Never let it be said that a well learned lesson doesn't last. Molly Weasley had desperately wanted Harry and Ginny to get together, and get together they did. Her daughter married her knight in shining armor, her one true love on August 15th, 1998. 3 months to the day after the birth of her first grand baby, Lily Maria Potter. Just a little over a year to the day after that fateful party, when Molly had slipped the two teens Elixir of Fancy. Fred and George had banned molly from their store, not that it was needed. Molly had honestly believed she would just be giving the two teens a little push in the direction they needed. Never again would she try something like that, at least, not without consent. She and Arthur had found quite a bit of use for the Elixir, not that she would share that with her children.

The last year had not been the easiest. Ginny was extremely unhappy to be attending her sixth year of Hogwarts pregnant. The Daily Prophet had a field day with the unplanned pregnancy. Running stories that went from tales of true love, to attempted line theft, Harry eventually had to purchase a controlling interest in the paper before they stopped. Ginny had not been able to play quidditch and took that very personally. Poor Harry did everything in his power to help her out, but he himself was just a child. Luckily enough, as the young couple was quite magically powerful, the rest of the school learned rather quickly to leave them alone. Draco Malfoy found himself in the hospital wing for an entire week as Madam Pomfrey rebuilt his nose after one of Ginny's Batbogey hex's. Theo Nott made the mistake of asking Harry if the carpet matched the drapes, and found himself stuck to the ceiling of the Great Hall for several hours before Professor Flitwick figured out how to undue Harry's overpowered sticking charm.

All was not bad, though. Harry and Ginny found themselves growing even closer, now that they were no longer hiding their relationship. While much sooner than they had planned, they could only see the coming child as the greatest of blessings. On the day of Lily's arrival, Harry looked down on his brand new daughter, and finally knew why Dumbledore called love the most powerful force on earth.

Molly sighed as she took a sip of her drink. The wedding preparations had consumed her for almost the entire summer, but it was finally over. Harry and Ginny Potter were currently slow dancing with baby Lily held between them. Ron and Lavender were dancing next to the, as well as the surprising couple of Hermione and Neville Longbotttom. It seemed that being Head Boy and Girl for their last year at Hogwarts had brought a new dynamic to their friend ship. Luna, as usual, simply spun and twirled to a tune all her own. This may have come about sooner than she wished, but Molly could not help but be happy at this moment.

The table shifted as Charlie Weasley sat down beside her. "Well Mum, how does it feel?" He asked her.

"How does what feel, dear?" Molly questioned him.

"Having your baby girl all grown up."

"She turned 17 four days ago and still has a year left at Hogwarts, she is hardly grown up." Molly sniffed at her second oldest son.

Charlie snorted into his firewiskey, "and yet, there she stands, a mother and a wife. If that isn't grown up, I don't really know what is."

"Well, yes, I suppose." Molly looked at her beaming daughter, blissfully dancing with her own family. "She is really taking to this well, isn't she?"

"What did you expect? Gin had been telling us she was gonna marry Harry Potter since she was six years old." He took another deep drink. "Though, I'll be honest, If I thought she was gonna do it this soon, I'd have had a few more choice words with the scrawny little git back when I met him before the World Cup."

"Oh Charlie, that boy wasn't even aware of her back then."

"Yeah, its why I liked him so much." Molly swatted him on the arm. Charlie looked at her and asked, "Do you really think she is happy?"

"Yes, son, I do." Molly beamed at him. "They are so good together. Harry had purchased a house in Hogsmeade, and Ginny has received permission to day school for her final year. Professor Dumbledore assured her that she will still be able to play Quidditch, and Minerva has made her Captain this year, just like you."

"Does Gin still hope to play professionally? What about Lily?"

"Harry plans to be a stay at home dad while working on his Charms Mastery. He plans on doing that as long as Gin needs, and Ron tells me that Holyhead has plans to scout her this season. She has already started training." Molly said with not a little about of pride.

"Well, all is well that ends well, I suppose." Charlie stood up and held is hand out to his mother. "C'mon mum, dance with me."

Molly smiled and took his hand. "Of course, dear."

All was well.