, as Harry greatly struggled to come to terms with the deaths of Cedric and Sirius, as well as the ritual that Voldemort had performed to regain his body. Not to mention, the dying and returning bit. With the love of the Weasleys, and Ginny's constant presence at his side, Harry had found joy in life again. Now, with the weight of the world removed from his too young shoulders, he seemed like a new man.

That was why Molly found it so very frustrating that he and Ginny were not an item yet. The two were a match written in the stars, for Merlin's sake. Everybody around them could see it. The twins had even started a betting pool within the family for when they finally got together. Of course, they also required magical vows to never tell Ginny of this. Those two might be fearless troublemakers, but they were deeply terrified of their sister's temper, and rightly so. Molly planned to end the need for that pool today.

"Good morning, dears!", she greeted Harry and Ginny, smiling slightly as the two started as if jerked away from their own little world, "would you like to help me get started with breakfast? The rest of the lot should be up and down soon".

"Of course, Molly. What can I do?" Harry asked. It had taken months to get him to stop calling her Mrs. Weasley, she wondered how long it would take him to call her mum. "Would you like me to get started on some eggs and bacon?" Harry got up and started walking toward the kitchen.

"That would be great dear", Molly smiled at him, "Ginny, if you could start setting the table?"

"I'll actually go take a shower, if you don't mind mum." Ginny stated as she stood up and stretched. Molly did not miss the way Harry's eyes darted toward her daughters' body as she did this. Nor did she miss the slight grin of satisfaction on Ginny's face as she noticed as well. In Molly's mind, it was just further proof of the rightness of the two teens.

"No worries, Ginny dear. You go right ahead. I dare say Harry and I should be able to handle things. Nothing quite like a man who knows his way around the kitchen, I always say!" she said with a wink at Harry. For his part, Harry just blushed as good as a natural born Weasley. "Feel free to start waking all those lay abouts up when you are finished, as well". Ginny got up from the sofa and, with one last glance at Harry's retreating backside, headed up the stairs toward the bathroom.

Molly and Harry got to work in the kitchen, and soon, the smells and sounds of a huge Weasley breakfast were filling the Burrow. Molly had at first tried to keep Harry from helping in the kitchen, as she felt the years of slave labor the Dursleys had put him through were more than enough for a lifetime of kitchen duty. She soon found, however, that Harry was incredibly talented at cooking, and that he really enjoyed it as well. She had quickly come to view it as a bonding time for them. Much the same as Arthur did when he took Harry out to his shed to work on his muggle contraptions. Molly had come to love this boy as much as her own in this very kitchen, and now she would not trade this time for all the gold in Gringotts.

Yes, it was time to bring Harry and Ginny together. They just needed a little push. Molly believed she had found that push just the day before while visiting the twin's joke shop in Diagon Alley. She thought back to the day before, and the little talk she had had with Fred

"Morning mum, what brings you here today?" Fred asked as the Weasley matriarch made here way through the ever-present crowds to the counter where Fred was working.

"Oh, nothing much, I was just out for some errands, and thought I'd stop by. How is business?"

"Hopping like mad, mum. We think we may have to expand the business already. George is in Hogsmeade making an inquiry to purchasing Zonko's." Fred had more than a little pride in his voice as he relayed this. "We don't think this building will handle the customer load for much longer, if business keeps growing like this."

"That's so wonderful to hear, Fred! I know I gave you two such a hard time when you were starting this, but I'm so happy I was wrong."

"Thanks mum! For that, you can help yourself to any item in the store today, free of charge!" Fred beamed.

"In that case, I'll just take a quick peek around!" Molly headed for the pink toned section off to the side. As she did, she noticed a rack full of small, violet colored bottles. The rack was labeled as holding 'Potions for Lovers'. Molly hitched in a breath and quickly switched back to mother mode. "Fred!" she hollered back at the counter, "please tell me you are not selling actual love potions!"

"Of course not, mum!" Fred scowled in outrage. "These are nothing of the sort. They are vials of a new potion George and I came up with. See, they lower a witch or wizards' natural inhibitions, and make it easier to approach the one they fancy. They only work on the normal, natural feelings of the person drinking. You actually have to be in love for any danger."

"What do you mean, it lowers inhibitions. That sounds a bit risky and inappropriate to me."

Fred sighed, "Its like this mum, say there was a bloke you fancied, but just never had the courage to tell. Maybe you were afraid you would ruin a friendship, maybe you were afraid of rejection…" at this Molly's ears perked up, but Fred failed to notice "… maybe you just aren't good at talking to blokes. This potion simply removes those barriers and gives you an urge to make your feelings known. We call it The Elixir of Fancy."

Molly thought about this for a moment, then looked back at the rack "I guess that doesn't sound too bad at that. What kind of danger could being in love bring, though?"

Fred raised an eyebrow at his mother and gave her a bit of a leer with his answer, "well, let us just say for a couple already in love and…. Involved, if you will, this little potion will add quite a bit of spice to the bedroom!"

"Fred! Why would you and your brother make something like that?" Molly was a bit shocked at this.

"Its one of our best sellers mum, particularly with older witches. Guess their wizards just need a little boost in the bed." Fred laughed at the scandalized look on his mothers' face. "Trust me mum, everything is perfectly safe and well tested. We even made sure to have Ministry approval before we put this on market."

That seemed to pacify Molly a bit more. "I still think it's a bit scandalous, but if the Ministry approves..." Molly thought for a minute, an idea starting to form. "Fred, I'll take two of these in that case. I dare say Arthur and I could stand a little spice every now an..."

"MUM!" Fred interrupted Molly with a horrified shout, "I'll give you unlimited store credit if you please, for the love of Merlin, never ever finish that sentence!" Fred was starting to look a little green around the gills.

"Well, if you're sure then, dear, I'll just grab two and be on my way. Be sure you and George are at the Burrow for Ginny's party tomorrow."

"We'll be there tonight, actually, Mum. We are going to close the shop tomorrow and take a bit of a break." Fred still looked a little pale, as if he were struggling to erase an image from his mind. "Be good to see the whole family again."

"Okay son, I'll see you tonight. Love you."

"Love you too, mum!"

Molly patted the two small vials in the pocket of her robes. Yes, tonight should be interesting indeed. She smiled and went back to cooking.

That night, the dinner table of the Burrow was quite full. As always, Harry and Molly had prepared an amazing spread of food, including all of Ginny's favorites. The Weasley clan surrounded the table, and several lively conversations were taking place. At the head of the table, Arthur, Bill, and Percy, were deep in discussion over the newly elected Minister Bones latest directives in setting a new course for the ministry. Next, Charlie, Fred, George, and Ron were discussing the current Quidditch standings. At the other end, Molly was fondly listening in as Hermione fretted over her upcoming Newt year to a thoroughly amused Harry and Ginny, while Fleur gave advice. Molly could not help but notice the many sly glances and shared smiles the two kept giving one another as Hermione ranted on. It was time to enact her plan.

"Harry, Ginny, would you two like some more pumpkin juice?" Molly asked with an almost Dumbledorish twinkle in her eye.

"Sure, mum"

"That would be great, Molly"

"Well, I'll be right back then, dears." Molly got up and went over to the counter. Careful to make sure her turned back was blocking view from the table, Molly quietly pulled the two vials out and poured the contents into two glasses. She had been worried about the color, but the liquid was clear. She then filled the glasses up with juice, pushed the empty vials to the back of the counter, picked up the glasses, and took them back to Harry and Ginny. She did not see the sly smile on Fred's face as he observed from his spot at the middle of the table.

"Thanks, Molly" Harry said for both he and Ginny, as he took the glasses from her. He handed Ginny hers, then took a big swallow of his own. He stopped, with a slight frown on his face, as if something were off. Ginny, repeating his action, did the same. They looked at each other, smiled, then looked away, both with a bit of a blush. Molly silently cheered in her mind.

Harry and Ginny very quickly finished off their drinks, and tried to keep up with Hermione, but they seemed to be having trouble concentrating. Harry also appeared to be starting to sweat. Ginny's breathing was starting to deepen. Let it never be said that Hermione was a fool, she quickly noticed that something was off. "Ginny, are you okay?" She asked the red-headed young witch next to her.

"Yeah, I, uh, just… I'm feeling a bit warm all of the sudden", Ginny replied. She was now locking her chocolate brown eyes directly on Harry's emerald ones. Both sets were noticeably darkening. Harry's breathing was starting to quicken as well.

"You both are looking a little off" Hermione said with some concern. The rest of the table was starting to notice now as well. Molly was a little concerned. This was not the reaction she was expecting. She chanced a look at Fred and saw that he was frowning as well.

"Why are you two sweating so much, its not that warm in here" Ron blurted out, drawing even more attention the teens predicament. "and stop staring at each other. It's weird."

Harry started to stand up, eyes still locked on Ginny "You want to go for a walk Gin?" he asked in a rather husky voice. Ginny just stared back at him.

"No, " her voice was just as husky, "that takes too damn long".

Then, to the utter horror and astonishment of the rest of the table, Ginny stood up, climbed on the table and quite literal jumped Harry.

His response could best be described as enthusiastic, catching her in midair, wrapping one arm around her waist, and the other around her bum, as she locked her legs around Harry's waist, and her arms around her neck. The two than procced to snog the living daylights out of each other.

The Weasleys and Hermione continued to stare in shock.

Harry spun himself and Ginny around, slamming through the kitchen door and into the living room. Ginny kicked the door closed behind them. Then, Molly quite clearly hear Harry ask "Bedroom?" to which Ginny responded, "No, couch is closer." They then felt a pulse of magic come from both Harry and Ginny, as several locking and privacy wards suddenly snapped into place around the Burrow's living room.

"What the hell is he doing to Ginny!" Shouted Charlie, as the shock finally started to wear off of the kitchen's occupants. He rushed at the door only to bounce off of an invisible barrier. Bill stared waving his wand at the living room.

"Damn, those are some strong wards" He exclaimed, "I don't know if I can bring them down." Percy joined bill in casting diagnostic chams at the wards. He was looking amused.

"I don't know if you should, my love" Fleur said with a rather wicked smile, "they looked to be quite enjoying themselves to me. You interrupt them and they'll be quite mad, I should think."

"Bloody hell, that's too bad for them. Just where does Harry get off attacking Ginny like that?" Ron demanded. He was starting to look quite angry. "Doesn't he know sisters are off limits?"

George grinned at Ron, "didn't look like he cared too much, little brother".

"Oh, my" was all Hermione could squeak out. Arthur just continued to stare at the door.

"But…that wasn't…they…" Molly found herself stammering.

Fred seemed to shake himself out from his stupor. He looked at the counter to where Molly had left the empty violet vials. He then looked at his mother. "Just how sure are we that Harry and Ginny weren't dating?" He asked the room at large.

"They've never said anything to me." Arthur replied, shaking his head as if waking from a doze, "and for as long as Ginny used to have that crush on Harry, if he had started to return those feelings, I think we would know."

"Ginny would have told me if she had a boyfriend" Molly said, still rather shook up.

Ron glared around the room in general, "Harry would never betray me like that!" A less sure look than slid across his features, "would he?"

Something in the living room was knocked over with a load crash. Muffled giggles could be heard.

Bill frowned at the door, while Fred shook his head in disbelief.

Fleur grinned, and Ron glared some more.

Molly turned a bit more pale, and Hermione blushed a deep enough red to pass for a Weasley.

"Actually, they have been dating."

The whole room turned to look at Hermione.

"You said what?" Ron said.

"Harry and Ginny have been dating since shortly after he pulled her out of the chamber." Hermione said in an exceedingly small voice. She was blushing quite brightly and looking down at the floor. "They kept it secret because they were afraid of how you all would react. They didn't want a big deal to be made, or for her brothers to gang up on Harry. They just wanted to be with each other in peace without anyone interfering. They didn't really start to get serious until Harry came back from that graveyard, though. At that point they were afraid of being told they were too young, even though they love each other very much." She was mainly looking at Ron as she said this.

Ron rose to the bait quite predictably. "That's rubbish! I think I'd have known if my best mate had been dating my baby sister for several years! Harry has never shown any interest in her. Hell, he's never shown any interest in any girl! Not even after Moldyshorts was gone! He's trying to take advantage of her silly crush!"

"Thanks for proving their point, Ron!" Hermione yelled back. "That kind of attitude is exactly what they were afraid of! How dare you…"

"That's enough of that!" Arthur shouted, cutting across the argument before it got into high gear. The sounds coming from the living room were starting to worry him. "We can figure out relationships later. I think we need to get into that room as fast as possible." He looked to his eldest son, "Bill, any luck on those wards?"

"No, dad, and I don't think we can. I taught Harry and Ginny how to raise these, and they are quite strong."

"Thanks for that, by the way" Percy muttered under his breath. A little louder he said, "maybe we should call Professor Dumbledore?"

Charlie frowned at him, "they're just snogging. Do we really need to involve anybody else?"

"Yes, we do, and as quickly as possible." Fred said with a horrified look on his face. "Mom gave them Elixir of Fancy." At this George lost the smile he'd had at the whole thing and looked at Molly in shock.

"You didn't?" George gasped at her.

"Well", Molly started, "I just wanted those two to be together. We've all seen how good they are for each other. I thought they were so afraid of losing their friendship that they would never make a move for each other. I just wanted to give them a push in the right direction." She managed to look quite ashamed of herself.

"They'll be making some moves soon enough" Fred said with a disturbed look on his face. "If we don't get in there and separate them, they'll be shagging on the living room floor. You really want to have to replace those rugs, mum?"

"They wouldn't dare" exclaimed Percy.

"The potion will make them dare, Perce" George told him. "we made it to. Though, its usually bought by married folk. If they are as much in love as Hermione says though, it'll work the same on them. They won't really be able to stop themselves. Think of a hyped up lust potion, with out the forced business."

Hermione looked like she was ready to run away. "why couldn't they put up some silencing charms as well?" she asked as she stepped back from the door, and the uncomfortably husky moans starting to sound from behind it.

"I'm sure that those two have more self control than that" Molly stated. "If we just give them a minute to…"

"Just fucking rip them off, Harry! I'm ready now!" came Ginny's breathless exhortation from the living room, cutting off Molly's rant. Molly squeaked and jumped away from the door.

"Oh, Gin, your body is so…" Whatever Harry was saying was cut off as five silencing charms hit the door at the same time. Arthur, Bill, Percy, Fleur, and Hermione looked at each other rather sheepishly.

"Okay, Percy, go call Dumbledore" Charlie looked like he had seen a ghost.

"My baby girl" Arthur said rather sadly.