Author's Note: So this took may a lot longer to get done than I thought it would. That may sound odd due to this isn't a longer one, but my first two concepts just didn't work right. I just ended up with a bunch of concepts that would warrant a full, multi chapter story. A story I don't want to just shove into Glimpses at the expense of everything else I have planned for it.


A mountain in Idaho

It is easy to forget how much one can see on a hike. It's so easy to just dismiss it all as just trees, grass, dirt and rocks. Oh, but what a dedicated hiker could tell you about the random animals they'll both see and hear while on the trails. This is what brought many people out to the mountain. It isn't a famous mountain. You wouldn't know its name. Despite this, it is a beautiful place, teaming with natural life.

"Chur chur!"

That was the cry of a mountain bluebird Bluebirds of one the few varieties of thrushes in the Americas. There are three known species of bluebird; the eastern bluebird, the western bluebird, and the mountain bluebird. As the name suggests, mountain bluebirds are most commonly found in mountainous locales, particularly the American West. Because of this, the mountain bluebird is the official state bird of both Idaho and Nevada, and many who were out for hikes on mountains would enjoy seeing one fly by.

"Chur Chur! Chur Chur! Chur Chur!"

Unfortunately, that was not just the cry of a normal mountain bluebird. No, that was the sound of a monstrous, glowing bluebird the size of a small mountain. It was hideous, a perversion of the normal animal. It was not of this world. It was from a land of preternatural life. Even though it was the middle of the day, it could be mistaken for night under the beast's enormous shadow. The entire mountain and the vast land surrounding it were covered in said shadow and the only sound that could be heard other than the titanic creature's cry were the fearful screams of the most unfortunate hikers scattered below. For a moment, it was a scene of pure terror for them as their screams filled the air, but it was thankfully short lived, for soon they began to cheer as a scream of glowing green energy appeared in the sky. It belonged to a flying humanoid figure, who came to a halt right in front of the face of the giant glowing bluebird-like being.

"Never seen a giant bluebird ghost before, but I guess there's always a first time for everything!" the newly arrived figure spoke in a youthful, masculine voice.

The terrible bluebird ghost looked at the figure and, despite having an animalistic mind, could recognize who this was; a being that was very well known both in this realm and from the one it had emerged from. Glowing green eyes. A head of messy white hair. A black bodysuit with white gloves, boots, belt, collar, and chest insignia. All of it on the body of a slender young man with pale beige skin. His lips formed into a smirk. It was him. If even the bird could recognize it, it should come as no shock that the people below did as well.

"It's Danny Phantom!" was a phrase that most of them took a moment to exclaim.

The superhero called Danny Phantom confidentially clenched his gloved hands into fists and green energy balls formed around them.

"He's doing it! The ghost boy's bringing out the classics!" a hiker below cried out in excitement.

"You may want to just fly off!" Danny quipped.

He shot the energy directly into both of the giant bluebird ghost's angry eyes, before zipping around it with eyes, causing the flying beast much confusion. It couldn't attack if it didn't know where to aim. Danny stopped at its tail feathers, which he clasped in both his hands. In spite of the bird's attempts to shake him off, Danny was able to spin the bird around in a circle a few times before letting go of it. The creature was now left very disoriented by this, giving Danny the time to pull out a shiny metal thermos. He opened it up and his latest opponent was pulled into it within mere seconds.

"Easy as...bluebird...berry pie. Yeah that works I guess." Danny joked to himself.

Danny then flew down lower towards the mountain, just to quickly check to see if everyone was okay. He felt very fortunate as it became apparent that nobody had been hurt.

"Woohoo! Yeah!" a hiker cheered as Danny flew by.

"You rock, Danny Phantom!" another called out, giving him two thumbs up.

"Thanks, everyone! It wasn't any trouble!" Danny loudly said back as he flew back up into the sky.

He then noticed a news chopper in the distance, where a camerawoman was taking footage of everything from the open door, a reporter standing next to her in it. Danny flew up to them.

"Sorry, but I have no time for interviews. Gotta head back home." Danny quickly said to them.

"But, Mr. Fenton!" the reporter tried to object.

Danny flew off before he could finish.

"What? Am I not good enough to interview you?" the reporter rhetorically asked.

"Edward, we've talked about this." the camerawoman playfully chided him.

"Fine, fine. I won't get worked up." he responded with a light sigh at the end.

He then looked over at the pilot of the news copter.

"You may as well bring us down. We can at least try to get some eyewitnesses to talk to us." he said.

The pilot nodded. Soon, the helicopter landed on the ground below, landing not far from where most of the hikers were gathering up to exchange details.

"It's not like you can ask him who he really is anyway." the camerawoman shrugged. "Man, what I would give to have been there on the scene revealed who he really was."

"Weren't…'gone' during that?" the reporter asked as they both got out of the copter.

"Ugh. Don't remind me." the camerawoman groaned.

Up in the air, Danny Phantom was now talking to someone over a small communication device he had placed in his ear.

"I got the bird, Tucker. I'll be home soon." Danny spoke into it.

"Sounds good, Danny. Maybe we can get to Nasty Burger before it closes." an enthusiastic male voice, presumably the one called Tucker, responded.

"You only want to go there because Sam is still overseas and can't complain about how overboard you go there." Danny said, cocking an eyebrow.

"Ha! You got me, Danny." Tucker laughed, the device making it sound a little fuzzy to Danny. "We should probably call her soon though."

"No objections there." Danny happily agreed. "We should let her know she has our support."

"I'm gonna go let Jazz and your folks know you're on your way back. See you soon." Tucker said.

"Sounds good." Danny replied.

Tucker then ended the call and Danny then increased his speed and did a wild spin just for the fun of it.

"Wooo! I love being half-ghost!" Danny yelled out.

Amity Park, Washington

Everything about the city of Amity Park gave the impression that it was a normal place. It had all the venues one would expect an average American city to have. Busy streets were normal. Lots of varied stores, restaurants, and a mall were also normal. The schools, such as Casper High, were so typical in appearance that it'd be a shock if they turned out to be used for any other purpose. Casper High was a large and blocky building, with reddish brown and white bricks making up the exterior of it. Classes had already ended for the day shortly before, but there were still a few students lingering around the front of the school. One in particular was sitting on the steps, grumbling to himself.

"No one could shut up about him all day." he half-groaned.

He was a tall young man, with a wide upper body with a thick, athletic build. His tightly trimmed blond hair was even paler than his skin. Despite his occasional tanning, he was clearly a white boy. He wore rather unremarkable jeans and sneakers, along with a red and white varsity jacket over a black shirt.

"Just 'Danny, Danny, Danny' all day long." he continued. "At least Fenton wasn't actually here today."

"Hey, Dash!" a friendly voice rang out.

The guy on the steps looked up, indicating that the name Dash belonged to him. He saw that an open convertible had just pulled in the road in front of Casper High. In it were two people, only one of whom Dash recognized. He was a nice looking, dark haired young man of an East Asian background, and was sitting in the front passenger seat. He was large and muscular like Dash, so much so that the driver was obscured from Dash's view.

"Hey! Over here!" the young man called out once more, waving at Dash.

Dash sprung up from the front steps and paced over to the convertible. He seemed surprised, but happily so.

"Hey, Kwan." Dash responded, his demeanor lightening up a bit.

Kwan stepped out of the convertible and lifted Dash up in a big bear hug. Dash clearly felt it was a bit much, but he didn't say anything. Nevertheless, he seemed more comfortable when Kwan set him back down. As he was lowered, Dash caught a very brief glimpse at the person in the driver's seat; a woman he didn't fully recognize, though he hadn't really had a chance to.

"I've missed you." Kwan said.

"Right back at ya. You could've told me you were back in town though." Dash returned.

Dash then looked at Kwan's outfit and frowned. Nothing was unusual about what his friend was wearing. His shirt, pants, and shoes were all quite stylish, to be honest. The ensemble gave him a more mature air. Dash was more put off about what was missing.

"Is something wrong?" Kwan asked.

Dash sighed.

"I guess I always just pictured you still wearing your jacket. I know that's silly, but it's the truth." Dash admitted.

Kwan playfully shook his head.

"It's fine. I mean, I sometimes feel naked without it. I just got tired of everyone over in Henderson asking me about it. Don't worry though; that thing ain't ever getting thrown out." Kwan assured his friend.

"Are you happy there?" Dash asked.

Kwan rubbed the back of his neck and closed his eyes.

"I am. At first, it didn't feel right moving to Nevada, but being able to live closer to her side of the family has done my mom a lot of good. Life in Henderson has been great for us. Helps that dad left everything to us. So yeah, we're happy there." Kwan answered.

Dash smiled at that, but there was a sadness to it.

"I am sorry about your dad. What a way to go." Dash said.

Kwan fell silent.

"Are you okay, Kwan?" Dash asked, sounding worried. "I didn't mean to…"

"It's fine. I just...I don't like to think about what happened much." Kwan cut him off. "Which is hard, given that it's why everything changed, but there you go."

"So…" Dash started to say.

"Um, love? We're going to be late." the woman in the car reminded Kwan.

"Oh crud! Sorry, babe!" Kwan gasped.

Kwan motioned towards the woman in the car. Dash eyes widened at the sight of her. It wasn't that he recognized her. No, what had him stunned was her appearance; she was mind-bogglingly gorgeous. She had a tantalizing Junoesque figure with rich, dark brown skin, shiny and voluminous black hair, and the kind of face one would stare at for hours if they could get away with it, with bright, naturally sultry eyes. She wore a simple, but still flattering, magenta party dress. She looked older than them, but not by much.

"Dash, this is Mona!" Kwan announced.

"H...h...Hello. Meet to nice you. I mean...nice to meet you." Dash sputtered nervously.

"Always nice to meet a friend of my Kwan's. We have to get moving though." Mona replied.

Kwan got back into the convertible.

"Sorry to have to leave so soon, but we have an event to go to." Kwan explained.

"Where at?" Dash asked.

"An uncle of mine is having a dinner party at his new home here." Mona answered. "You wouldn't know him. He is actually more of an older friend."

"That's actually why I'm back at all; Mona was coming anyway and I asked if I could come along." Kwan added. "I'll get in touch with you later tonight. We can do something together before we have to head back to Nevada."

"Uh...sure. Have a nice time." Dash said.

With that being done, Mona put the pedal to the metal. They were out of Dash's range of vision within twenty-nine seconds. Dash shoved his hands in his pockets and began to saunter down the sidewalk.

"No football practice today. Might as well go home." he spoke only for himself.

After several minutes of walking in silence while looking only at his own feet, Dash bumped into someone walking down the opposite way. He was an adult man in an expensive looking black dress suit, with long gray hair tied into a ponytail.

"Oof!" both of them went.

Dash then looked at the man. He had blue eyes, a sharp nose, and a small goatee beard.

"I beg your pardon, young man!" the older man demanded.

"Maybe you should just watch where you're going." Dash said in a snotty manner.

"Oh, like you were, I assume?" the man sarcastically asked. "I'm going to presume you aren't a proper gentleman."

Dash would've countered that with something only he would believe to be witty, but a thought came to his mind that made him stop. Something about this man seemed familiar to him.

"Hey, I've seen you on TV! You're loaded!" Dash exclaimed, recognizing the man.

"I see my reputation precedes me, I see. Yes, I am Vlad Masters, in the...flesh." the man confirmed, smiling smugly. "I assume you are sorry for your rotten attitude now?"

"Y...yeah." Dash said sheepishly.

Masters rolled his eyes.

"Believe it or not, but I was lost in thought. That's why I didn't see you." Dash said.

"I can believe such a notion. Even the most idiotic humans have something going on upstairs." Masters remarked.

Dash crossed his arms and glowered.

"This is one guy who doesn't need you talking down to him. I get enough of that now that everyone thinks Fenton is hot stuff. Everyone at school acts like I'm a total goon now." Dash bewailed.

"Hahaha!" Masters chortled. "...wait, did you just say 'Fenton'?"

"Let me guess..." Dash grumbled, pinching his brow with right hand. "... 'You know the ghost boy?', 'Wow, what's he like?', ' Tell me about him!', and other junk like that?"

Masters simply chuckled and placed his hand on Dash's shoulder, before smiling wickedly at him.

"It's very easy to see that you hate him." Masters spoke. "That makes two of us."

Dash eyes widened in surprise at that.

"You hate Danny Fenton?" Dash asked.

"Oh, like you wouldn't believe, my boy." Masters answered.

He wrapped his arm around Dash.

"Walk with me, my boy." Masters politely commanded.

"...uh...sure. I can do that." Dash responded.

Masters' eyes became a glowing red color as he led Dash a certain way. Dash either didn't notice it or was hoping it was merely in his head.

"Your first true education begins today." Masters said to him. "I'll get to finding that former ghost later."

"What the heck is a former ghost?" Dash questioned. "Should I be worried?"

"No, not that I'm taking you under my wing." Masters assured him. "You'll understand in due time. Until then, I'll let you know this; Danny Phantom's days are numbered."

A "little birdie" told me how much he wanted to see Danny Phantom introduced into the Infinity Crisis multiverse, and I decided I'd give it to him. I hope you enjoyed it, man!

Some notes:

- Unlike some properties I've used in the past, this isn't set after the show. Due to when the Snap/Blip occurred Danny revealed his true identity to the public much earlier and Vlad's plans for him ended up changing. Vlad never even tried to become mayor of Amity Park.

- I picked the number for Earth-83 because I realized a stylized three can be placed inside a stylized eight, not unlike Danny's chest emblem does with the letters D and P.

- Danny can now regularly leave school in the event of a ghost attack. Being who he is, he loves having that freedom. Mr. Lancer always makes sure he makes up the missed work though.

- The events of the Dusting (man, we have a lot of names for it...) changed up a lot of things in Amity Park, and even the Ghost Zone. Danny is now a celebrity and Dash is now looked down on for having bullied Danny. Losing his best bud made things even harder for the blond jock. Speaking of which...

- I didn't want to have the exposition be too egregious, so here's the deal with Kwan; His father died. Kwan's mother was among those who one of Earth-83's Snap victims. Seeing his wife vanish so suddenly caused Kwan's father to have a heart attack, and he died. After she was returned along with everyone else, Kwan's mother decided she wanted to be close to her sister and her family, resulting in her and Kwan moving to Henderson, Nevada. Why Henderson? Why not?

- On a happier note, Sam has found a new purpose. During the chaos, she helped people however she could and proved to be exceptional at it. Sam has since joined a charity organization that sends workers to the countries where they are needed most.

- Mona is not an Original Character. She's actually a canon character from the show, but one who is in a much different state due to events going on beneath the surface. I bet at least one person reading this is wishing I'd just say who she really is, but I'd rather keep it secret, just in case I ever use Danny Phantom characters again.

- I felt the need to place Amity Park somewhere, so I ended up going with Washington. Hope that's okay with everyone.

Alright, in the words of Tino from The Weekenders, Later Days!