I heard her thoughts before she came barreling through our front door.

"I'm back family!" She shouted.

Bella jumped slightly in my arms, unconsciously reacting to the loud noise. I drew her closer hoping my comfort could reach her in her dreams. She calmed, and I sent a low growl down stairs.

Oh Edward! Come down stairs! Or do you want me to come up...-Tanya

Her thoughts trailed off into suggestive images. I didn't need her coming up here and awaking my Bella, so I detangled myself from her, and with a kiss on her forehead, sped down to the living room.

As I came in sight, Tanya squealed, launching herself at me.

"Edward! How I've missed you!"

I returned her hug gently before detaching myself from her uncomfortable embrace.

"Tanya, you look well." I told her politely.

"Oh Edward, always the gentleman."

I laughed lightly-awkwardly-backing up a few steps, wanting to place distance between us.

She stepped closer to me, her mouth opened to say something to me but her attention was directed to my room when Bella shifted.

"Edward." It was a soft whisper, but no matter, we could hear it crystal clear.

I didn't even think, I raced up the stairs and into my room, scooping her up into my arms I stroked her hair softly. Her lips were pouted and her eyebrows creased, the tell-tale signs of one of her nightmares.

I hummed her lullaby softly hoping to placate her. I was happy with the results, she sighed, snuggling closer in my embrace.

She had just dosed off again when Tanya burst through my door and flicked on my light-even though we could see just as well as if the sun was up.

Bella jumped awake, her hand coming up to cover her eyes.

"Wha...?" She trailed off, burring her face into my chest in an attempt to block out the light.

"Who is this Edward?" Tanya asked, sounding offended. But she already knew who Bella was, she had just assumed that I had ended things after all.

"I'm Bella" My love mumbled out, still half awake.

Tanya mutter out an introduction-Bella shuffled slightly at her name-and turned to me.

"I thought you left her!" Tanya whined.

Bella stiffened, Tanyas words waking her up. I growled fiercely back at the vampire standing on my doorway, wanting nothing more than to dispose of the woman threatening my mates happiness.

I was about to order her to leave when my Bella beat me to it. She jerked away from me, sitting up strait and confident.

"Yes he did, but that is a story for another time, now if you wouldn't mind," she glanced at my clock, "it's three in the morning and I would like to get some sleep."

With that she turned from Tanya, and as a little smack to her-I presumed-kissed me softly on the lips before snuggling back into my embrace.

Tanya stayed in the doorway for a second, glaring at my Bella's back before flicking off my light, scoffing, and turning down the hallway to Rosalie and Emmetts room.

I chuckled softly, then stroked Bella's hair. So my love has grown claws.

I hope you enjoyed the chapter! I'm not sure when I'll have the next chapter up but I know that this will NOT be a one-shot. I decided to make Bella more confident than I normally do