Raindrops raced down the windows of Jessica Stanley's car as Eleanor leaned her head against the coolness of the window. Her mind was consumed with thoughts of her day ahead as her sister chatted away in the driver's seat beside her.

Jessica was telling her about the new girl that was coming today from Arizona. As her sister spoke, Eleanor could hear her jealousy poking through clearly. Jessica loved being the center of attention at school and her popularity would temporarily shift to the new girl. No one new ever came to Forks High School and Jess didn't like the thought that someone was stealing her spotlight.

The two sisters had never been very much alike. While Jessica liked attention and, for the most part, people, Eleanor preferred to be left alone. Jessica liked to go out on a Friday night with friends and El didn't mind a night in, closed off from the outside world.

Eleanor kept herself closed off from others for a reason. When she was only ten, she realized she could do things that her sister - or anyone for that matter - couldn't do. She had the ability to move objects with her mind which, at the time, confused her to no end. As she experimented with her magic, Eleanor found she could read anyone's thoughts as plainly as her own.

Her power terrified her and she made an effort to keep herself at a distance.

"Are you even listening to me?" Jessica snapped as she turned the car into the school parking lot.

"Yes." Eleanor rolled her eyes with a huff. Jess had been complaining about this for days. "You were telling me about one of your tests today."

Jessica hummed and put her car in park. The twins grabbed their bags and exited the car, walking towards their group of friends. Despite their differences, they did share the same friend group. However, while Jess was close with Lauren, Eleanor was close with Angela.

Eric Yorkie walked over to Angela and Eleanor and put his arms around both girls. "Ready to meet the newbie?"

She only scowled and shoved her friend's arm off of her. "Between you and Jess gossiping about her, I feel as if I already have."

Eric laughed at her but Eleanor meant it. It wasn't that she didn't like new people, but she was wary around them for good reason. And besides, Bella Swan had been the talk of the town recently and Eleanor was ready for her arrival so everyone would go back to talking about regular things, like the new menu at the local café.

Angela shimmied her way between the two and reached for their hands. "Enough talking and let's get to class."

Eleanor was lucky to have most of her classes with her friends and none with Lauren. She didn't understand how her sister was friends with the girl at times, but other days she understood perfectly well.

Angela and Eleanor walked towards their first class together in silence. Angela didn't mind sitting in silence sometimes and Eleanor loved that about her. Of course the two had their gossiping moments but they did appreciate the quietness as well.

El's first few classes of the day dragged along slowly though she soon found herself being pulled into a chair between Eric and Angela. She wrinkled her nose at the sandwich on her tray. "I can't wait to go home."

Eric laughed at his friend, sharing a look with Angela. "Every day right at this exact time."

"What?" Eleanor asked, looking between the two as they laughed.

"You say the same thing every day, without fail." Angela giggled as she bit into a carrot.

El's face flushed but she shrugged her shoulders. As she opened her mouth to answer, Jess sat down with an unfamiliar face by her side. "It's the truth."

"Guys! This is Bella Swan!" Jess introduced with a wide grin. Bella Swan gave them an awkward wave before trying to hide behind her dark hair. Eleanor liked her immediately. She would hate having to move to a new school halfway through the year so she wanted to make it easier on the newbie.

"Nice to meet you, Bella." She greeted, tilting her lips up slightly. Bella looked between her and Jess with narrowed eyes.

"Eleanor is Jessica's twin sister." Angela pointed out, almost as if she could read the confusion on her face.

Realization dawned on her and Bella nodded. "You two look a lot alike."

"I see you guys have met my girl, Bella." Mike nudged his way between Jess and Bella, swinging an arm around the new girl.

"You mean my girl?" Tyler, another friend of Eleanor's, came up behind Mike and pulled his chair out from under him, running across the cafeteria. Mike shot up from the floor, yelling at Tyler before chasing after him.

Eleanor raised a brow as she stabbed her fork into her fruit cup. She could hear Jess giggling from beside her.

"Oh, my God." Her sister began and Eleanor lifted her head to hear her. "It's like first grade all over again and you're the shiny new toy."

Eleanor sensed the tone of jealousy in her voice and threw her a look. Jess shrugged, but Bella wasn't paying attention, instead looking behind Jessica and Lauren. "Who are they?"

Eleanor turned to follow her gaze before she let out a laugh. "They are the Cullens. Dr. Cullen and his sister adopted them together. They all moved down from Alaska a couple of years ago."

"Yeah." Jessica added, shooting a glance to the teens behind her. "They all kind of keep to themselves. And they're all together."

In all honesty, Eleanor never paid much attention to the Cullens. While Jessica was obsessed with knowing everything about the family, El left the, alone. She had a suspicion that there was off about them - just due to the fact that they lived in the same house, were in high school and were romantically involved with each other.

"It's weird! They all live together!" Jess said in a hushed voice. She leaned closer to Bella before trying to subtly point towards a girl with a pixie cut and a boy with golden blonde hair. "She's really weird. That's Alice and she's dating Jasper, the one who looks like he's always in pain."

Another blonde woman and a man who looked way to muscular for a sixteen year old walked past next and El watched her sister's face scrunch up. "Rosalie is the blonde and she's with Emmett."

Bella nodded before pointing to the final boy who walked through the door, a blush creeping up her neck. "And who's he?"

Eleanor spoke up then, eyeing the bronze-haired boy. "He is Edward Cullen-"

"-He's totally gorgeous and totally single but apparently no one here is good enough for him." Jessica stabbed at her food a little harder. "Like I care."

Eleanor threw a look to Angela, who thankfully stood up with her trash, leaving El to follow behind her. When they were far enough away, Angela began to laugh. "How long do you think she's going to be jealous of Bella?"

Eleanor scoffed, linking her arm through her friend's. "God only knows but hopefully she gets over it soon. I can't stand when Jess gets like this."