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Paul POV

Running. The best part of life, at least now when I have four legs to run on. Running like a human was one of my favorite things to do, but running like this- even with a tail, is the best thing in the world.

Trees and nature fly by, I duck under low branches and jump over fallen tries- nothing is in my way!

Patrolling alone just made this run so much better, no one in my head thinking about stuff. Just me, my mind, and the forest.

It's when I reach the base of a small mountain, where a cave lies- my night just turned interesting. There, just outside the cave were three small wolf pups- real wolf pups, not like me a huge shapeshifted wolf. They are playing just like me and my brothers sometimes do- it doesn´t matter that we are mostly human, we are wolves too in a way. We have instincts like wolves and we recently found out that we apparently have a mating season as well.

Man, that was fun! Not! At least I got away from all the hormones and stayed deep in the forest. We, without imprints, couldn't really just take any girl even with protection - not during that time of year. They just lost their minds- okay I lost it a bit too but at least I got the sense to run away before I did something.

It came as more of a surprise for me, Jared, and Sam. We have been wolves for three years and this had never happened before - Sam speculates that in earlier years we have had too much vampire activity around this time of year. If we would have had these hormones driving us crazy during a time were cold ones were running around - it would have made our job even more dangerous and nearly impossible to do.

Laughing on the inside I remember how crazy everything went- we were all gone and ruled by mating instincts.

Poor Quil and Embry, we now know that even males aren't safe from those kinds of hormones. Though, they seem to have found out they both are bisexual, which means both of them are now looking both girls and boys in the eyes - to find their imprints.

Jakob got away too, but he and Leah ended up in the same spot and they don't talk right now. To Leah's luck the pill she was on worked and she didn't get pregnant. Seth the poor boy, only 14, got confused by the stronger hormones and need. He did what I did, jack of - but he didn't leave his house.

Wonder if his parents are done having a talk with him- it's been a month since they walked in on him.

I weirdly shrugged my shoulders to that thought and move my front right leg - remembering that week, or five days gives me phantom pains in my arm.

Shaking my large head I turn my attention back to the tiny wolves. The pups are still not aware of my presence so I carefully and silently lie down.

They seem to be all males, by their scent! I didn't look! One is black with a white spot around the left eye- making it look like an eyepatch. The other two are grey. The black one is bigger but not by much- meaning their mother feeds them all well.

The last time I checked, come to think of it, a bear had been in this cave. How in the hell could a wolf fight a bear that size?

A loud growl coming from right in front of me has me up on all four in only seconds. The pups run to the cave entrance and out from the trees comes a wolf. A wolf that is smaller than me- but bigger than Seth!

She's a shifter.

And she's beautiful.

Her fur is whiter than snow, her eyes bluer than crystal clear water and she is most of all - completely furious.

I try to not look intimidating, but she is protecting pups and I am larger - and a male.

"Can you hear me?" I try to see if she's somehow connected to our link.

No answer.

She only growls again.

I decide to lay back down. Not showing her submission, I don't do that - not even to Sam. But I try to show I'm not going to attack either.

She tilts her head curiously, the growling quiets some but she is still tense and showing her teeth.

"Come on girl I'm not a threat..." I think into the emptiness.

Or what I thought was emptiness.

"Who are you speaking to?" Sams tone rings through the link.

"Look," I say and open up my mind more for him to see what I have in front of me. "She must be a shifter. She has three real wolf pups in the cave," I say.

"She's not in our link and as far as I know every one of the right bloodlines has shifted."

"Then who is she?" I huff and watch her move to the cave.

The pups run out to her and stay under her large body. They really seem to see her as their mother. As I said, we do have wolf instincts but I would never think of taking care of real wolf pups.

"Me neither," Sam says and I feel him coming closer. "Should I maybe get Leah?" He asks

"No," I say after I contemplated that for a moment. "When you get here be careful and I will shift back and talk to her."

"I'm only a few minutes away."

I still feel him but we don't talk. Just two minutes later he slowly walks out by my side.

The female is crouching low, growling louder, and makes sure to keep the pups under her. They cower and whine - making her even more distressed.

Sam lies down at my side and I carefully rise. I would go behind the tree but I think it's best she sees me shift back.

She's keeping her eyes on Sam, only giving me side glances - Sam being bigger is, even laying down, the bigger threat.

I shift slowly and her growls stop. She looks as surprised as a wolf can. I put on my cut-offs and take one step towards her so I'm slightly in front of Sam.

"Can you understand me?" I ask her and she nods. "Can you shift back?"

She nodes again and makes the pups go back to the cave. She lies down and her body shakes and shimmers before a naked young woman lies in the wolf's stead.

I first thought the pups would be scared but she must have been human with them before- because they come running back out and one is dragging a blanket with him. She lifts each one and nuzzles them before pulling the blanket around herself as she is standing up.

"We are not a threat to you, I just want to make that clear," I say and she sighed and nods.

"Sorry, but I didn't know there were more like me." She says in a soft tone but it's a bit raspy from lack of use. "My father said I was alone and would always be..." she whispers.

"Who's your father?" I ask. Her skin is so light it's impossible to say if she has Quilite blood in her or not. Her hair and eyes are the only dark thing about her- brown, just like mine, are her human orbs and her hair is the same color as my favorite type of chocolate.

"Joshua Uley. I'm Isabella Uley." She says and Sam is up a bit too fast. She growls and shakes but she doesn't shift.

"Sorry about hi..." I start but Sam shifts.

"I am sorry but he is my father too," Sam says and Isabella's eyes get huge.

"Samuel?" She asks and Sam tilts his head and nod. "I found a picture of you with some stuff I think was your mothers - our dad said you and her died." She says.

Sam pinch his eyes shut and look up at the dark sky.

"My mom is dead. She died a month before Joshua left." Sams says - as usually, refusing to call him any form of the word father.

"My mom is dead too," Isabella whispers and kneels down to let the pups surround her.

Both I and Sam step a little closer and she just gives us a glance. When we are just a few feet away we sit down, facing her.

"Where is he now?" Sam asks. He isn't even that surprised to have a sister. After we found out about Embry being his half-brother, we knew that there could be more - Joshua Uley was the manwhore of La Push, before me. The difference between him and me, is I use protection and I don't hurt women.

"Seattle. I left a few months after my first shift, he didn't take it well that I could protect myself now." She answers and both me and Sam growl.

"He hurt you?!" Sam is vibrating, but as soon as one of the pups jumps up in his lap - he stopped.

"He would treat me like my mother and I'm sure he would use his fist with yours to..." she says and Sam nods. "He didn't start hurting me until mom was dead and I was eight by then." She continues.

"How old are you now?" I ask.

"18-19, I think. I have been mostly a wolf since I left my dad some months back... I have been a wolf even more after I found these three." She says and smiles at the pups. "Their mother was killed by something that stinks, but smells really sweet - sickly sweet." She says and her nose scrunches up - making her look adorable. Adorable?

"It's May," Sam says to her while he and I exchange a look. The Cullens must have killed the mother wolf.

"Then I'm 18 and have been living in forests around here since January." She says. "Thought it had been longer." She says as an afterthought. "What about the creatures that killed their mom?"

"Vampires." I and Sam say.

"Seriously?" She looks surprised but shrugged a moment later. "I guess that's not too far-fetched when we shift to giant wolves." She smiles.

"Guess not. There are seven in the area and they hunt animals instead of humans..." Sam explains but he cuts himself off when he noticed the look in her eyes.

"Why?!" She has tears in her eyes. "There are plenty of bad humans they can feed on! Our dad for one..." She grumbles the last part. "Why hunt animals and leave babies behind?! These three were laying beside their dead mother when I found them..." she cries and the pups whine and try to get her attention.

One rises up on his back paws and puts his front up on her chest and licks her cheek.

"Thank you, Ash." She whispers and hugs the pup close - after a while, she scoops up the other two too and hold them all in her lap.

"They see you as their mother in both forms," Sam states.

She nods and gives Sam a hard look. A look that says "we are not done with the bloodsuckers diet"-talk.

"They don't want to kill people and we are protectors of humans so for them to stay here they need to follow the animal diet- we eat animals too."

"I know that! I do too! But their mother wasn't sick or hurt - and I only hunt the sick or hurt... Animals animals should get to live free...without being hunted, especially healthy ones with babies." Her voice gets lower with every word until even we need to stretch our hearing to hear her. "Can't they get pigs' blood or something from all the damn slaughterhouses?!" She growls.

we both just shrugged- not really sure what to say.

"Maybe we can talk to them and ask them to make sure not to hunt animals that might have babies," I say.

I really don't want to see those shits, but she has a point- who knows how many pups, cubs, and whatever deer babies are called, they leave behind. Do they check so they don't over hunt? Why haven't we asked this before?

"I can call them and arrange a meeting?" Sam fishes out his phone when she nods. While he starts it up, Isabella goes back to giving the pups her full attention.

I turn back to Sam and he, to my surprise, has the leach on speed dial! Number four! I'm number six!

"What? Never know when we might need to talk to them..." he grumbles.

"Carlisle Cullen." We can hear after two signals.

"Dr. Cullen, this is Sam Uley"

It's quiet for a second and then we can hear all of them in the background. Mumbles is all we pick up though.

"What can we do for you, Sam?" Their leader, father, asks.

"Could all of you meet me, Paul, and a new addition at the border?" Sam directly asks.

Again it gets quiet for a second before we can pick up some dog jokes and snide comments.

"It's not like they sleep..." I mumble.

Sam gives me a "shut up" look.

"Sure, but could you tell me what this is about?" He politely asks.

"It's about your hunting activities," Sam says and hangs up.

"Really?" I say with a raised eyebrow- that was such an un-Sam thing to do.

"See if they can sweat." He shrugs.

Isabella puts the pups down.

"So we are meeting them now?" She asks and shakes of the blanket. "Can you each carry one in your mouth without hurting them?" She asks and we both look at her wide-eyed.

We are too damn large for that - so is she!

"No." We both say. She just laughs and moves toward the cave. Sam is looking away while I'm enjoying the view.

"Hey! That's my sister!" He says and smacks me in the back of my head.

"So? I was just looking." I growl rubbing the back of my head.

We don't have time to get into it before she comes back with a basket.

"I will take them in this then."

She places the basket down, puts the blanket in with them, and shift easier than I have ever seen anyone do it. It was like it was the most natural thing for her to do. Maybe it is though. She has lived for months mostly like a wolf.

Me and Sam get our cut-offs off and tie them to our leg before we shift - looking clumsy, probably, compared to her.

She picks up the basket in her jaws and we are off. She isn't running as fast as we know she can, the basket making it harder or she doesn't want to risk the pups. Should have asked their names. One was named Ash, I think.

We are soon close enough to smell them and Isabella whines. Yeah, they stink! Stinks so it burns!

"Isabella, can you hear me?" Sam thinks and we get nothing.

"We have to figure that out later," I say.

When we get to the border, all seven are already there. The males are in front of the females and the one we know can hear our thoughts is standing with his father - up close to the border.

Isabella looks them over, growls before she puts the basket down. She growls even more and shows her teeth - her heckles rise. She is really showing that she's not one to be messed with.

"She is very angry." The blond male in front of the smallest female says.

"I can't hear her." Mind raper says. He heard me though - from the look, I'm getting.

Sam shifts back. I'm going to stay wolf, unsure about what Isabella will do.

"This is my sister, Isabella. She found three wolf pups laying around their dead mother some weeks ago." Sam says - we didn't even ask when it was. Mental facepalm.

"So?" The blond woman with an even worse attitude than me asks.

"Their mother smelt of one of you..." Isabella says.

She shifted so easily and fluently that I didn't even notice!

"Again so?!" Blondie growls.

"You see no wrong in killing a mother of three pups? They weren't even two weeks old!" She yells and points to the basket where three small heads are poking out from the blanket, that she hasn't covered herself with. She's standing all naked for them to see and it bothers me more than it probably should.

"Rosalie." The leader says in a clear warning.

She only huffs and continues to hide behind her hulk of a mate.

"We, of course, see wrong in killing but we have to survive in some way..." he tries but Isabella is a mother on a mission.

"Then why not take blood from slaughterhouses? They breed and kill animals all the time and throw away the blood. Take that and leave the animals living free in the forest alone!" She growls and kneels down to comfort her pups when they whine.

"Because it tastes disgusting!" The small one yaps but hides quickly when mama wolf growls.

The growl from the scared male is one to be admired though. I will not say that it scared me but ...fine did! He can growl!

But, is Isabella "mama wolf" Uley faced?

That's a big fat NO!

"Hunt the injured and sick then! I can sniff them out so can you! How many mothers have you killed?!" She growls still from her knees - making sure the pups are okay. "How many more will I find?" She whispers softly.

The seven undead exchange looks - to me it seems they haven't thought about that.

"We make sure not to over hunt ...but we seem to have missed thinking about mating seasons." The female with caramel-colored hair says with a tremble in her voice, a sad expression coloring her pale face. She looks to her husband. "Why we didn't think about that I can't explain."

A sigh from Isabella draws our attention.

"You can't think of everything and everyone needs to eat...please just try to think about what might be left behind..." she whispers and meets the woman's eyes with her tear-filled ones and motion to the pups in the basket. "They have me, but if I didn't find them when I did- three more wolves would have died."

The fight seems to have left her. Maybe the distress in the female showed her that they do have hearts - even if they don't beat. Hmpf...that female reminds me of my own mother. Kind and good. Maybe Isabella drew the same picture.

"We will think of this...we are sorry." The leader says.

Isabella nods, shift and picks the basket back up and disappear back the way we came. I get antsy for some reason.

"Thank you for rethinking your hunting... we had to rethink some as well..." Sam says and shakes the doctor's hand. "And, really it's a bit creepy for you to hunt wolves..." Sam says a bit light-hearted.

"We don't really pick and choose while hunting - we just go for the best smelling." The big one says. "Like the gigantic bear, I got a month ago!" He smiles huge - digging up the dimples on each cheek.

That might be the bear from the cave. I only saw it ones from behind and it was close to our size.

Sam shakes his head and shifts without taking off his cut-offs. We are both off before the other seven leave.

"I don't want to leave her alone for long" Sam says.

"Me neither..." I whisper into the link.

"Hmm..." I only hear before he cuts off the connection to his thoughts - lucky alpha.

Isabella seems to have put the pups to "bed" when we get back.

"They are sleeping. Long day for them." She says and I shift back.

"Long day for you too. How are you feeling?" I ask and sit down beside her. Sam barks and nods toward home. I nod and he is off.

"Where is he going?" She asks.

"Home, he shredded his cut-offs - sometimes he doesn't think" I laugh- he is our alpha but he shreds more shorts than Seth does.

She smiles.

"So how are you?" I ask again.

" I'm oka..." she starts but stopped when she looked up at me.

I could have sworn our eyes had met before then, but the feelings within me proved, that wasn't the case.

"What...what..." she stammers.

I can't even answer her. I'm too deep down into her soul and I don't want to find my way out. I finally, after three years, imprinted. She's mine! And she's amazing. And she's my alphas little sister... fuck! I'm so screwed!

"Hey...em...I don't even know your name." She says.

"Paul," I whisper still not even close to leaving her eyes. "Paul Lahote"

"What...just happen, Paul?" She asks breathless, our lips somehow closer now than a moment ago.

"We imprinted," I say.

"Huh?" She mumbles - her lips brushing mine.

"It's a wolf thing. You are mine. I am yours." I brush her lips with every word.

"Mine?" She questions, but there is strength behind it- almost possessiveness.


Our lips finally met in our first kiss and it's the most wonderful kiss I have ever had. Our lips move in a dance that it seems like we have taken for years. I pull her to me closer, holding one hand behind her head and one on her waist, both of hers are in my hair.

Too soon she pulls back, breading hard and trying to catch her breath. Her cheeks turn bright red and she looks down.

"Hey," I whisper and lift her head back up. "We belong together there is no need to be embarrassed" I smirk when she blushes more.

"These intense feelings are normal?"

"To our kind yeah... but we don't have to be a couple - we could just be friends," I say and it hurts getting the words out, but she deserves to know she has a choice.

"What do you want?" She shyly asks. Gone is the badass mother wolf - in her place is an unsure young woman, that has been hurt by a man that should have protected her.

I mentally shake away that thought - no need to get angry now, it will end with me probably going to Seattle to kill the guy!

"I think you know what I want," I say.

She seems to think for a moment, but not long enough for me to have time to work myself, about what she will choose. She kisses me softly and pulls back slowly before it became heated.

"I want to see what happens" she smiles.

My smile is for once genuine.

"That we can do," I say and the best thing with her and me - we are both wolves, meaning; we have all the time in the world.

Wolves for life doesn't seem so bad - not with her by my side, and the pups.

The end

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